Global Scholarship Program in USA 2020 Scholarships Babson Centennial College United States




Global Scholarship Program in USA 2020 Scholarships Babson Centennial College United States
The scholarship called Global Program promoted by the Babson Centennial institution is in the stage of selection of international students from any part of the world who wish to continue their university studies in the USA in the 2020-2021 educational period.

Babson Centennial is a private business college founded in 1919, since its inception it has been recognized internationally for providing excellent training in various undergraduate and graduate programs.



The authority of the institution of higher education strives to maintain a committed community, the perspectives as individual experiences provided by young students from different parts of the world within the Babson classroom and campus are recognized.

International scholarship programs in USA 2020

Institutions where the studies will be carried out:
Babson Centennial College United States.

Levels and areas of study:
The Global Program Grant 2020 – 2021 is awarded in the undergraduate area in any of the subjects offered by the higher institution.

Who can participate ?:
Applicants from Latin American countries of excellent demonstrable academic level are welcome to be part of the selection process.

Grant endowment:
The international scholarship program to study in the US covers the tuition subsidy for four (4) years, in addition those chosen to receive the award will receive other types of aid, such as:

Pre-orientation plan and tutorials.
Leadership retreat from freshmen.
Social and cultural event.
Conditions that participants must meet:

To be considered for the scholarship program in the USA, you must:

Enroll through the Babson Centennial online system in a full-time undergraduate course in the 2020-2021 education period. It is essential that you complete the CSS profile.

Present the respective documentation of the titles obtained previously, among them, secondary (baccalaureate). It is important that you have the official ACT or SAT report card.

Provide the standardized scores of the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency exams. It is recommended that at the time of submitting your formal application to scholarships in the USA, you master the language perfectly.

Instructions to apply:

After being accepted as a regular student in the undergraduate course at Babson Centennial College, you can complete the application form for the tuition grant award. To learn more about the requirements and documents required by the authority of the mentioned school, please consult the official website of the Global Program.

Until February 1, 2020.

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