Facebook Earning How to Make Money Online from selling services on Facebook




Facebook Earning How to Make Money Online from selling services on Facebook Generate Revenue
On this topic I will guide you on the path that makes you Make Money online in facebook  from the Internet through anything you own and you can offer to others.

And here we are talking specifically about selling services on Facebook
In the past few months I have started to notice a number of attempts by young people who want to start their own business online by owning a tangible store.
This really motivated me to make the idea wider and more varied to suit everyone looking to profit from the Internet.



In order to make the idea more specific and more specialized and others can follow as evidence of profit from the Internet.

Here we will discuss how to use Facebook to provide service to and profit from others.
So we will only talk about Facebook as a way to promote your service and sell it online.
The equation that will get you to profit from selling services on Facebook is simply:
To find something you love and have experience about and always busy developing and then sell it as a service through Facebook.
This thing benefits or solves a problem for this audience and then you get paid for it.

Why can you make a good profit from selling services on Facebook?
1- The Internet is in the first place the most suitable market for selling services.
Yes, the Internet is a good market for selling products but there are other markets for selling products which are older than the Internet market.
But when we talk about services in our time, the Internet is the place where all people search for services to facilitate their lives and solve their problems.

2- The services market is the most diversified market ever.
It is the market that accommodates everyone from service providers, no matter how small their services are, or some see them trivial.
The services market is the market that everyone can participate in by offering what they own or master others.
Moreover anything you can offer you will find on the other hand who wants and search for it.

3- The services market is the most suitable market for innovators and thinkers.
Just ask yourself what services around me might want to offer them and you may soon join this list of innovators.

Why is Facebook the best marketing tool for selling services?
The answer is brief and simple:
Because Facebook is the place where the largest possible number of applicants that you will provide.
And as we mentioned in many places on the winners site promotion always goes where the potential customer is.

Whereas, Facebook is used by most of those who can read, write and interact with the Internet.
So it is the place to offer or sell your service.
We now turn to the most important question that you may have been waiting for since the beginning of your reading this article.
Depending on his answer you can determine whether or not selling Facebook services is right for you.


What services can I sell through Facebook?
Anything you think others need and you can offer and sell it as a service through Facebook.
Anything you think others need, and you can study, know, know or help someone else learn it and then sell it as a service through Facebook.
In a separate money we have included a list of a set of services that you can sell through Facebook to win.
But here in this article we would just like to inspire you to find for yourself something that you can offer as a service to others.

How to define an idea for a service that you can profit from on Facebook?

1- Check your Facebook friends list and try to find out what they have in common that you can share in liking them.
Maybe you should ask what their interest is? What are their problems? Or even what are their ambitions and needs?
2- Make a list of things you can give your friends on Facebook and ask yourself:
What is the thing that suits you most that you subscribe to and you can offer them as a service?
3- Always remember that a good and attractive offer can create an order.
Also, when you actually start providing an online service and marketing it through Facebook, your audience will not be limited to your current friends.
4- You can do a search on the Internet to discover the most things people need.
You can get ideas by doing a survey among your friends, family, and acquaintances, or by asking the question to Facebook friends themselves.
5- Remember very well that you can learn anything you want to provide as a service through the internet itself.

There are courses and educational materials in almost every field.
But remember that you have the first seed without which you will not succeed which is to be interested and loving this thing.




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