10 tips to make your website more dynamic increase user participation




10 tips to make your website more dynamic increase user participation
why dynamic content helps you increase user participation and speeds up your web page at the speed of social networks.

Here are 10 practical tips to prevent cats and consumers from confusing you with an element of the landscape and ignoring you.



1. Get the most out of dynamic web design
Static pages are difficult to edit and modify. The dynamics, on the other hand, allow you to add content and even edit sections. The use of databases gives them two special skills. On the one hand, they can load new content without having to touch the code.

On the other, they are able and offer different content to users responding to their actions, such as clicking on a text or an image.

For an online store the choice is very clear

Explore all the resources offered by a dynamic page, from classics such as the blog to the live camera or the podcast.

2. Work with an electronic commerce platform
There are those who are going to object that they do not have developers to design a dynamic web to suit them. Do not hesitate to set up your store on an e-commerce platform in the style of Shopify .

Digital commerce platforms have systems that allow them to offer thousands of stores total design freedom. Keep in touch with your audience thanks to the ability to renew your showcase whenever you want.

3. Update the content frequently
Dynamic design gives you the ability to create or add content as often as you wish. It also makes it easier for visitors to participate with room for comments and many other interactive elements.

You have all the tools so that your store attracts more public than the one next door. The more news the curious trust in finding the next day, the more possibilities you will have to see them again at your door.

4. Invite readers to leave comments
Comments are a thermometer of interest that arouses your content. Look at this WordPress activity map . Every month 52.8 million articles and 48.6 million comments are published in the content manager. Unlike the lottery, there are not many more tickets than prizes, so if it doesn’t touch you, don’t attribute it to chance.

The best invitation is quality content

5. Do surveys
The surveys serve wonders to combine pleasure and business. Without any modesty. Customers have a good time and you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want or try to receive a product that is already ready in the workshop.

6. Add an RSS web feed
The RSS news channel allows you to update your audience at a glance. If you have a blog, or want to share headlines from different sites in one place, web sources are what you are looking for.

The reader will immediately have the impression of having found an active community and will feel the urge to get more involved.

7. Enable a recommendations section
How do I recharge a drone’s batteries? What is the best hotel on the Costa Brava? The network is full of queries that immediately turn the neck to search engines.

Complete your website dedicated to drones or tourism services with simple tips or “best practices” for customers. The day they need your services you will be well placed in your list and in Google.

8. Offer videos
According to Forrester Research  it is fifty times easier to reach the top of the Google ranking with videos. They also increase the purchase intention by 97%. Since 2017, more than 74% of all Internet traffic is in that format.

The video not only attracts public to your online store but also serves to have it there entertained for longer.

9. Blog and forum
Both blogs and forums generate a very interesting virtuous circle.

First  you offer useful content that invites participation. Second, you create a community. Third, the community generates its own content by adding comments to the articles or intervening in a conversation.

Fourth, content shared by third parties attracts the attention of search engines and other potential customers. Fifth, the circle closes and begins again.

10. Incorporates widgets

In Spanish they are called subprograms and serve as online desktop applications.

For example, those who provide the information of the time and the stock market, or the one that interests us, that of Twitter.

Use it. Even when you don’t have time to add dynamic content to your website, widgets make it seem the opposite. Users will see that you are active on social networks and can also share your updates.

You see that felines are used for something more than to create fireproof memes.

They serve to remember that, contrary to the topic, who does not move does not appear in the photo