Explain creating a free PayPal account and how to activate and use it




Explain creating a free PayPal Account and how to activate and use it
PayPal is an online bank that allows you to open a free account through this account you can shop through the Internet as you wish and through it you can also receive and send money to and from other users who have Paypal accounts.

PayPal is a tool that provides a financial brokerage service to facilitate the process of trading funds online without having to share private financial data. Your Paypal account is a secure electronic financial platform. This platform works for you by linking your bank account or bank card to it.
PayPal account performs electronic financial transactions with all other websites or accounts on your behalf as it is a mediating container between your tangible financial assets (your bank account or bank card) and the outside world that is based on electronic payment.



In this article we will explain how to easily create a PayPal account and illustrations, and also we will explain how to use a PayPal account, but before that we will address some important points of creating a PayPal account.

What does PayPal do for you?
PayPal generally provides three basic financial services:
This includes buying from online stores or transferring to another Paypal account.
This includes personal transfers from others or receiving payments for work.
Any transfer of money from Paypal to the bank account or to the bank card.
It is worth noting here that these characteristics differ from country to country in two ways:

The first side
Some features are available in some way but not others.
For example in America sending, receiving, and withdrawing are all available through the local bank account, bank cards, and other methods.

What you need to create a PayPal account
Before starting the steps to create a PayPal account we will mention here the most important requirements that you have to meet:

1- That PayPal be available in your country.
Paypal is available in more than 200 countries worldwide
2- An email address.
3- A properly functioning mobile phone number.
4- An American bank account or a local bank card.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to make a Paypal account work for you:

1- Link your PayPal account to your local bank account
Unfortunately linking Paypal to the local bank account is a feature that is not available in all countries, and it is not available in all Arab countries until now but you can in any case link Paypal to your American bank account (in case you are Egyptian, but you have an American bank account then you can Link the two accounts together)

2- Connecting a PayPal account to a bank card.
This method is available in all countries where Paypal is available. You can make a bank card through a local bank in your country (you have to explain the purpose of the employee’s use and make sure that they will work with Paypal correctly).

It can be a credit or debit card but you need to make sure that the card is international and not just domestic.
You can also get a free credit card from Pioneer and link it to your Paypal account.

Steps to create a PayPal account

1- Access to the PayPal registration page
Go to the PayPal homepage after downloading the site into your browser click on the Sign Up button in the top right

2- Determine the type of account
Here we are talking about creating a personal PayPal account, but in reality PayPal offers its users much more. It provides a payment gateway that can be linked to e-stores to receive money due from sales.
In any case in this step you must choose the first option Personal Account then click on the Continue button
Note: It is assumed that you will find your country flag (small icon) automatically appearing under the Continue button. We recommend that after changing the country and continuing to create the account according to the country in which you are physically present.

3- Defining the language of registration
Fortunately Paypal is available in Arabic after clicking the Continue button you will be taken to the registration page, choose the Arabic language by clicking on the Arabic link below the Next button
Note: Paypal is available in many different languages including French. We are here to complete the explanation according to the choice of the English language but if you choose any other language the explanation will not differ much.

4- Enter the basic registration information
After pressing the Arabic button the same page will be reloaded in English. Now you must enter the basic registration data which is the first name last name email address and password twice.
After entering the data press the Next button

5- Pass the protection test
After clicking on the Next button in the previous step you will find that there is a message above it saying “I am not a robot”. Click the mouse in the box to continue to the next step

6- Completing the personal data
After you skip the protection test in the previous step you will be taken to a page that contains some other personal data which you must complete correctly and accurately, and then you have to put a checkmark in front of the boxes below then press the approval button and create the account

7- Close the registration page and go to the email
After clicking on the Agree and Create an Account button in the previous step you will be taken to a page as shown below on this page you will find above that your account has been created and you will find many other options below. Here you must close this page, and go to your email to make the confirmation step

8- Confirm the email address
Go to the email address that you used to register you will find a message from PayPal entitled “Complete your PayPal account setup.” Open the message then click the Confirm Email Address button
After clicking on the email confirmation button in the message you will be taken to the login page. Enter the password and click the Confirm Email Address button.

9- Confirm the phone number
After confirming the email address you will be taken to the mobile phone confirmation page. You are supposed to have entered the phone number in the sixth step now press the Next button directly.
When you click on the Next button you will be taken to the page to enter your confirmation code (you will supposedly receive a message on their phone with a 6-digit code). Enter the confirmation code in the rectangle and press the “Continue” button

10- Connect a bank card
After confirming the phone number in the previous step you will be taken to your account page to link a bank card to your PayPal account click on the circle in which there is a rectangle
After clicking on the link card button, you will be taken to the card’s data entry page to link it to your Paypal account. Enter the card information as follows:

Card type
Choose your card type, whether it is Master Card or Visa Card, you will find the card type shown on the front of the card (usually the right side at the bottom).
card number
Enter the number on the front of the card (often 16 numbers)
Expiration date
It is four numbers including a slash and it represents the expiration date of the card in the year and month (you will find it on the front of the card usually below the card number)
CSC code
You’ll find it on the back of the card (consisting of three numbers).
It will be written automatically, and you can change it if you like.
After entering the data correctly click on the Save button.

11- Confirm card data to make it usable.
After clicking on the Save button you will be taken to the wallet (a page in your PayPal account that shows the account balance cards and bank accounts linked to it)
Now click on the credit card confirmation link which in turn will open a page containing steps for card confirmation. Click OK
After clicking on the OK button indicated in the image above, you will be taken back to the wallet page.
Now PayPal has deducted 1.5 € from the card (don’t worry it will be returned to the card after confirmation).

Discount This is the method used to confirm the card data, as the details of the discount process contain a special code, this code will be able to access it only through the real card holder, and of course this measure to protect against fraud.
As the card holder you have added to your PayPal account, you can access the confirmation code in several ways:

The customer service of the bank from which the card was issued.
Contact the local bank in the country where the card was issued from, and ask the customer service representative for details of the last card debit that should contain the required code.
Your bank account online
Most banks at the present time offer their customers a lot of services via the Internet, if you activate this service log in to your bank account which is supposed to include all the data of your cards, and find the discount code for PayPal.

Text message on your mobile phone
Most banks also allow their customers to receive account notifications via text messages on the numbers associated with the account which are supposed to contain the details of the transaction and have a confirmation code.
The confirmation code is four digits and it appears in the text message (and in front of customer service officials) as “PP * 1234CODE”.

As we mentioned in the last step you will be taken to the Wallet page (you can also access the Wallet page through the top task bar).
Now click on the card that I recently described then click the Confirm Credit Card link. A page will open as shown below enter the 4 numbers and then click the Confirm button.
Now you should be taken to a page informing you that the card has been confirmed
Congratulations, your PayPal account was successfully created fully activated and ready to use.

How to use a PayPal account
In this section we will address two very important points:
The first point: We will explain the PayPal account from the inside and we will point out the function of each part in the top bar in the account.
The second point: We will explain how to buy through a Paypal account.
First explain the PayPal account from the inside
When logging in to your account, you will find yourself on your account page in the summary tab

The wave
On this page you will find a summary of the account details, at the top a welcome message, and on the right hand side you will find the balance and the linked cards or bank accounts, and on the left side you will find direct links to the latest account activities.

In this tab you will find all activities related to the account, such as sending, receiving and withdrawing money.

Send and request
Through this tab, you can send money to another PayPal account, and you can also request to receive funds from another account (the transfer process can begin by making a transfer request, which is sent to the account in question and then approves it and the transfer process is completed).
Through it you can link cards and bank accounts, and delete or modify them as well.
A promotional page for some stores that offer discounts and offers for Paypal users.
You will find a lot of articles and explanations that answer a lot of questions and inquiries, also through which you can contact PayPal’s support service.
You’ll find notifications about your financial transactions, and about your account in general.
Through it you can set and control your Paypal account information, and you can also close your account, or upgrade it to a business account.
sign out
Signing out of your account, we recommend making sure to sign out every time you use it to ensure your account is safe.
Second, how to buy with PayPal account
Paying through Paypal is easy and simple, and it goes through these steps:
Log in to the store you want to buy from.
Select the product or service you want to buy.
Click the Buy Now button.
Choose PayPal as the method of payment.

When you click on the Pay Now or Pay Now button, you will be taken to the Paypal website to log in. If you are already in your account (or after logging in), you will see a page with details of the payment process. Click the Confirm Payment button and the payment process has been completed.




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