Adsense Arbitrage and how to profit from it




Adsense Arbitrage and how to profit from it

The AdSense field is one of the best fields for beginners in the world of profit from the Internet so if you want to know everything you need in order to achieve success in this field  you are in the right place.
What is meant by the idea of Arbitrage itself
Arbitrage is the purchase and sale of the same goods or services from two different markets at the same time  in order to take advantage of the price difference between the two markets and thus achieve profits.
Suppose that there are two markets for selling cars  in the first market the car is sold for 10,000 pounds and in the second market the same car is sold with the same potential for 12,000 pounds.
All you will do is buy the car from the first market and then go to sell it in the second market and thus you will earn 2000 pounds  this of course before any other expenses such as transportation.
This is the idea of Orbitrage. I think you have now confirmed that it is not a new idea at all and that it can be applied to many goods  products and services in various markets.

Terms you should know in Adsense Arbitrag
There are some terms that you must know first in order to know how Adsense Arbitrag works and how you can profit from it because we will use it a lot in the explanation later.



1- What is CPC
The term CPC is an abbreviation of Cost Per Click  which means cost per click.
This term is always used in the field of advertising.
If you want to buy ads you will want to get the lowest possible CPC, but if you are the one who sells ads (which happens in the case of Adsense) then you want CPC to be as high as possible in order to increase your profits.

2- What is CPM?
CPM stands for Cost Per Mile  which means cost per thousand impressions. There are some ads that are not charged for every click but for Impressions.
What impressions mean is the number of times your audience sees your ads  and this is what some platforms use to calculate the cost of ads such as the Facebook platform.
For example  in order to get 1000 impressions of your ad, you may need to pay $ 20 and this is often the type of ads that aim to interact with the audience rather than click on the ad.

3- What is CTR
The term CTR is an abbreviation of Click Through Rate  which means the percentage of click on the ad from the total impressions of the ad or link.
For example  it is known in the world of SEO that the CTR that you get the first result on the search results page is 34%, meaning that for every 100 searches on a particular keyword.
The first result gets only 34 clicks, and we can apply the same to Adsense ads so you see from every 100 visits your site gets  how many people click on ads.
This scale is very important in determining your profitability from Adsense itself and also from the Adsense Arbitrag process itsel  which I will explain to you in more detail later.

4- The term RPM
The term RPM is an abbreviation for Revenue Per Mile  which means the profit you get for every 1000 visits. It is similar to CPM but to calculate the profit and not the cost.
This term is frequently used in the field of Adsense Arbitrage  because it is a good measure to evaluate the profit from ads, and anyone who relies on Adsense should know exactly what is the average RPM for their site.

You now know all the necessary terms  and you also know what is meant by Orbitrage now it is how you know how Adsense Arbitrag works so that the image becomes complete in front of you.
How Adsense Arbitrage works
Suppose your average RPM website for profit from Adsense is $ 5, then you need to make an ad that brings you 1000 hits so that the cost is less than $ 5.
You can do a funded advertisement on Facebook or on the Bing platform in order to try different types of traffic and targeting until you get what you want.

You might bring 1000 visits from a specific traffic, but the CTR is very little  so this means that this traffic is not good and will require you to pay more for a single ad.
Thus, this traffic does not work for you. This is, in short  Adsense Arbitrage. It is a calculation game in which you must master all the factors in it in order to achieve profit.
So let’s explain each factor separately so you know how to control it the way that works for you:

1- Your average profit rate from Adsense
Before you consider making an ad, you must first think about your Adsense earnings rate, what is the CTR for every page or article on your site, and what is your average RPM.
After that you have to think about how to improve these numbers, you may need:
Change your ad placement.

Some advertisers block their ads from appearing on your site until you increase the CPC value for each ad.
Increase of certain types of articles due to the high RPM.
There are a lot of tools that Google Adsense provides you with in order to achieve higher profits in this guide we cannot go into them in detail so that the guide does not become very long.
2- The advertising platform that you depend on
There are a lot of advertising platforms that you can rely on to create ads of all kinds, perhaps the most famous of which are:
Facebook platform
Taboola platform
Rev Content
Adfalcon platform
Bing Ads platform
Each platform has advantages and disadvantages, just as every platform has a specific source of traffic. There are platforms that place your ad on different site pages (such as you see on most news and art sites at the bottom of the page).
And another that places your ad in front of an audience targeted by you  such as the Facebook platform  it is the strongest and best platform  regardless of the type of content you provide and the language you use.

Facebook platform offers you many benefits  namely:
Target your audience very precisely.
You can use several types of ads (photos – videos).
You can re-target your site’s audience or build similar audiences.
The last feature is not found in any other advertising platform, which you can take advantage of to do advertisements at a rather low cost and thus generate more profits.
Facebook ads are not difficult, but they are not easy either and need some time and experience, so I recommend reading “Tips for making successful Facebook ads” which will help you get faster results.

3- The quality of the content you provide
The content is a very important factor for profit from Adsense Arbitrag, because every piece of content should attract the visitor from the attractive and attractive title to the useful practical content.
Any piece of content that you post to your site that you intend to use in Adsense Arbitrag must be available at:
An attractive title grabs the attention and prompts the visitor to read the content, or click on your ad.
A strong introduction explaining some of the benefits that a visitor will come out if they read your content.

Divide the content so that it is the most important information at the end of the article.
How to increase your profits from Adsense Arbitrag
You now know everything you need to start making profits from Adsense Arbitrage, but there are some things that I would like you to focus on in order to ensure, God willing, that you will make good profits.
1- Increase the click price of ads on your site
I mentioned this point previously, and here I am emphasizing it again, because it is a very important factor in determining your profits, and in order to be able to do so I advise you to do the following:
Use Keywords search tools to find out the value of CPC for ads on these words, and thus create content around the search words for which the ads are more expensive.
Test ad locations. For example Header ads may be more profitable than Body ads and vice versa.
Test the number of ads on each page. Sometimes if you only put one ad, you earn more than two or three ads.

Test the same ad types depending on your domain, image or video ads may be better than text ads or vice versa.
Be sure to pay attention to the quality of your site and its overall standing on the Internet. The more you provide good, specialized content in a specific area, the more advertisements on your site will cost advertisers, and that means more revenue.
As I told you previously  adjusting Adsense settings and using the great analytics tools provided by Google is an essential thing that you must master in order to win from Adsense Arbitrage.
2- Reducing the cost of your ads
There are many factors that determine your advertising costs:
The platform on which you depend.
The same type of traffic (country – gender – age).
The type of content you target and the amount of competition you have.
The quality of the ad itself and its compliance with Copywriting rules.
The goal of advertising (site visit – product purchase – interaction).
Therefore  you should try and test several copies of the same advertisement and also the targeting that depends on it, the more you get a good traffic  the more pressure will be on the ads.
3- Using ads to get free traffic
There are many pioneers in this field who rely on ads to enlarge the base of followers of their sites so that in the future they get a permanent traffic.
Some people take advantage of ads to:
Zoom into the site’s mailing list.
Increased Instagram followers.
Get followers on Facebook pages and groups.
Increase the list of subscribers in the Messenger list.
For this you have to hit two birds with one stone, you get visits to your site, and also build yourself a base of traffic that you then use to continuously promote your content for free.
Also  do not forget about the principle of participation, as there are a lot of ads on Facebook that are highly shared, so you get more traffic than you paid for.
4- Increasing the visitor’s presence on your site
One of the most important ways to increase profit from Adsense Arbitrage is the profit from a single visitor more than once, which is why you find many sites that rely on filtering other articles for the visitor, as you can see below.
In this way, the opportunity for the visitor to click on ads increases, and there are also some sites that depend on dividing the content into several pages, such as news sites.
Thus, the rate of visitor pressure on ads increases, and for this there are specialized WordPress templates to help you with that  perhaps the most famous:

1- Bimber template
Bimber template is fast and easy to design pages
2- Jannah Template
Jannah Mold is one of the most popular profit oriented templates from Adsense which is recommended by many marketers.
3- BoomBox template
The BoomBox template is fast and less expensive than previous templates.
All of these templates offer great capabilities that make you use your site in the best possible way to profit from Adsense ads. It is true that they are paid templates, but they are worth paying every cent.
Also  these applications are famous and provided by specialized companies, and for this they are constantly updated and developed, and also have many ready designs that you can exploit directly and modify them easily to suit your site and your content.
Note that when converting to use any of these templates, you must first save a copy of your current site, in order to avoid any problems and ensure that all of your site links work efficiently.
Disadvantages of the Adsense Arbitrage domain
There is no field of profit from the Internet except that it has some flaws that you have to overcome, in addition to some unethical practices that you have to get away from.
1- The high cost of ads over time
It is true that you can start with a very small budget to buy paid traffic ($ 100 to $ 200), but the cost of advertising increases over time due to increased competition.
This is unlike the quality of the traffic itself, which is why you need constant development and modernization in order to take advantage of the advertising platform on which the best exploitation depends.

In addition to the necessity of following up and reviewing data  if you miss your advertising campaigns for several days, you may lose large sums.
2- The quality of the content that produces fast results
Unfortunately, many of those working in the field of Adsense Orbitrage rely on what is called viral content. The same term has no problem, but the problem is with the quality of the content.
For example  scandals of artists and celebrities  strange news and content that deceives the reader (a secret magic recipe for slimming) that depends on a lot in this field.
It is true that you need engaging and engaging content and motivate people to share it  but this does not mean that providing trivial content does not contain any benefit for the follower.
So try to stay away from these types  and use the trends, events and new news in a correct way without tricking the visitor to earn some dollars.
You can also use the following tools:
Through these two tools you can learn about the best types of content in your field, which are prevalent on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
3- Host your own website
In order to achieve a good profit from Adsense Arbitrage, you need a large number of traffic, so you have to make sure of the hosting of your site and that it can absorb the traffic coming to you.
Usually the best hosting companies enable you to get about 20,000 unique visits per month, and these are the lowest packages available, and this traffic is not enough, especially if you want to get a big profit.
This is why you have to keep this in mind, because if you want to get about 250,000 unique hits per month, you need Cloud Hosting.
This is one of the costs that you have to bear in mind to offset your earnings.
Why SiteGround hosting is the best ever

4- Providing a bad user experience
Many sites that rely on Adsense for profit provide a bad user experience, so you find ads spread on every page and everywhere in a way that makes the visitor leave the site.
This is a huge mistake made by many beginners, and even those with experience in this field, who make profits on the user experience.
The user experience is one of the most important factors that Google relies on assessing sites, and you will lose a lot if a person enters your site and then decides not to enter it again because of the bad user experience you provide to him.
So do not make this mistake, put yourself in the shoes of the visitor and make sure that he will benefit from visiting your site, and he will get a good experience without inconveniences.
Profiting from AdSense is very enjoyable for everyone who wants to master the art of marketing, because you use several skills such as:
Read data and perform A / B Testing – Split Testing.

How to create ads that produce results.
Dealing with different advertising platforms and mastering the skill of buying media to bring traffic.
Creating engaging content that follows Copywriting rules to affect the visitor.
All of this makes you open a lot of doors for yourself in the world of profit from the Internet, so I advise many young people, especially beginners in profit from the Internet  to try this field.




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