Australia seeks foreigners to work salary is around $ 4,300 per month




Australia seeks foreigners to work salary is around $ 4,300 per month
Australia is the country with the best hourly wage in the world . Look for qualified people to cover different areas, and support the trips of the whole family if the Government is interested in the profile.

Australia is a dream place, and not only to go on vacation. Due to its excellent quality of life index, the United Nations Organization (UN) declared Australia as the second best country in the world to live. But not only is it a great place for its residents, the Australian government has a permanent program to obtain a permanent residence visa, where a foreigner who decides to go to work can earn up to $ 4,300 per month.



The Australian economy is strong and stable and has remained that way for 25 years without interruption. There are very good opportunities in the labor market for professionals and the average salary is around $ 4,300 per month, although it is obvious that someone who works as a waiter earns less and a professional with more skills earns more.


Australia has more than 400 professional activities, among which are the positions in engineering, technology, accounting, acting or architecture, with strong demand


In recent years, it was among the countries with the best hourly wage in the world. The government is in search of people who have work experience and very good level of English to work in different areas. Applicants receive a permanent visa if accepted.


Australia is looking for qualified people who can help maintain the economic and population growth rate as well as meet the specific demands of the labor market,” they report on their site.

In addition, Australia supports its citizens to start a family, the government gives the new parents a package that includes weekly payments and medical insurance.

How to apply
To find out who can be a candidate for a visa that will allow you to work, migrate or study in Australia, it is necessary to go to the On-Line VisA pages which is an evaluation tool.

On that page you can find a questionnaire for an evaluation and know what is the best option to which it can be applied. It is a good place to start research to find out if the demand for jobs.

Visa Australia on the other hand, is an immigration office specialized in helping qualified people fulfill their dream of migrating to Australia.

It has tips for designing a successful visa application.

This guide explains the possible difficulties that the applicant may encounter and how to avoid them. It also explains the structure of the immigration system and the dilemma inherent in the decision to prepare the application yourself or with the help of an expert, ”says the description of the website.

According to the Department of Immigration, Australian migrants initially have an unemployment rate similar in number to Australians born in the country.

At 6 months of adaptation, the unemployment rate for migrants in Australia is 5%, and six months later, the unemployment rate for this group decreases to less than half of the previous percentage.

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