Cardio Exercises Benefits Aerobic Exercises Cardio Fitness




Cardio exercises benefits Aerobic Exercises Cardio Fitness Is Important for wight loss
Cardio exercises their benefits types and methods of doing them with steps

Have you ever heard about cardio exercises and do you know their benefits ? Some say that its exercise is important for women in particular but it is beneficial for all people in general to build and strengthen muscles and stimulate blood circulation if you are a dieter and want to lose weight or if you want to show your muscles by doing exercises Light daily sports read this article to learn about the benefits and types of cardio exercises in steps



What are cardio exercises?
They are exercises that help to lose weight through the movement of muscles and they help to get rid of excess fat in the body by making a high effort to increase the heartbeat. They depend on lightweight exercises to lose weight and they are done for 30 minutes a day.


Cardio Exercises Benefits Aerobic Exercises Cardio Fitness
Cardio Exercises Benefits Aerobic Exercises Cardio Fitness


Benefits of cardio exercises
Cardio exercises have many benefits for their practitioners: burning the accumulated fat in the body. Show muscle and muscle building blocks. And four-dimensional body sculpting. Increases blood circulation in the body.

It helps to improve mood relieve stress stress and anxiety. Get rid of inactivity. Help increase attention and focus and boost mental abilities. Cardio exercises help balance blood sugar protecting against diabetes. Cardio exercises help get rid of cholesterol deposited on the arteries and increase the beneficial cholesterol level in the body thus protecting against heart disease.

Where to do cardio exercises
There are many places where you can do cardio exercises such as clubs streets and the home as you do not need a lot of equipment and sports equipment so you do not need to go to gyms to do exercises.

What are the best cardio exercises?

There is no better exercise than all the exercises but choose the one that suits you based on your life and health.

 Types of cardio exercises
There are many types of these exercises that are easy and simple such as:

Walk the right way in the streets clubs or on the treadmill for no more than 30 minutes on the first day and then increase the time and distance per week to burn fat and calories this sport can reduce 300 calories from your weight

 Types of cardio exercises
Types of cardio exercises


There are many types of swimming and it is a useful sport to lose weight and to strengthen the muscles of the heart and body such as the arms of the arms and the back muscles.

Up the stairs
Easy exercises and you can do daily climbing stairs or stairs and diet doctors advise people who follow the diet and suffer from the problem of weight stability during the dieting; to do this easy exercise as climbing the stairs helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body in addition to that it burns fat from areas Buttocks and thighs. Read also: The fastest way to lose the buttocks … and how can you follow them?

Jumping rope
Rope jumping helps to get rid of fat and calories and this is because it moves the muscles of the arms in a circular motion and the muscles of the legs.

The bike helps to burn fat from the abdominal area buttocks and legs and this is because it helps to exert effort on these muscles which helps burn fat more as it reduces about 300 calories from weight.

Mountain climbing helps get rid of the fat of the legs and buttocks. It also helps to burn the accumulated fat on the abdomen. This exercise must be done every two minutes then rest.

Constant running in the place or running in the spaces helps to get rid of the accumulated fat in the body because running burns more calories than walking if you are running sports in the place then the minimum duration of 10 to 20 minutes and if running in the streets I practice it for 10 Minutes in the beginning and then increase the distance and duration per week.


Tips when doing cardio exercises

Follow a healthy diet that contains all the nutrients such as fruits vegetables and whole grains.

Stay away from soft drinks.

Avoid coffee and tea drinks.

Not eating more and distributing meals over 5 meals to reduce the amount of food you eat once.

Do not watch football or TV while eating as this will increase the intake of foods that you eat in natural conditions as you chew food quickly which reduces the rate of burning fat.




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