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Google Search secrets You Need to Know Best Google Fun Tricks List Cool Hidden tricks in google learning how to use certain Google search secrets

If there is one skill that you have to learn because it is the most important in our time then surely this skill is mastery of the use of the Google search engine this applies to you whatever your age field of study or specialty of your business how Google does not and is the place where you can access anything you want on the Internet !



Yes Google is the place where you can access anything on the Internet but in reality everyone is not good at handling it as it should in order to truly reach what they want.

In this article I will discuss with you a large group of Google search secrets which will enable you to access exactly what you want on the Internet very quickly and easily.


Will this article enable you to use Google as a professional ?

First Google advanced search commands

Search command with a precise sentence
When you place a search word or phrase within two quotes you give Google a command to show results that specifically contain this sentence. This is very important because Google usually shows a lot of results that do not contain the exact words that we write as results may appear for synonyms for the search word you are looking for.

Example:  Earning from the Internet 

Search command at a specified numerical rate
Google allows you to search at certain numerical rates this is very useful in the case of searching for events in specific years for example or searching for products whose price ranges between two specific amounts.

Example: Canon camera $ 300 .. $ 500
The results will come for Canon camera models ranging from $ 300 to $ 500.

The search command to exclude specific words
By using this command you tell Google that you want to search for a specific search sentence excluding a word related to the topic so search results come to web pages that address the topic without eating this word.
Example: As it is known there is a car brand called Jaguar and there is a predator belonging to the felines called the same name.
Try the word: jaguar
Then try: Jaguar – a car
Then try: jaguar – animal.
In the first case you will get mixed results in the second case all the results that talk about the Jaguar will be excluded in the third case all the results that talk about the Jaguar will be excluded.

The search command links keywords together
This is important if you want to search for a keyword provided it is related to another word or words.
Here we use the (+) sign to link the keywords we are looking for.
Example: Configuration in Search Engines + WordPress
Here all the search results will talk about configuring sites that use WordPress and the results will come specifically related to the word WordPress.

Search command using or (OR)
This is useful if you want to search for more than two similar terms to get results that talk about this or that term. We use this tag (|) to separate the two words.
Example: “Internet Marketing” | Online Marketing
Here the OR command was used with the exact and specific sentence command simultaneously.

The search command to access a specific file type
By using the filetype command next to the search word and specifying the required file type search results will only appear for pages that contain this file type.
Example: Book of Storm Dostoyevsky filetype: pdf here you will see results for pages containing only the pdf file.

Search command in a specific location
By writing the word: site and then the name of any site you can give Google a command to only show search results from this site.
Example: Earning from YouTube

The search command for links that match the keywords
With the command: inurl you can order Google to provide you with results that contain links with certain words.

The search command for the topic headings that match the keywords
With the command: intitle you can tell Google to get you search results whose title contains the search words
Example: intitle: cake here you will see results whose title contains only the word cake.
Note that the writing format is as shown below in all of these commands.
Coordination of search orders

Web page search command for similar pages in content
With the related command you can get similar pages of content for any web page you want.
Example: related: https: //
Here you can get similar webpages in page content in our example above.

Second orders to get quick answers directly on the Google page
Through the commands below you can get answers and immediate results on the search results page in Google directly.

The search command defines a word in the dictionary in English
This command works only in the English language. With the Define command with a Google command you can show a definition from the dictionary for any English word you choose.
Example: define: marketing

Calculation command (calculator)
Through Google you can perform any calculation and the result will be shown to you immediately.
Example: 7 * 7 you will get the result of the calculation in addition to that Google will understand that you want to perform calculations so an advanced calculator will appear for you to perform other calculations.

The matter of knowing the current time anywhere in the world
All you have to do in this case is to write the time now and then the name of the country or city you want.
Example: Time is now England London

The command to know the weather anywhere in the world
Here too all you have to do is type the weather in and then write the name of the city or country where you want to know the weather.
Example: The weather in Paris you will get the temperature throughout the day and the possibility of rain or not the degree of wind and some other information.

Command to know flight times
At the moment you can get a flight schedule between any two cities by using a simple search sentence.
Example: flights from Cairo to Dubai

Convert units of measure
There are many units of measurement that are used in a country and not used in others for example here in Egypt we use a kilometer but in America it is well known to use a unit of measurement.
Example: convert mile to km
You will see a box with all the units of measurement used for each type of measurement. You can choose the type of measurement from the drop-down menu. Then choose two units of measure to compare them this includes currencies as well.

Third the anatomy of the search page (Google Home)
Anatomy Google search page

1- Sign in
Through this small button you can log in to your account with Google it is known that the Google logo is one account for all the services you provide.
Signing in with Google while searching is very important on the one hand all the searches that you have done are saved and on the other hand there are some services and settings that you must log in to be able to use them.

2- Google products
By clicking on these square points you will drop a list of some of the most important and famous Google products and services. It is worth noting that these products are only a sample so clicking on the “More” button shown in the image below will show more services.
This is also not all Google services
3- Images or images
Due to the importance of searching in images Google has a special link on the home page that enables you to perform the image search only in all its types.

4- Gmail
This is a direct link to Google’s email service.

5- Address bar
This indirect point was covered by our topic here as it relates to two points at the core of our topic “Google Search Secrets”.

You can write the research sentence directly in a rectangle or link bar and the search will be performed directly without having to go to the Goal homepage.
Google has a special link for each country.

For example this is the Google search engine link for France
Each of these links is for a specific country in order to improve the visitor’s experience and to improve the search results to match the people of this country. It is worth noting here that you can control this for example if you are Egyptian and travel to France you can use the Google Egyptian search engine by going to the dedicated link but in any case there are many who prefer to use (the general search engine) and if you were one of the Here use this link:

6- The rectangle designated for writing the keywords
Something intuitive and everyone knows!

7- Search button
Also an obvious thing you can replace it by pressing the Enter button on your keyboard if you use a computer.

8- Change language button
Google can know your country through your device’s IP so if you use a language other than yours you can change the language with one click.

9- I’m feeling lucky button
This button will take you directly to the first result of any search word suitable for cases of transition to specific sites for example if you want to go to the winners site: Just type the winners in the search box and then press the I’m feeling lucky button. You will be taken directly to the winners website.

10- Voice Search
One of Google’s great search tools that enables you to search by pronouncing keywords instead of typing them.
This feature will be taken up shortly.

11- Setting or setting button
This part is very important and many people do not know anything about it and they did not come close to it before.
When you press the setting button you will be presented with a list of five text links this is the function of each of them respectively:

Search setting
In the image above in the far north you will find three search results languages help links.
The most important are search results which are shown in the image above.
You will find that they are divided into cross-tables separated by lines which are respectively.
The first table: enables you to run Safe Search (its function is to block sexual content)
The second table: You can increase the number of search results displayed on each page the default 10 results.
The third schedule: This option makes Google show you results personally according to your previous activities.
Fourth Schedule: Enables you to turn on the search results feature when you use Voice Search.
Fifth Schedule: This gives you the option to open search results in a new tab in your internet browser.
Schedule Six: It will be taken shortly.
The seventh table: enables you to set the country in which you use Google.
Finally you have to click on the “Save” button to save the options you prefer as for the “Language Help” tab.

One is specialized in changing the language of Google’s use and the other contains helpful articles that Google can provide to serve its users.
Advanced Search
Through it you can conduct an advanced search process that includes a lot of options most of these options were covered in the search orders that we covered above but Google provides them here in the form of options for ease of use.

(History (My Activity.)
From here my friend you can access an accurate record of all the searches you have done on Google.
Search Help
It is a help page provided by Google to its users it contains some important information and articles related to using Google.

Send Feedback
A great tool that enables you to send an opinion or complain to Google from any violating webpage and you will also find a link to this tool in the drop-down menu when clicking on the Setting button. You will also find a link on each search results page.
Fourth is Google’s specialized search engines
Yes when you do a search on Google you will get various results but Google has more search engines that are specialized in certain types of results.

Image search engine
This is the Google search engine specializing in image search you can search through it using keywords or by using voice search also you can search by uploading an image from your device or searching by linking an image on the Internet.
After the results appear you can filter the results according to many variables including:
Filter photos according to color type size or date. On the search results page at the top click on the Tools button and set filter options.

Videos search engine
Run a search then choose a video from the options bar below the search rectangle on the search results page.

You will see all the videos related to the research word used the results will not be from YouTube only but from many other sources besides YouTube also by clicking on the tools button as in the example of image search engine you can filter the videos according to the quality or according to the time period or According to the source.

Search engine places on the map
You only need to go to the main page of Google Map and write the name of any city restaurant or famous store (Google coverage varies in terms of accuracy and coverage depending on the country). Type the name of the place you want then click Search and it will appear on the map accurately. You can zoom in and out on the map to get more details or to know the places around the place you are looking for.

Goolge earth search engine
Do you want to take a tour around our beloved blue planet while you are? Turn off the lights get your favorite drink and start your tour now with Google Earth. What is different here from the Places search engine is that Google Earth is a natural 3D simulation of the planet.

Google News
You can choose the news according to the country or according to the field (scientific political economic etc.). You can also personalize your account according to your interests and your country so the news you are interested in appears on the home page and from the sources you want as well. Click the gear button in the top right and set up your Google News account.

Google Alerts (on-demand search engine)
This is not exactly a search engine like the previous two but it is a tool based on the Google search engine through which you can identify topics of interest to you and put them in your account. When a web page is added that talks about specific topics it is sent to you in an email.

Google Books search engine
This is another highly specialized search engine with which you can search any keyword in millions of books online.
Google will show you pages related to your search sentence in all the books that covered this sentence (found in the Google Library Project).

Google Scholar Academic Search Engine
This is a search engine for everything that is academic from which you can access scientific research and university curricula and a lot of academic academic books.

Google Patent  search engine
This is a patent search engine. You can find out a lot of information about any patent you want with this great search engine.

Google Trends hot event search engine
Through this search engine you can find out about the events that attracted the most attention of the audience at a particular time. You can search for any word as well to measure the audience’s interest in it over a specific period of time.

Voice Search Engine
Here in order to use this search engine there must be a microphone connected to your computer (you can use it from your personal mobile phone). You can set your account to pronounce quick answers for you and you can activate the pronunciation response feature from Search setting schedule 4.


The great thing about voice search is that it represents a live discussion between you and Google for example: click on the microphone button and then say Magdi Yacoub you will see the results that talk about Dr. Magdi Yacoub press the button again and say How old is he here Google He will understand that you are talking about Majdi Yaqoub without mentioning the name and the age will be pronounced.

Fifth general advice and ideas about searching in Google

To get accurate results avoid writing generic words
Searching for general words will make the search results more crowded and varied and you need it of course especially in the case of obtaining information on a specialized sub-topic for example a research sentence like (the history of Egypt) will bring you very many and varied research results because it is not specific As for the phrase (Pharaonic History of Egypt) it will bring you more specialized and targeted results.

But the phrase (Pharaonic History of Egypt Fifth Dynasty) will be better better and more specialized.

The order of the search sentence makes a difference in the order of the search results
The Google search engine works according to the priority of words and based on it attends and ranks the results. For example the search results for the YouTube case study collection differ from the search results for the YouTube sentence case study you can try it yourself.


You have to have the spirit of an inquisitive researcher (don’t give up easily).
Formulate your research sentences differently. The topic you are looking for may have been covered but with a different formulation than you thought.
Read the search results and try to reach a new thread to start the search process more professionally.

Lettering punctuation and spelling are all unimportant
In the case of research in the English language writing the words in capital letters does not produce different results from the book in small letters also it is not important that you end your research sentence with a question mark or a period.




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