Best video making and editing software for 2020




Best video making and editing software for 2020
In fact in recent years the video has become square on the throne of media  and it has won the lion’s share in the social media world video making . Accordingly having a program to make and edit videos is not only important for practical and profitable purposes  but it is important for almost every Internet user.

The video represents a great way to show things as people love and prefer it, whether for knowledge or entertainment  and in particular we can say that the video has now become an essential component of all marketing campaigns  this is in addition to the importance of every YouTube or influencing one of the social media sites.



Regardless of the format of the video that you want to design and regardless of your purpose to obtain a program for making and editing videos  here I will include for you a list of the best programs for making videos and making montages on them that suit all purposes.

I will include here easy programs and programs for professionals, as I will include programs to create a simple video consisting of pictures and music  and other programs to make more advanced videos and make professional adjustments to them. I will consider developing free programs and paid programs as well.


The most important and best programs for making and editing videos


1- Windows Movie Maker
If you want a simple and easy program to make a video, this program is what you specifically need, this is a program affiliated with Microsoft and used by millions of users of the Windows operating system.
It is easy to use  and has a good number of features that enable you to make a good video, and it contains major video editing features such as cutting  merging, or writing on videos.
Excellent if your videos are a photo slideshow with music in the background. There are a lot of options for how to display images continuously and you can add any text to each image separately, and there are also a lot of options for how to display text on images.
The program is easy to use and represents an excellent choice for beginners in the world of video design and editing.
It is worth noting that this program is free


This program is one of the best programs to edit videos and it is the most famous and used, it is a program provided by the giant Adobe company that owns Photoshop the most famous program among the image design programs.
This program enables you to create a professional video, and it contains a wonderful and advanced set of features that enable you to edit the videos to bring them out professionally.
There are many celebrities making videos on YouTube and Facebook that use this program and recommend it.

Unfortunately this program is not free, but it offers a free trial for a month, and in any case if you want to use it in order to make videos and profit from YouTube, its price is not much compared to what it will give you.
This program is the most popular among professionals  and it will take you some time to master using it, and it is a great choice for everyone who wants a program to professionally design and edit the video.


This program is owned by Adobe as well as before  and it is the simplest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It is easier to use, as it is cheaper in price, and of course it does not have all the advanced capabilities found in the other.
If you want a good program for limited purposes, and do not want the advanced capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, then this program is your best choice.
It is worth noting that there are many who use it, and they find it very sufficient to make a professional video as well.


4- Filmora9
One of the most popular and best paid video editing software, but you can try it completely for free. There are many video makers who use and rely on it to make videos for YouTube and Facebook.
It is characterized by being easy to use and has a modern control panel that will not spend much time from the beginning of your use of it until you can master dealing with it. This program works with Windows and Mac operating systems as well.
With it, you can create small videos with a GIF extension, and you can save your videos with them in the highest quality up to 4K.
This program is characterized by its having many different effects that you can add to your videos that enable you to make a special touch to your videos, and it is characterized by its wonderful ability to deal with the details.
It is worth noting that this program is affiliated with the leading company  Wondershare  and it is not the only product that owns and edits videos owned by this company.
There is FilmoraPro (which is the most advanced professional version of Filmora9) and there is also FilmoraScrn (which is a video-making program by recording a computer screen).


5- VSDC Free Video Editor
This video maker program is completely free, it belongs to the wonderful softonic company and it is available for Windows only
It supports most popular video formats, and has a bunch of good features compared to being completely free, but it is an ideal option for making Presentation videos.
It supports many advanced visual effects and also has many advanced sound effects.
It is worth noting that there is a paid version of this program, and it costs approximately $ 20, through which you can get more features from this program, such as the ability to make voice-over videos.


6- Camtasia Studio
A video-making program that specializes primarily in recording from a computer screen, through which you can make practical explanations of a specific topic through your computer screen.
For example, if you have a YouTube channel that talks about Photoshop and offers educational videos, in this case Camtasia Studio will perform the task of recording your annotations with the ability to add your voice to comment on the annotations.

And not only that  it is through this program that you can make adjustments to your videos, whether you recorded it or recorded it through a video camera.
This program is distinguished by its feature of drag and drop or drag and insert, which makes it easy for you to make adjustments easily just by dragging the element and inserting it in the video.


7- FlexClip
This program has a special nature, where you can use it online, it is a website that offers a tool for making and designing videos. This site is very easy to use, and contains a lot of ready-made templates in many specialties.
It is worth noting that this site represents a great option for everyone who wants to make a video for marketing and promotional purposes, through which you can make a video specifically for Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.


8- promo
This is also a website that owns a video creation tool, and you can use this tool by registering on the site. This site in particular is one of the most popular sites that provide online video creation service.
Like the previous site  it contains a lot of ready-made templates in many specialties, and it has the ability to design videos for advertising campaigns specifically, also they have applications on Google Play and IOS.
This site does not contain a free plan and has three paid plans: the first with 29 dollars per month, the second with 59 dollars per month, and the third with 209 dollars per month.
Regarding learning to use, the site has a set of articles that explain how to use the program in a clear and simple way.
It is an excellent choice for every brand that wants to invest in making professional promotional videos.


9- Final Cut Pro X
One of the great video design and montage software provided by the Apple giant is Adobe’s strongest competitor that put it at the top of the list.
This program is only available for Mac OS, and it is the ideal choice for Mac users, and it has a lot of great features and capabilities that enable you to do almost anything.
Through it you can adjust the colors (it contains a very advanced system for gradation of colors), and through it you can remove noise from the video, and it enables you to modify the videos depicted in 360 technology.
This program is paid for and it costs approximately $ 300 one time.
It is a great option for professionals who use the Mac OS.


10- iMovie
This program is also affiliated with Apple, but it is completely free and comes with the Mac operating system only, which is an easy and simple program through which you can modify and make videos and add effects to them.
The slogan of this program is “Make a video like the official advertisements for Hollywood movies” and it gives its users the ability to edit and save videos in 4k quality  and it allows you to make slow or speed up videos and many other features.
It is a great choice for anyone who wants to make short videos of high quality  either for personal use or for marketing purposes.


11- DaVinci Resolve 16
This program is produced by the wonderful company Blackmagic Design, and is available for Windows  Mac and Linux operating systems  and it is completely free.
This program is considered one of the most advanced programs for editing videos, especially in the color correction feature, and it contains an awful lot of features for editing and editing videos in either an audio or image component.
It is worth noting that  despite the wonderful features and features of this program  it is easy to use and there is no complication in its interface  as it is characterized by speed  especially in the feature of video clipping.
There is a paid version of this program called DaVinci Resolve Studio 16  and it has more advanced features  but for the majority the free version is more than enough.

12- blender
This program is somewhat different, which is what I will conclude with the list, which is specialized in designing 3D videos and the first great thing about this program is that it is open source and completely free for life.
Through this program  you can create great animation videos  and therefore it comes with great and advanced features that enable you to design animation videos from scratch up to the level you see in the most popular animation movies.




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