How to clean mirrors without leaving marks tricks and home remedies




How to clean mirrors without leaving marks tricks and home remedies
Mirrors accumulate dirt from the moment of purchase we will see how to clean mirrors without leaving any trace on the glass

It is usual to have more than one mirror at home, and they are also widely used by the whole family. But sooner or later you have to clean it .



In this post we want to offer you simple and effective solutions to clean the mirrors effectively. Whatever the glass or mirror to be cleaned, it will be in perfect condition and will remain bright as the first day.

In another article we already talked about how to clean the windows of the house. Now we will talk about how to clean mirrors.

Clean large and small mirrors
Any mirror in the house has an important function: to see us and check that our appearance is perfect for any occasion.

But perhaps the most important of all is the bathroom mirror because when shaving, combing, putting on makeup or even brushing your teeth will be our faithful ally.

The best way to clean small crystals is alcohol and, due to its small size, it will be an easier task to perform. You will only have to pass a microfiber cloth over the surface to remove the accumulated dust residues and prevent scratches or damage.

Next …  dip a piece of cotton in water and run it across the surface .

Do the same with alcohol and rub carefully to polish it and remove the annoying traces, preventing it from getting fogged.

Finally, pass the microfiber cloth again to polish the surface. Cleaning mirrors with alcohol is a fairly effective method, whose results will surprise you.

If the mirror is somewhat larger, it is best to use liquid soap and hot water . The first thing to do, as in the previous case, is to clean the mirror with a microfiber cloth to remove dust .

Then, prepare a soap mixture with water and let it sit for about ten minutes. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray on the mirror.

Wet a sponge also with the mixture and rub the entire area until the surface is covered with foam. Rinse with hot, dry water with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

The dirt will be completely gone, but you still have one step left: polish the mirror . To do this, just follow the previous method of cleaning mirrors with alcohol and it will be shiny as the first day.

For full-length or even larger mirrors, you must follow another more effective procedure. To do this, you will need the following materials:

Powder detergent
A spray bottle
A window cleaning strip
A little ammonia
Microfiber cloth

First, pass the microfiber cloth to remove dirt. Mix hot water with powdered detergent in a bowl until it is properly diluted. Add a little ammonia to the mixture and let stand about 10 minutes before placing the mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray all over the mirror and use the strip to clean windows, thus achieving a more thorough cleaning. Pass the strip through all the areas of the mirror, turn it over to clear the surface and repeat this procedure as many times as you consider necessary.

For more embedded stains, use more of the mixture and rub with a sponge exerting the necessary force until removed. Finally, rinse the entire surface with cold, dry water with a clean cloth .

Once you’re done, remember to clean mirrors with alcohol to polish the surface and get a perfect finish.

Tricks to clean mirrors
If your mirrors tend to fog up and you don’t know how to avoid it, we show you three infallible remedies to achieve this goal.

Shaving cream :

it is one of the most effective tricks for playing mirrors. Apply a little shaving cream on the surface and wipe a microfiber cloth. If you do it before showering, you will prevent fogging.

Hair dryer : this trick is quite known, and it is also very effective. You just have to turn on the dryer and point to the fogged areas.

Car wax :

applying a little of this product on the surface of the mirror and rubbing with a microfiber cloth will eliminate all the condensation, thus preventing the glass from fogging up.

Of course, you can also clean the glass with commercial products, such as quality glass cleaner. However, you can choose to clean them with home remedies quickly and easily. Within these homemade tricks, the best thing to clean crystals is white vinegar .

In addition, it is a very effective product for cleaning the entire house for its disinfectant and antibacterial power.

To achieve an optimal result, add a stream of vinegar in the soapy water mixture and proceed to clean the mirror. If the spots persist or there is enough dirt, instead of using a microfiber cloth you can use a sponge first.

And if you want to offer a greater shine, remember to clean mirrors with alcohol as a last step.

Lemon juice is another trick that never fails to clean glasses and mirrors. It is very similar to vinegar and, therefore, the results will be similar. You will only have to squeeze three lemons into the cleaning solution and apply on the surface in the way you already know.

In addition, the lemon can also be used for polishing, so you can substitute cleaning mirrors with alcohol for this natural ingredient.