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How to develop your career through the Internet way to build and grow your career for job seekers ideas for building your own professional presence on social media and the internet

The Internet has contributed greatly to changing human lives for the better not only because it facilitates many of the basics of life and provides many channels of communication between people.



But the biggest contribution is to provide an enormous amount of information about almost everything on the surface of the globe and therefore anyone can access the data and information they want with the push of a button.

So if you search on the Internet for “how to develop your career through the Internet” then you are on the right path, but there are many things that you have to keep in mind.
Why do you want to develop yourself, do you want to advance in the career ladder or do you want to get more experience and knowledge in your field?

Or do you want to change your career path itself? Maybe you do not like your field of work or your field of study and want to break into a new field you are most passionate about
Or are you still in the study stage and want to develop yourself quickly and want to learn new technology and information and how to apply them in the job market so that you get experience and knowledge that makes you outperform your peers.

There are many reasons why you can develop your career through the Internet and whatever your motivation you will find in this article a lot of important information and advice that will make your development journey faster and easier.

How far do you want to develop yourself?
You certainly know what you want to develop yourself specifically even if in general but the question here is how much do you want to reach?

In order to learn anything new and develop from yourself you have to be realistic linking the goal you want to reach with what you want to learn accurately … let me explain to you.
If I am for example a small business owner maybe I want to use social media marketing for my products do you expect me to study an entire academic course on marketing and its arts?
Or am I just looking for how to quickly market on social media then develop myself on social media sites that suit me and fit my goals.

But if I work in a company and want to get a promotion in the marketing department then I will study marketing in more depth until I get an accredited certificate and prove my competence.
This is what is meant by this point specify the extent to which you want to develop yourself someone who wants to learn the simple montage principles to make videos quickly other than someone who wants to work in Adobe’s global company.

When you determine the level you want to reach it will be easier for you to determine the sources and methods that you will rely on in order to develop yourself quickly and efficiently.

Select the time you allocate to learn
This is one of the most important obstacles that stand in the way of many who want to develop themselves online or while they are learning any new skill.

Someone jumps once and becomes heavily involved in learning that good thing and soon loses his resolve or feels bored you find that he stops after a short time.
There are those who do not find enough time for themselves to learn because of their preoccupation with their working life or because of their inability to focus and distance from distracting sources such as social media sites.

That’s why simply before you start learning anything new on the Internet you need to know how to give him a steady time to stick to this time definitely depends on your working life.
If you are a student or employee there are a few hours that you will be free devoting only a small part to learning (20 minutes – an hour) according to your ability.

Do not despise little time make a little effort continuously much better than make a great effort at once and this method helps you to stay committed because the learning period is small.
If you have the time you can divide the day between your various activities and what you want to learn there is no specific number of hours but make sure that there are breaks between your efforts so that you continue to learn and develop.

With this method you will find that you have developed a simple and realistic plan to learn and develop from your professional life through the Internet in any field or industry in the world.
And don’t worry I’ll tell you a very effective strategy that will help you learn anything new in record time later … Continue reading? And do not rush.

The best ways to develop yourself on the Internet
People learn in specific and known ways since the dawn of history either by reading or watching or by practicing themselves and this is the case through learning via the Internet as well.
But you have to adapt these methods to suit the open and fast nature of the Internet in order to get the most benefit according to your preferred method of learning.

1- Knowing
This method is to read the articles – as you do now in the winners – and watch the videos on YouTube in order to learn a certain idea or get some information.
Let me give you an example. Suppose you want to learn to design pictures to be used in your daily work. You can read some articles to find the best tools to learn this.
Or you can search for some videos and explanations on YouTube to learn exactly what you want this method is the simplest and fastest way to learn a simple skill or improve yourself in a specific matter quickly.

2- Courses
This method is most suitable for people who are seeking to learn a whole new skill for them or to raise their level of knowledge about a certain matter to professionalism and complete mastery.
According to many entrepreneurs and sources interested in education all over the world – courses and online learning outperform colleges and academic learning in many respects.
You can learn programming – just as I did I am an engineer and have not studied computer science – design photography writing or even how to drive?
The Internet provides you with everything and it also helps you to get acquainted with the gatherings of any field you are interested in and this is one of the advantages of online courses.
As you will get to know expert people and others like you who are learning you will share with them the problems you face and cooperate with them in order to improve yourselves and you can also get to know them and meet them on the ground if you want too.

3- Following the influencers
When you learn anything you prefer to follow an example to follow someone who represents you with a goal you want to reach there are many influencers and creators in all fields.
You can find someone on a YouTube channel or an article on sites that affect your field. These people will make the process of developing yourself more effective.
As you will find someone to contact and consult with him if you need that and you will also learn a lot about everything new and important in your field as you will learn a lot of strategies and tips.
I also advise you to follow the influencers on LinkedIn the giant which is considered a professional Facebook and specialists in most areas in the world.

7 steps to learn any new skill
This strategy is a summary of research and study and several personal experiences – including my humble experience – to learn any new skill this method of learning will make you learn any skill quickly.
This strategy is also very effective when you want to learn a new skill that develops your career through the Internet either in the field of self-employment or creating your own business or getting a new job or improving your current position in your company.
For this you have to read the following steps with great focus understand each step and explain it and the goal behind it in order to help yourself to develop through the Internet in a correct way.

1- Find all the tasks and requirements for your new skills
Whatever skill you want to learn (designer – project manager – social media specialist – editor – programmer) there is a job title for it.
Or people you do what you really want to do (own a YouTube channel – own a website) anything you want there whoever did it to you.
Now search for the requirements for this skill what does anyone who has this skill do in his day how much time does he need per day to implement these requirements and tasks.
For example if you want to run marketing campaigns you should do the following:
Study and analyze the data in the company.
Collect data from the market and analyze competitors using various tools.
Prepare a marketing campaign strategy.
Mastery of the marketing channels that you will work with (search engines – social media – publications – public relations)
Mastery of tracking tools and data analysis.
Submit a budget for advertising campaign costs.
Follow up on the results and submit comprehensive reports to the relevant departments and departments.
You can also search job advertisements for the field you want to know what companies want from those who work in this field you can ask experts or people working in this field.
This step is very important before you learn any new skill for the following reasons:
You will learn how many responsibilities and tools you have to master before you go into any field to absorb it.
These requirements may make you feel frustrated and you may say to yourself “Hey I must learn and do all this.” And if that happened and prevented you from learning you must realize that this skill is not for you you do not have enough passion and will.
Thus save yourself time and effort from the beginning. This step is a test for yourself. If you succeed in it you will most likely achieve what you want God willing.

2- Adhere to a specific course or curriculum
After you know exactly what you want and learn what the requirements are for you to master this skill find a course or a person to follow (there are sites we have previously mentioned that make you learn almost anything).

Or you can search on YouTube and other forums and platforms to know the best way to learn this skill – the Internet is full of this information all you have to do is click the search button.

And because you have seen everything that you should learn in the first step this will make you evaluate all the courses that you find and choose the best among them that covers all aspects that you want.
Then start with God’s blessing – of course after you have determined the time the method that is right for you and your social circumstances as mentioned earlier.


Why this step is important:
You will find a simple and clear curriculum to learn what you want and all good courses will have tests and practical applications that will make you learn by doing.
You will also find student communities to discuss with and share experiences with each other.
When you look at the course and the materials in it it may make you think that you will not be able you may be lazy you may feel frustrated and this is a good thing this means that this is not for you.
If you cannot motivate yourself to continue if your future and your professional life are not important to you if you want to stay as you are and go according to the direction the current directs then this is good.
Yes good I am not joking or trying to ridicule you? Rather this means that this skill is not for you and perhaps you are not honest with yourself and you do not want to learn this skill for yourself but for your appearance to be good in front of people.

This makes you save yourself time effort and possibly money. This step is not only a business plan it is also a test of your resolve and your desire to develop and learn.

3- Look for a job while you commit to the course
Yes I did not make a mistake in what you wrote. You have to search for work. When you learn the first basic principle that makes you better than others in this field you have to search for work.
Let me show you what I mean by this point with a practical example this example is my humble person.
When I started learning programming I learned the languages ​​of web design and web applications (HTML – CSS) and before I went into learning the real programming languages ​​(like Javascript – frameworks – Python) I was looking for a job.

There are a lot of freelance work sites there are those who want to design a website or page on the web or a simple application not only that I was searching myself for the different sites and pages on the web in English and Arabic.
The site that I find is not good or needs to be modified I was writing to its owner and offering him my services for free or at a very symbolic price so I was learning and gaining experience and some money at the same time.

Why this step is important:
It puts you in real life from the start and thus adds to your experiences.
It makes you build a personal profile or a record of business (Portfolio) proving your skill and introducing you to any person or company you cooperate with in the future.
This step gives you an incentive because it makes you see the result of what you learn in front of your eyes and this increases your desire to learn and develop very quickly.
When you do any work even if it is simple you will find problems and obstacles – you are inexperienced – and because you are committed to a job you must do this makes you search for a solution to these problems in all possible ways.
Because of this you will learn the problem solving skill how to search for information and ask people for solutions and this skill is more than necessary for any successful person in any field.
Follow this step in any field perhaps you are a designer looking for work among your peers acquaintances shops and commercial companies around you and on the Internet in groups and self-employment platforms.
Work for free or perhaps with very small amounts you will find yourself learning and applying what you have learned and developing your skills with the speed of a missile and many examples of this.

4- Look for an example to follow
This role model may be the presenter of your course a friend of yours your manager at work your professor at the university an influencer on social media anyone the important thing that you find.
This person will help you a lot as we mentioned earlier will motivate you when you need motivation will give you advice will make you have a goal in front of you that you want to reach and you may exceed in the future.

5- Join a community that helps you
You mentioned this point previously there are many like you who are interested in the same field and have almost the same goals as you search for them talk to them online meet them on the ground.
There are a lot of gatherings forums and conferences in almost every field. I search for them and get out of the small cochlea you live in. This is the purpose of the internet in any case to communicate with people.
This communication will make you build a network of relationships people who help you and help them cooperate with them so you may find your future partner in the work search and tired a little will get to what you want and more.
This method is the best photo of developing your career online as it provides you with all the tools to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.

6- Share your business results with all people
When you learn your new skill principles put it on your profile share it with your friends acquaintances and relatives tell the whole world that you are learning something new.
This will make you learn faster people will either encourage you or you will blame you and believe me either way you are a beneficiary and many will ask you what you are doing specifically.
This will make you explain your job and skill in all its aspects which makes you more capable of your skill and will open your horizons on matters and questions that you may not know and it will also make you get to know people in the vicinity of your acquaintances who learn what you learn and this is a very good thing.
Keep this in mind well if you are ashamed of what you are doing and you do not even want to share it with your acquaintances for fear of their opinion and their perception of you – you should know that you do not deserve any success.
If you are not proud of what you are learning doing and the future you draw for yourself excuse me for my rudeness with you? – You do not even deserve to read these lines now.
It is not important to the people and the world and what they think this is your life and your future. Either you reach what you want and you are yourself not a copy of what people or relatives and family want or you die while you try.

7- Follow everything new in your field
There is always new in every field for example I am interested in technology and everything that happens in the world affects the field so I am a good follower of Techcrunch’s global website for news of startups and technology.
For the same reason if you are interested in marketing and all its methods branches and tools profit from the Internet and self-development you should follow the winners website constantly? ?.
How to develop yourself on the Internet is never difficult follow the steps that I mentioned to you and God willing you will reach what you want as quickly as possible.
I hope you like the information and strategies mentioned in this article to have liked it for this I ask you to leave us a comment informing us about your opinion and the skill that you want to learn.
If this skill is within the context of our expertise we will God willing offer a complete guide on it so that we can help you learn it from the best sources on the Internet.
I also want something else from you. Please share this article with everyone who you feel this information will benefit. Don’t just share it on social media.




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