How is paid and free Instagram marketing




How is paid and free Instagram marketing
Marketing via Instagram and through different social media has become one of the most popular areas of marketing that are used in the promotion and advertising and marketing campaigns. Despite some criticizing the use of social media for its various exaggerations in marketing and promotion  however  no one denies the success achieved by these means in The marketing domain as a whole.
Some say that marketing campaigns in social media are annoying to many because of the nature of their mandatory appearance to users  and the inability to avoid them even though the user may not be interested in advertising or the product that appears in it.




Others respond in return that social media today is one of the best marketing channels and the success of many projects depends on it. Therefore, as a matter of fact, marketing through it has become a necessity for many projects to succeed and reach the public, here we will learn how to market via Instagram.

In addition to that Instagram depends mainly on photos and videos, unlike other social networking sites such as Twitter, which depends on the written content and Facebook also Instagram is the best marketing channel for those whose marketing campaigns depend on the visual content of pictures and videos, in addition to what is known about it that Most interacting with other platforms always on top.
It can be said that there are two types of advertisements on Instagram paid ads, which are the most effective, surest and fastest way to achieve results and the other free form that depends on providing attractive content that ensures attention is drawn to you and thus the audience follows you.


Paid ads
Paid advertisements in Instagram help to reach the audience and potential customers accurately based on the identification of the category that you want as an advertiser or marketer, as you can specify the audience that you want your ad to reach through many options such as age, gender, interests, demographic location and behaviors or even Instagram can help you to Determine the audience who may be interested in your business based on the field in which you operate and other influencing factors.
Likewise, paid ads enable you to specify specific numbers of people you want to interact with on your post or ad in terms of ad view and other interactions of comments posts and likes.
And you can make paid ads on Instagram either from within the application directly or via the Facebook page from the Ads Manager section in Facebook ads after you link the Instagram account for your business with the Facebook account for the same activity.

As for the types of ads that you can implement there they are promoting a picture or promoting a group of photos within one post or situation which may be an image or video or you can promote a video within a post Also you can define the purpose of the ad and what you want to reach Do you want to get visitors to your site? Or if you are promoting an app and want the audience to install the app?
As for the prices of advertisements funded on Facebook, they differ according to the requirements of the ads and other factors such as the amount of audience that you want your ad to reach, the interaction that you want on the post that you advertise, and many other factors.
But funded ads are not everything on Instagram, there are a number of other forms of ads on this platform, including unfunded ads and ads across influencers, as we will know in the following lines.

Unpaid ads
It is the form of advertising in which you have to rely on yourself to reach the public and customers of your product or project and it is known about this form of marketing that it takes a lot of time and effort being done with a personal effort and has no income to manage Instagram in it. Here you must adhere to the policy of continuous and permanent publishing at the expense of your business on Instagram and ensure the publication of content useful to the public ensuring that people continue to follow you and share your content with others before them.
You also have to pay attention to all the detailed matters in your account posts such as any type of publications the audience prefers and gets a greater interaction rate you should use the tags and hashtags to achieve access to more audiences care about the designs and the quality of the pictures you add to your posts analyze your page and account data and use the results To improve your marketing performance on the platform.
Of course this does not mean that the funded ads do not need these details, but the difference is that in the funded ads your publication will reach the target audience for sure and regardless of how attractive the content is because the site obtained funds from you in exchange for your publication reaching the target audience, but in the unfunded ads There is no guarantee that your post will reach the intended audience because you haven’t paid any money, but it depends on how attractive your content is.
We had previously written many topics that would help marketers and workers in the marketing tasks that you ask them and that they must implement, and that may also help you in marketing through Instagram better from here learn how to write an excellent marketing ad formula that meets your marketing goals and from Here you learn how to market a product. As for this topic you can learn how to market a product via Facebook. It is similar to Instagram marketing.

Influencer Marketing
It is a form of Instagram marketing and can even be used on all other platforms, and depends on contracting with an influential person who owns a large number of followers and then asking him to publish a publication related to your product or business on his account to reach a large percentage of the audience that Following that effect. In return the influencer will receive a pre-agreed amount of money.

It is known about this type of marketing, its great effectiveness if it is used correctly, but at the same time the prices are a bit high compared to the funded ads, and the prices rise as the number of followers of the influencer increases which is very popular and mass on the platform and the field that activates In it, you find, for example influencers in the field of fashion and fashion, influences in the technical field and influences in the educational field and other fields.

These are the most prominent means of marketing via instagram, which the owners of projects and various commercial activities usually resort to reach the audience from clients and clients. It is mentioned that Instagram has many advantages that differ from the rest of the social media platforms, which makes it the best platform for marketing for many projects.

But despite that this does not mean that Instagram is suitable for any field or type of commercial activities rather it is necessary first and foremost of any marketing campaign that seeks to launch it from research and to make sure of the location of the audience that you want to reach, and in what platforms are your customers focused, are they in Instagram or On Twitter or another platform, and thus execute the campaign on the platform where the largest portion of the audience that we want is located.




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