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How to become a successful internet marketer How to become commission marketer promoting products
Is it by choosing offers that offer high commissions ? Or by choosing confidential traffic sources that nobody knows ? Or by buying a course from a specialist ?

In this guide you will find the following:
How to choose a profitable niche suitable for you.
The correct way to promote products .
How to use traffic sources correctly and practically.
The importance of landing pages and how they can maximize your profits.
What is A / B Testing and why should you rely on it.
How to use SEO tools to find affiliate offers and spy on competitors.



And other information that you will not find in most other sources all of this is presented to you in a simple way with many examples until the complete picture becomes clear to you … this is our habit on the winners website.

How to become a successful commission marketer in 2020?
In the following lines you will find 10 great tips to become a practically successful commission marketer, for this commitment to it is the summary of what is recommended by experts in this field in addition to my personal experience.

1- Choose a Niche field that is convenient for you at the same time
The field or what we call commission marketing (Niche) is the specialty that you will count on for profit, and this is what many beginner marketers ignore.
In order to be able to promote any product or service, you must understand the problems it solves, the features it provides, and in order to do this to the fullest you must study the public.
If you understand the audience or sector you will be promoting (Buyer Persona), you will know how to choose the products. Let me give you an example of fitness.
If you are a kind of fitness expert, you will be able to find out:
Different types of products needed by the public.
Training programs that may benefit this audience.
Types of foods this audience needs.
For this you have to choose a specific field to start with, do not promote anything that falls in your eyes on the Internet just because you will earn a large commission from it.

The Niche you choose must have a set of features:
Specific, and the smaller the better (fitness for women – fitness for pregnant women).
You should learn about him more than ordinary people.
You must be passionate about it in order to continue.
It has to be profitable and has many products and services that you can promote (for example, unlike soccer, which do not have multiple products to promote)
CPC – Cost Per Click for its keywords must be high (you can find this information from the Google Ads tool)

This is why I search carefully before you start … this advice will save you a lot of time and effort.

2- First think of promotion before thinking about choosing products
Before you search for a product in the niche you have chosen, first think about how to promote it, how will you introduce it to people? What would anyone pay to buy from your affiliate link?
Unfortunately some people think that commission marketing is about putting a link in front of people in sites or groups, then waiting for profits … and this is completely wrong.
We return to the same fitness example, to give you some ideas on promotion:
Make a comparison video between the product you are promoting and other products on the market.
Try the product yourself and review it.

Writing an article about a problem such as (weight gain for women after pregnancy)  how to treat it with proven scientific advice and steps, and put this product as one of the solutions.

Communication with some women on groups and asking them about the problems they suffer in fitness, and while providing advice presented the product as one of the solutions in a natural way.
Provide a healthy weight-loss prescription that depends on the product you are promoting to be complete.

So before thinking about choosing a product, think first about what benefit you will add … What can you give people? And if you can add on the product itself.
This way you will become a successful commission marketer.


3- Take care of traffic, then traffic, then traffic
There are many types of traffic such as:
Traffic Free Search Engines.
Free or paid YouTube Traffic.
Traffic social media.
Paid traffic from search engine ads (Google – Bing).
Paid traffic from Facebook.
Paid entertainment from Native ad networks.
Paid traffic advertising (Pop Up) and (Push Notifications).

There are many other types, it is true that some of these types require experience, but it is easier than you expect and this is what I want you to do exactly in order to become a successful commission marketer:

Choose one traffic source to rely on first.
Search how to use this source of traffic in all possible ways.
Try the best methods you’ve found to use this traffic.
After making a profit from this traffic, even if it is simple.
Adjust and optimize until the process of making profits is easy, almost automatically.
Find another traffic source and repeat the previous steps.
I made this mistake in my beginnings with commission marketing, I was trying any traffic source I find in front of me  and this made me lose a lot of opportunities  and I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

For example  if you are promoting through Facebook groups, search for the best groups  try promoting in more ways than one  whether through posts, videos  or messaging members.
Keep trying and researching until you make money, and then improve yourself, you may create your own group, and then the promotion process becomes easier.
And then go to another source  for example  you might create your website and use it to promote … This method will make you a successful commissioner as soon as possible.


4- Use the landing pages as soon as possible
When you promote a specific offer or product, you place your link in front of the traffic … When the interested person clicks on this link  it goes to the offer or product page.
The landing page is the page that professional marketers rely on to configure traffic, which is why it is placed before the interested person goes to the offer page.

Imagine that you are promoting a fitness example, and instead of linking to a product you have created a link to a landing page you designed that contains some or all of the following elements:
Video explaining some additional product information.
Some stories about people who have used this product and have achieved positive results.
Some free information (book – additional video) that anyone who purchases the product will get via your link.

A free gift that you send to the one who will buy.
Don’t you think that this way more people will buy  so you get more profits? And that is not all  you can take advantage of these pages further.
For example:
You can collect and use the emails of those interested in promoting them in the future in the same Niche.
You can put Facebook Pixel so you can target those interested in advertising later.

You can also create a custom Audience or Look A like Audience and use Facebook paid traffic to promote this offer.

This is the real power of landing pages  which you should consider creating as quickly as possible  and then I advise you to read the following guide which will teach you everything you need
For this I advise you  after achieving positive results  to allocate a portion of your profits to testing and improving results.

5- Analytics is the marketer’s first commission skill
A professional marketer does not judge anything with emotions or guesses, but rather through results and data, and for this you have to rely on data from your first day.
Watch everything:
Which are the best conversion pages?
What are the best offers and products for different types of traffic.
What are the best traffic sources?
What are the best landing pages.
You can go a lot deeper by using the various analytics tools, perhaps the best two tools for beginners:
The giant Google Analytics tool to track anything on webpages.
Voluum, which is specialized in following in the world of commission marketing.
Bitly tool for tracking different links.


6- Take an A / B test
A / B Testing is the advanced stage of data collection, which professional marketers rely on to increase their profits.
A / B testing is the change of a factor in the promotion process and the measurement of results, for example:
You can make two landing pages and test which one achieves better results.
You can install the same traffic, audiences, and landing page but change the product itself, to see which is better.
This way you test different ideas and judge them with results, and the more you deepen the test, the better, for example, you can test two different titles on the landing page.
There are so many professional marketers so obsessed with it, that some of them experience color, layout, fonts, images, and everything.
Don’t be surprised, a 0.5% increase in remittances could bring them thousands of dollars … especially since they have the budget that helps them do so.

7 – Use the specialists in the content industry if necessary
You are not supposed to learn everything, just focus on what you do best. Maybe you are not good at:
Writing articles
Videos design
Image design
Landing page design
Or any other skill  no problem, use any expert to help you. There are commission marketers who know them personally. All they do is advertisements only  and everything else that depends on some professionals from the self-employment platforms.

8- Use SEO tools to spy on competitors and search for offers
There are many SEO tools out there on the market such as:
Ahrefs tool
Semrush tool
MOZ tool

These tools enable you to know the volume of traffic that a certain website gets from search engines, as well as the search words that top the search results in it  and the backlinks that it gets.
But we use it this way, but rather use it smartly to spy on competitors, just apply the following steps:
Place the affiliate display link you want to promote in one of these tools.
Search in the bakelinks, you will find all the sites that link to the demo page.
You will also find how to place the link itself on the site (image – link) and its location on the page.
This way, you will discover many sites promoting the same offer that you want to start promoting, so that you can spy on their marketing campaigns and the quality of their content.

You learn from them and improve your results  and you can also use the same SEO tools to analyze competitors ’websites to find out all the affiliate offers they are promoting.
This way, you discover new affiliate products and offers in your same niche.
There are a lot of tools to help you spy on competitors, and because they are many and many, we will be unique for them, God willing, a guide of their own  if you are interested in this guide, tell us in the comments.

9- Pay attention to digital products in marketing
One of the most profitable products on the Internet is digital products (courses – programs – tools) which have become indispensable for many people.
The advantage of these products is that they are easy to manufacture, for this reason the owners of these products resort to marketing with commission and offer large commissions to promote these products.
Some of these products have a commission rate of 50%, and there are many examples of these products:
Web hosting companies.
Photo and video design programs.
Educational courses.
Banking services.
And countless other products, so try to search for these products in your own niche to make more profit from commission marketing.


10- Always look for opportunities
Don’t stop there, there are a lot of opportunities, new products and different ideas in promotion. Follow the giant platforms in your field to see for yourself the new stats and trends.
Every day there is new:
New trends and the demand for them is increasing in every field.
Various types of content (such as recent Google Ads updates that add tremendous potential for marketers).
New platforms (like the Tik Tok platform that currently delivers excellent results for marketers).
New people you can collaborate with.
Always move forward it does not mean that you have made some profits to stand in your place and depend on only one way.

I hope you found these practical tips for becoming a successful commission marketer useful to you and I wish you success and more profits.




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