Dream Cities communities and towns that pay the individuals who move there




Dream Urban Cities communities and towns that pay the individuals who move there

The specialists of some communities chose to go out to chase occupants and for this they are offering noteworthy totals of cash to the individuals who choose to move to live work and raise families there



There are numerous who occasionally, tired of the weakness that life in urban areas intends to them  fantasy about deserting that normal that isn’t acceptable for them and heading off to some place remote.

On the other hand  there are countless little populaces that because of better approaches for life  new innovations or the solaces that exist in urban focuses have been losing their occupants and are in danger of vanishing

In any case, today in spite of the fact that the pattern has not started to invert, considerably less, there are numerous individuals ready to go the turn around way.

That is, to leave their home urban areas looking for work, home and a peaceful life.

Therefore, the authorities of some of these small places have decided to go out to “hunt” villagers, for which they are offering significant sums of money to those who decide to move to live, work and raise families there.

Cities looking for inhabitants
This is a list of some of these cities , of which many are of such beauty that it is enough to leave everything and leave .

Pay attention, since some of them could be your new home.

Saskatchewan, Canada
The city, due to its low population rate, offers up to USD 10,000 to newly graduated students to stay there and form a family for at least 7 years

Ponga  Spain
In this city the number of inhabitants is very small already in the year 2007 there were only 851 inhabitants of which 50 were young and in order to repopulate it, they offer 3 thousand euros per couple plus 3 thousand per Every child they have. Ideal place to establish a rabbit farm

Camden  Canada
Camden’s case is very particular since they found an optional way to generate growth. There they give money to entrepreneurs. Therefore, if a business owner creates 24 direct jobs, 28,000 square meters of territory is granted in return .

Utrecht the Netherlands
The proposal of this Dutch city has nothing to do with a low population rate, but with an experiment. There they are carrying out a research project that tries to analyze the productivity of people who receive state economic incentives without having worked. Each person who wants to be part of this study is awarded USD 1,000 each month .

Niagara Falls  United States
It is a small town in the state of New York, right on the border between Canada and North America and from now on, neighbor of the falls. In this place, also due to the exodus, they are offering young students $ 7,000 to live in their neighborhoods.

Alaska  United States
Although the cold weather of the harsh winter could represent the impediment to settle here, those who do not suffer the cold could go to live in that state for $ 2,500 per month .

Miyake-jima Island  Japan
While this island could be a beautiful place  everything is affected by an insurmountable particularity. This site is one of the most sulfuric gas in the world and there you can only live with an oxygen mask. In order to investigate the effects of this gas on humans, incentives are offered to all who decide to go live there. A dangerous place, although with huge economic incentives