Email Marketing best online marketing strategies




Email Marketing best online marketing strategies
Although Email Marketing or Email Marketing belongs to the old school of Marketing  some marketers believe its influence is weak !

In fact, it is still considered one of the strongest and most important types of electronic marketing  as it is an essential part of the marketing process.



It works alongside and complements the rest of the marketing channels.
In fact  Email Marketing will continue to be an important marketing component and never become a consumer.

This is because everything that happens on the Internet is linked in one way or another to e-mail. It is the first and most important official means of communication on the Internet.

What is Email Marketing?

It is one of the oldest and best online marketing strategies.
With it  you can get highly targeted visitors  whether for your own website or for marketing third party products.

Marketing via email  depends on the communication between one of the sites and the targeted users of this site.
It is a marketing tool that enables you to send marketing messages to users who have visited your site before.

In order to understand the importance of e mail marketing, you do not have to open your own e-mail.
You will find messages from Facebook  informing you that you have new friendship requests and a link to return to open your account.

You will find messages from an electronic store  informing you that there are products suitable for you.
You will find other messages from some sites  to inform you that there is important new content that has been added to the site.

And you will find many  many other marketing messages. In fact  there is no strong business on the Internet and it does not use Email Marketing.

Marketing stages by email

Building the system
Email Marketing has a special nature, somewhat different from other types of marketing.
There is a system or system that must be built first in order to start the marketing process via email. This system consists of some elements, namely:

1- Participate in one of the email marketing services
It is a service for managing mailing lists  through which subscribers’ data is stored and stored in the mailing list (name – email..)
Through it, messages are sent to subscribers automatically according to the preset settings. (The main service providers will be covered later)

2- Design a form to capture user data
There are many types of these forms, some of which appear as a flat window over the content of the site  some of which are next to the content of the site.
At other times  user data is captured through the site registration process.
For example, the process of opening a Facebook account requires you to enter the name and email  and then this data is used to send messages to you without registering on a separate form.

3- Link the subscription form in the mailing list to the Email Marketing service
This is done through code that is placed on the site  which transmits the data.
Although this is a software process  it is not difficult and can be done by non-programmers.
As for users of WordPress and MailChimp  they can use this great addition

The process of entering data by the user
In the world of Email Marketing, this process is called the Op-tin terminus  and another important term is called Double Opt-In.

The difference between the first and the second is that in the first  the registration process ends in the mailing list once the data is entered.
In Double Opt-In  the email address must be activated by sending an email with a special link.
The user must click on this link to activate the registration in the mailing list.

Start sending marketing messages
This process is related to system settings  it is difficult to send marketing messages to users manually.
Hence the importance of the system. For example  you can set a welcome message for new subscribers to the mailing list.

Then you can set weekly marketing messages for users, monthly  or every 15 days. And this is not only what can be set through the system.
But there are a lot of other advanced settings  through which the mailing list subscribers can be classified, and private messages sent to them according to their classification.

The importance of Email Marketing visitors
Why are mail visitors so important?
The answer is simply the way the mailing list was collected.
As the visitor subscribes to the mailing list of his own will  he is expected to receive emails with new offers or marketing messages that are mainly in his interest.

For example  if you work in the field of commission marketing
Assuming you choose to market products that relate to recipes (such as a book  guide  or cooking guide).
If you are a user of e-mail marketing  then you will actually take visitors first to your landing page  before entering the sale page of the product.

In this case  you will be offered your visitors to join your mailing list.
You will motivate them by giving them a free book, for example.

Assuming that they actually bought what you are marketing or no  you can still reach them via email.
They are now very targeted visitors in all of his money related to the field of cooking and recipes, and therefore you can market the same product or market other products to them in the same field.

In this case  they know very well that when they subscribe to your mailing list  they will receive emails with marketing offers.
If you are among those who are not looking to build mailing lists of visitors who receive them  then you lose a lot.

What you need to start Email Marketing
In order to enter the Email Marketing world you must first have your own mailing list.
This can be achieved in one of two ways  either by purchasing a mailing list  or by building a mailing list yourself.

There are many risks that you should be aware of in case you decide to purchase a mailing list.

For example:
If you create the mailing list yourself  you will pay a large sum for something you can get at a lower cost.
You will find it somewhat difficult to find a suitable source for purchasing a mailing list.

Moreover  you will likely buy a mailing list  and then discover that it is not targeted for the purpose for which you purchased it.

The secret of email marketing success depends on trust. Mostly  Internet users do not open messages sent from unknown sites to them. Therefore your chance to achieve results from the purchased lists is weak.
Therefore  many leading marketers in the field of email marketing cannot advise purchasing a mailing list.
Accordingly  if you want to enter the field of marketing by e-mail  you must build your mailing list on your own.

In this case, you will be one of two:
Either you are the owner of a site or blog.
Or, you are the ones who do paid marketing campaigns to buy visitors and market products or offers.

Ways to create your mailing list
1- In the event that you own a website, in this case you should place on the site in a clear location the subscription form in the mailing list.
Moreover  you should encourage visitors to subscribe to your mailing list  such as giving them a free

book  for example.
This is what is called newsletter.
2- As for you who are buying visitors from paid external sources in this case you must do a (Landing Page) which is an intermediate page between the direct visitor source and the advertiser’s page (which may be a page to sell a product or a specific offer page).

You must have a compelling reason for the visitor to subscribe to your mailing list.
Like giving him a free book  or making the subscription to the mailing list a step that must be done in order to reach the advertiser’s page.

The most important sites that provide Email Marketing services
As mentioned above, the job of email marketing service providers includes building a complete system for recording and storing subscribers’ data  as well as controlling and managing the system of sending messages automatically.

There are many companies that provide this service  and these companies have different payment systems  but most of them depend on the payment system based on the size of the mailing list.

The most important advantages of Email Marketing

1- Easy to set the tools through which you can get your mailing list.
Just subscribe to one of the companies that provide e-mail marketing service.
Then put your company code on your site or landing page  and start collecting your mailing list.

2- The simple cost compared to the benefits that can be reaped from it.
All you have to do is pay the company that offers the email marketing service  while using the same visitors you own and you will get double benefits from that.

3- The ability to measure results accurately
You can easily track the results  in terms of the percentage of those who opened the email out of the total recipients  and the number of those who clicked on the link in the message
This is through the company providing Email Marketing services.

4- This type of marketing is characterized by taking a personal image in dealing with the customer.
That is  you can craft a message that appears to be personal and targeted to each individual customer.
Where email marketing services allow you to put the customer’s name at the beginning of the message.
It is primarily a personal message that arrives on the customer’s personal email address. This makes email marketing a very effective type of marketing.

5- Good targeting
This type of marketing is one of the best types of marketing in terms of targeting as mentioned before.
In the end, everyone looking to succeed in the internet marketing world must give Email Marketing the necessary attention.




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