Azza Fahmy is a costume designer who has reached the world with local heritage




Azza Fahmy is a costume designer who has reached the world with local heritage

Love Passion  Al Iman trilogy of success that Azza Fahmy leaned on, made an empire and glory that continued to succeed for 50 years to be one of the pioneers of jewelry and jewelry design in Egypt and the Middle East to leave its mark clear on every piece of jewelry as if it were a work of art through which it immortalized the heritage and civilization that lived For thousands of years, its brand has been a revival of ancient cultures and heritage since 1969.



Azza Fahmy Jeweller

The road was not easy despite her clear love of design and her unique talent Azza Fahmy decided to make for herself a different way not only depends on the splendor of the design but connects them to people and makes them love him and spreads among them her first study was for interior design and she got a bachelor’s degree then decided to be Her talent has a greater opportunity and she began to think about practicing industry and design in practice.

Inside the border of Hajj Sayed in Khan al Khalili area to learn the principles of the profession was azza Fahmy’s first steps towards a long journey that made all its details with interest love and confidence she thought of her time along with her government job of learning and mastering the use of her hands in making delicate jewelry pieces although she was the only woman among dozens The workshop staff with working conditions that can last for long hours, has never backed down.

For two years Azza Fahmy has been training in the workshop of Khan Al Khalili one of the largest places specialized in the jewelry industry in Egypt but she was looking for a passion a way to pave it herself and characterized it I was the base in the workshop, and the day I saw the Group of Nasser Qalawun and I thought why to fill the architecture on the domes is not present on the Jewelry.

In the light of her quest and constant search for the path that suits her and fulfills her dream Azza Fahmy was interested in looking forward and reading continuously and during a visit to the Cairo Book Fair in its first edition where there was a lack of references books and periodicals related to the design and manufacture of ornaments Azza Fahmy’s hand fell on the book German about medieval European jewelry The first thing I caught, I knew that this is what I want to do and despite the high price of her time 17 pounds while her salary was 19 pounds and she knew nothing about German Azza Fahmy bought the book.

I knew it would change my life  she said since her graduation Azza Fahmy has been a little confused until I realized that she wants to design and implement the ornaments, and through the British Council Azza Fahmy was able to get a fellowship in the UK in one of the most important institutes of jewellery design.

In the mid 1970s  she learned the craft of jewelry at the Sergon Cass Polytechnic Institute in London returning to Cairo with a broader thought open horizons of different cultures and mastery of hand skill.

Azza Fahmy launched her brand, and opened the first headquarters bearing her name in 1981 and saw that the ornaments she manufactures should carry a message and considered that the Egyptian heritage is the best source of inspiration and the best way to reach the message I think I am lucky to be in this spot in the world everything around me suggests With beauty The artist is in need of translating beautiful elements into contemporary form.

Azza Fahmy Models

From the local Egyptian heritage which is full of many civilizations from pharaonic and Nubian mamluk era and Islamic inscriptions to contemporary periods Azza Fahmy decided to inspire tell and express pieces of ornaments combining the inscriptions of the present and carrying a contemporary spirit and in this way presented collections and formations Different ornaments and jewelry in which gold and silver were collected also date.

Based on its Egyptian identity Azza Fahmy has engraved lines that reflect this culture with its changes over the ages She studied the history of this period and visited bab al Wazir and the Red Path so that she could produce distinctive and contemporary designs, and she gave the spirit of Jamal al Gheitani one of the pieces of ornaments in his words  My migration was not from me and loyal to me my departure was only in search of me.

Before that her work was grounded and influenced by many cultures presenting Nubian and African collections and the Pharaonic civilization group which is considered one of its distinctive pieces of ornaments and Azza Fahmy has been working with her team for nearly eight years in order to reach unique Pharaonic designs expressing It took years to research read study and benefit from the expertise of Egyptian scientists and to visit Egyptian and international museums.

Thus, with each design Azza Fahmy does not stop to know and know the details visiting archaeological sites depicting the facades of houses and following the clothes of women and inscriptions on the walls of houses and looking between the pages of references and historical books and never hesitate disputing from studying and continuous learning until they come With a new formulation and contemporary translation with an artist’s point of view of everything she sees, her artwork becomes a true expression of uniqueness and beauty which many like to wear and acquire.

Azza Fahmy also worked in the design of the jewelry of the works of cinema so she was the first to participate with the artist Naji Shaker in the design of ornaments and jewelry in the film Shafiqa and Mitwali which made Youssef Chahine want to design ornaments with the distinctive historical works that he directed so she participated in her designs in my film Immigrant and Destiny.

From Egypt Azza Fahmy began to express the Arab culture which she loves as a good reader of Arabic literature and poetry so she approached the civilizations of North Africa and the Levant and engraved the words of the Lebanese poet Gibran Khalil Gibran in a collection bearing his name and donated to the lovers of Um Kulthoum pieces of jewelry and jewelry with letters of poems And the poems she sang.

Throughout this journey through a hard working team she was able to spread to the local and international markets the beginning which was a workshop in the Area of Bulaq with a group of workers expanded to a large factory employing more than 200 people, run by her daughter Fatima Ghali managing director of The Azza Fahmy Brand Commercial while her second daughter Amina Ghali takes over design especially with her studies and interest in making ornaments which makes her add to her mother’s designs a contemporary spirit and in 2016 she was included in the list of Top 100 Professional Jewellers in Britain.

Azza Fahmy’s brand has entered the Arab and European markets from the beginning was aware of its goal and expanded to it so it partnered with international fashion houses and international fashion designers its jewelry was present at London Fashion Week in 2006, and was able to participate in New York Fashion Week in 2006 2010 however she designed a special collection called Hajj A Journey to the Heart of Islam in early 2012 to be exhibited at the British Museum and was designed by Arab and international artists such as Yusra Rhea Abi Rashid Julia Roberts singer Joss Stone and Rihanna.

In 2019 50 years have passed since the Azza Fahmy brand through which it has been able to immortalize Egyptian and Arab civilization in collections of unique jewellery and jewellery and participated in 200 exhibitions around the world opening markets and stores in the UNITED Kingdom the United States Europe and the Middle East she said It depends on the passion love and faith as well as the effort to enter into the experience of transforming elements of buildings carved stone busy marble architectural compositions into people’s clothes taking time and technical and technical experiences from a trained team.


Azza Fahmy School

Azza Fahmy’s interests have expanded from a desire to design jewellery and jewellery to an interest in craft, and in 2013 in collaboration with the School of Contemporary Design in Florence Italy she was able to receive an EU grant of 18,000 euros and to establish a school called The Design Studio even Through Italian experts and workshops she can pass on her expertise to students and those interested in designing ornaments.

Azza Fahmy wanted to give others the opportunity to develop their skills and to create a new generation creative and ready for design and marketing and subjected them on a journey to the fit in Aswan to get to know the culture closely and considered that her school is an opportunity for many A profession they love so I loved to give them the opportunity and I contribute even a little to the development of society.

Azza Fahmy’s presentation as a pioneer in the jewellery industry did not stop at the distinctive production of exquisite pieces of art but it became in its own right and brand edited science and methodology and left her experiences in presenting the book Egypt’s Magic Jewelry 2007 and the book Traditional Jewelry of Egypt 2015 always clinging to heritage and love Belonging to a civilization and a country that considered the palm to be its symbol like the Nile it used for years to sign its brand in its name and next to it palm.




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