Free Google applications for smartphones The most important free app




Free Google applications for smartphones The most important free app
There is no doubt that Google is one of the most technology makers and developers in the world . In the field of smart phone applications  it has a great deal as Google pays a lot of attention to developing smart phone applications permanently and continuously in order to facilitate the daily life of the user in light of the terribly accelerating pattern of life.

There are a lot of Google applications that have already become an integral part of our daily use on our smart phones and there are also many wonderful Google applications that many users do not know. In this article we will include a list of an impressive array of innovative Google applications which can make a positive difference in your personal and professional life.




List of the most important wonderful Google applications


1- Google Search Engine application
Google search is one of the most enjoyable applications of search engines as it has everything you need in one place. There is a search for something you want in the search box, and there is a weather service and the results of the most important football matches, and the most important local and international sports news and the most important local and international news in all other areas.

The app tells you the most important search words of the time on search engines. With it you will find the Voice Search feature, and a new feature has been added within the application called Google Lens through which you can search for any product by only downloading its image, and the search engine intelligently finds where to sell this product, and makes a comparison Prices for the product near you.
You can also place a picture of a place in any country in the world or any tourist region, so the search engine immediately creates a full report for that place and the most important information about it. This application is the most important juicer Google services but in one place.


2- Gmail Mail Application
Gmail is one of the best free email services it is an application that is run and developed by Google and used by most medium-sized companies worldwide for email purposes Gmail comes with a free storage space equivalent to 15 GB.
Gmail is a good choice for people running small businesses or medium-sized companies, as it is considered a very safe email under the wonderful umbrella of Google.


3- YouTube app
The YouTube app is one of the most popular platforms for viewing and sharing videos on the web for free. It allows uploading and viewing records instead of downloading them on different devices. It also allows live broadcasts, with the ability to comment on them by users. YouTube YouTube is the third largest site in the world Popular, and Google bought YouTube in 2006 in a record $ 1.65 billion deal


4- Google Gboard keyboard application
It is a keyboard dedicated to smartphones and tablets produced by Google. Gboard is easy to use and easy to switch between different languages, and it supports many languages. There is a search bar inside Google that can be used during the chat process, you can search for a specific word, or search for weather conditions, or search for short expressive videos, or short expressive images, and you can also search for the most important news and results of the most important matches, each This is in one place, without ever having to exit the user’s chat and enter other programs.


5- Google Arts & Culture
It is an application that gives users the ability to explore various cultural and artistic contents, and to explore artworks from works dating back to 200 BC, to abstract and plastic art works in the modern era.
There is a fun feature in this application, which is the Photo – Matching Game feature, which is a feature that requires the user to take a selfie, then the application searches for the person closest to the celebrity and the stars.


6- Google Trips
If she travels regularly and moves from one place to another  and if she intends to travel to another country and fears not knowing anything in this country, all you have to do is download the Google Trips Plan your Trip app. This application has the ability to automatically arrange your trip by fetching all the information about that trip from Gmail, whether airline ticket or domestic transportation tickets in that country that you decided to travel to, up to the hotel reservation.

The application can arrange a daily trip for you, and choose the best tourist places near you, and gives you information about the average prices in those areas. That application does not need to be connected to the Internet.


7- Science Journal
It is a very impressive scientific application. The application allows helping young and old to explore the world around them in a simplified scientific way. Through this application, adults and children can convert their simple ideas into scientific projects, and Google writes forecasts for these projects  and add comments and notes to those results and discoveries.


8- Google Family Link For Parents
It is a great application for parents to impose digital control on their children while learning, playing and exploring on the Internet, so parents can monitor the time of opening the screen for their children’s devices, and set the allowed time and limits of use  and parents can lock their children’s phones remotely at a specific time or set it automatically .
It is also possible to limit specific applications that are allowed to be used and prohibit applications that parents consider dangerous for their children. This application also allows parents to locate their children’s geographic location while on the move with a smartphone.


9- Google Home
It is a wonderful Google application. The user can control and fully manage his home, and the user can control the TV, the degree of lighting, surveillance cameras and air conditioners, and the user can control the devices while outside his home, this application makes your home more intelligent. Of course these devices must be connected to the Internet


10- Google Duo – Video Calling
Google Duo – Video Calling is one of the best quality video chat app. It is a very easy application, where you choose the party you want to talk to via video and click call. When receiving the call, you can also know who is calling through the Knock Knock service and it is also possible to leave another person a recorded video message if he is not connected to the Internet at that time. There is also a Voice Call feature.


11- List of Trusted Contacts
It is an application to share the geographical location with others, so that you can create a list of people trusted by you, and share your geographical location.
Through the application, people who you trust can request your geographic location to check on you  and in case something happens and you do not agree to the request to inquire about your location, the application automatically sends the geographic location to these people.

You can also, in the event of feeling insecure  or in the event of an emergency while you are somewhere  send a relief request to your trusted department to save you. You can make a schedule of appointments that you don’t want your location to show you during. It is a very amazing application if you work in a far place until late, and you want to inform the people near you periodically about your location, and it is also good to know the location of your children and to follow their steps permanently.




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