Build muscle and burn fat for women Train For Muscle Gain Not Fat Loss




Build muscle and burn fat for women Train For Muscle Gain Not Fat Loss




The issue of obtaining muscle and burning fat in women is often difficult especially when focusing on sculpting common areas such as thighs, hips and buttocks


Here is a set of tips and steps best suited to achieving these two ideal goals


The muscle building and fat loss plan needs the right mix of strength training  cardio exercises and a lot of hard work, but all of this if done right and regular will be worth it after seeing the desired goals come true after a few weeks. Here are the appropriate steps to do this:


1. Cardio exercises


Cardio exercises will be at the forefront of the steps we will mention because of the importance they carry in achieving the goals of burning fat and building muscle  although it does not matter whether you are doing cardio exercises before or after weight and muscle exercises  or even if you do cardio exercises on separate days from training days


It is very important to devote time to cardio exercises because it comes at the forefront of the fastest exercises to burn fat.


Cardio or high-intensity to medium-intensity cardio exercises are considered the best option for burning fat walking  running  biking and swimming any activity related to cardio exercises and edge On your heart rate will help you get rid of the layers of body fat  so make sure you Train at least three to four sessions of the heart exercises for 30 minutes a week.


2. Weight lifting for women


Weight lifting exercises help you to achieve significant gains in muscles and also contribute to maintaining a high metabolism rate after exercise, that is, the calorie burning process will continue even after you return home from the gym, so make sure to exercise effective strength exercises and lift weights three times a week on The following form:


Start with one set of 12 repetitions and reach with time progressing into three groups of 12 to 15 repeats in each group


Ensuring that the training includes exercises for all major muscle groups in your body, such as dumbbells, triceps, and squats that help in burning fat as well as building muscle


3. Pay attention to your diet

Be aware from the first day that you decide to build muscle and burn fat that what you will do in the kitchen will contribute to determining your results significantly


so according to health experts the main part in achieving these two goals is your diet, you will at this stage need a suitable diet to burn Fat and build muscle

so when you focus on getting rid of fat, maintain a calorie deficit of about 500 calories a day, that is, work to burn more calories than you eat, and when you focus on building muscle

add protein and healthy fats to your diet, such as Nuts Egg whites and fat-free hummus and avocado and meat to provide the necessary energy that your body needs in muscle gain  also try to avoid excess salt  sugar fat and unhealthy foods

Keep in mind that your individual caloric needs will vary according to your size, level of activity, and the amount of fat you want to lose.

You can review your personal trainer or read our article in this regard.

Pay attention to the topic of eating fats and protein and be sure to stick to a diet that contains carbohydrates rich in fiber and healthy fats and lean protein.

Make your meals contain a quarter of carbohydrates and a quarter of protein and the other half vegetables

You can often get the fat you need from lean proteins or by preparing vegetables in healthy oil

4. Diversification into exercise and diet
Be sure to maintain diversification in your workouts and your diet, not only because it will help you prevent you from getting bored with routine

but it also creates a constant challenge to your body, try different healthy foods and try new recipes also Changing your exercise regimen once every four to six weeks ensures Your body always acclimates and makes progress flexible and faster, either by changing the types of exercises or even just the number of groups and repetitions or arrangement, all of this would kill the routine that may lead to boredom and lethargy over time



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