Employment interview questions




Employment interview questions

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When a person is summoned for a personal employment interview he is usually confused for a moment and confusion about how he answered the questions asked during the interview time in a way that persuades and motivates the employer to agree to his employment within the institution or company and of course he may set for himself a set of suggested questions that get It must be submitted by some friends or former employees of that institution in order to prepare for himself a number of typical answers to obtain the admiration of the business owner and leave a distinctive imprint on his mind that makes him different from other applicants for the same job.

Important things when going to an interview

There is a set of things that the interviewer must always take into account for any job interview such as wearing formal clothes, attention to hygiene and arrangement in addition to avoiding showing confusion because it will give an impression of the strength or weakness of the personality and the applicant’s leadership ability in the work and attendance must also be on time.

The exact determinant so that the employer does not take the wrong idea of ​​him that he is sluggish or inaccurate in his appointments and it is necessary to pay attention to the method of sitting and resting properly on the chair and stability while avoiding the many movements in addition to the permanent light smile as it is preferable that the person prepares himself to answer the complex A number of common questions that are repeated in most employment interviews in all companies and public and private institutions alike and the following are the most prominent of these common questions.

The most important frequently asked questions in job interviews

There is a group of questions that are often used in a personal interview which helps in evaluating the individual who applied to a job, and the following are examples of the most important of these questions:

Tell us more about yourself? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions in interviews and although it suggests ease on its face, employers do not want to hear traditional answers such as identifying your name testimony or age because these details are mentioned in your CV in their hands, but they aspire to hear something impressive concise and different To catch their eye.

Why did you quit your previous job? Here the answer must be very cautious because it is a trap for the applicant as he must avoid criticizing the previous company or pointing accusations to it because the owner of this work will immediately exclude the applicant in his mind because it will be a bad impression that he is tongue hostile and hostile so it can be shortened The answer is that you want a better opportunity or a higher salary.

What are your future goals? The aim of this question is to know the extent of the applicant’s confidence in himself and his practical capabilities and his ambition for innovation achievement and creativity so beware of exaggerating the answer or answering superficially about it.

Your ambition must be expressed in an acceptable and moderate manner What are your main weaknesses? This question is one of the most common questions that the employer aims to reach to measure a person’s ability in the advertised job  so it can be answered by mentioning the weaknesses that are far from the type of job advertised. Why do you want this job in particular? Here you must list your skills and work experience in the same field that will benefit the organization if you are approved.




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