Great silver rings give you a great look




Great silver rings give you a great look

Wearing accessories is an important element of your day whether it’s going to work university or evenings wearing accessories gives you a simple look and using silver rings in your favorite accessories has a distinctive touch on your look.



Silver rings with stones







Some prefer silverware that contains precious and colored stones they have their designs that are characterized by their wonderful shapes there are many silver rings containing colored stones but perhaps the only drawback of this type of rings is that it may be worn in certain colors of clothes Silver rings with lobes are somewhat out of the traditional shape of silver rings which attracts some.

Simple silver rings







Many tend to buy silver rings that don’t have much detail in their design and are far from large sizes and this type of silver ring won’t restrict you by wearing certain outfits or style in your dress but are in line with everything you wear.

Silver rings in Arabic calligraphy


Wearing accessories containing sentences and phrases in Arabic script may be among the preferences of many as many women look for silver rings with words written on them whether they have their names or sentences from one of the songs or any other words written on them in different fonts which earns them their own nature It may take them out of the traditional form of the usual silver rings on the market. This type of silver ring is also very convenient if you’re looking for a gift for a friend you can design them by their own name or buy the most loved phrases to them.

Silver types

Silver has many types which makes the items displayed in front of you in the shops different colors and designs from the other you will notice that there is a type of designs that have a bright and bright color and another carries a dark color and here are the most important types of silver used in the manufacture of ornaments:

Danish Silver
It is one of the best and most expensive silver sits on the market and is characterized by its various exquisite designs.

Italian Silver
It is one of the most common types of silver on which shops rely in the design of various chains and products of silverware It is a silver species that is bright in color and is usually coated in platinum or white gold, so it is a high priced silver variety.

Swiss Silver
This type of silver ware may be painted with gold water and the shape of swiss silver artifacts carries a golden color Swiss silver is characterized by its busy ness with colored lobes in different colors and different colors unlike italian silver types that carry only white lobes.

Cleaning silverware

After a long time of silverware after purchasing it may change color especially Italian silver and all you need to restore the color of your silver chains is a glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of salt Put the previous mixture in a bowl and leave the silver chains inside for the next day and then rub it by hand or with a cotton piece so you notice that it has been restored to its shiny color again.

In the end the search for silver rings is among the interests of many, and wearing a silver ring that suits your nature and the nature of your clothes is magical lysing on your look but wearing a silver ring of rings containing Arabic inscriptions gives you a wide range of choice of phrase your name or the name of the Close to you which gives you the opportunity to wear a piece of silver rings tailored to you and unrefined.




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