How to earn $ 50 a day from YouTube and Affiliate




How to earn $ 50 a day from YouTube and Affiliate
The $ 50 profit strategy that we’ll be talking about today depends on two main parts: YouTube and commission marketing. I will present these two elements separately, to make you understand the nature of each split clearly  and then we will talk about combining these two parts in a clear and easy to apply strategy.

YouTube as a marketing power and a source for visitors
We all know that YouTube is the second largest site in the world of the web in terms of popularity and importance and the number of visitors as well  and YouTube is not just a regular video site that users come to for fun only  but it is a search engine. Yes  a search engine  which is the second largest search engine in the world of the web  after Google  which represents its legitimate father.



Internet users come to YouTube to obtain information  opinions and comparisons about the products they plan to buy  and they often return to YouTube also to learn about the possibilities and how to use these products more efficiently.

From here comes your role as you are looking to earn $ 50 a day  which is supposed to be to work on providing information, opinions and comparisons about the products or services that your target audience seeks to obtain. Here you will use the power of YouTube as a great source for getting visitors  and will work to attract a certain category of YouTube users  by providing the content that they need.
Don’t worry  we’ll talk about everything about getting started already on YouTube  keep reading  and you’ll find that everything will gradually become clear.


Affiliate Marketing as a source of profit
We just agreed that YouTube will act as the segment through which you will get visitors  or is the marketing force in our strategy.
As for commission marketing, here represents the part through which you will get financial profit  which is the profit channel  through which profits will be calculated.

Commission marketing that we are talking about here is simply a marketing program offered by many stores and websites that sell something  and it is also available through intermediary companies working to bring marketers with those who need marketing in one place.

This marketing program consists in the business owners sharing a portion of the profits with the marketers (you will be one of these marketers), and the marketers in turn make the sale for the business.
The profitable part that you will get is often an agreed percentage, but this percentage varies according to the marketing program for each store or company, and it usually ranges between 2 to 5 percent of the selling price of the product.

It is worth noting that sites or networks that have a commission marketing program use unique links for each marketer, and through these links these networks are able to track the sales process and know the marketer through which it was sold, and then calculate its commission.


How to earn $ 50 a day from YouTube and Affiliate in steps
In this section, we will look in detail at the steps you need to take to actually start earning $ 50 a day. It is worth noting here that I will link you to some of the previous articles in the winners, which address specific points in detail.

The first step: defining the target audience and then the channel idea
In fact, there are many, many sites and stores that offer a commission marketing program, and there are also millions of YouTube users who are looking for opinions and reviews about all kinds of products.

This, of course, is that you have to choose a specific segment to make it your target audience, and thus make your YouTube channel serve this audience.

I’m going to put you a bunch of points here, which will help you define your audience, and thus your YouTube channel idea:

At the moment there are affiliate programs that cover just about everything, so whatever your target audience on YouTube you can think about you can profit from it with affiliate.
You can count on defining your target audience based on your personal interests, passions and knowledge.

Audience interested in electronics, smartphones and cameras is one of the most popular types of audiences that you can use commission marketing with, but this does not mean, of course, that you cannot use affiliate with audiences interested in fashion, or interested in cosmetics, or interested in tourism and travel, or interested in programs and applications

Use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find out the keyword search rate your target audience is searching for.
You can understand the size of your target audience by searching on YouTube for channels that address the same topic that you intend to address on your channel. You can also use social media to understand the size of your target audience.


Step two: create your YouTube channel
In this step, you should pay attention to choosing a suitable name for the channel that expresses what it will offer, and it should also be taken into account that the channel name be easy to memorize and remember.
It is worth noting here that you have a Gmail account that you can create a YouTube channel with ease.
Just visit YouTube and follow the steps, there is nothing more easy than creating a channel and uploading videos on it.


Step three: start feeding your channel with good videos
This is the most important step, on which your success in earning $ 50 a day will depend. The success of our strategy for achieving a daily profit of $ 50 depends mainly on building bridges of trust between you and your target audience. You cannot build these bridges of trust overnight.
So avoid in any way placing any affiliate links at first, and wait for them to build a channel that has followers and viewers who trust them with the content provided.

Just make videos of the highest quality, and its primary and ultimate goal is to provide value and benefit to your target audience, and help them make purchasing decisions, and to feed this channel with new videos regularly and periodically to attract more views and subscriptions to your channel.

You have defined your audience, and based on that, you have already identified and created your channel idea, and put more good videos in it, and this really made you get a lot of views and subscriptions to your channel, and started to establish between you and your audience a relationship of trust.

What happens in the next step? Yes, I heard you say it – “Start making money.” In this step, you should search for companies, stores or middleware that own an affiliate system related to what is presented on your channel.

One of the traditional scenarios, for example, is that you have made a channel that talks about the evaluation of smartphones, in which case you can rely on affiliate programs for international sites like amazon, or ebay, or rely on local affiliate programs like jumia or souq.

In dealing with the example of smartphones, we invite the article readers to make YouTube channels on smartphones, and profit from commission marketing through one of these sites.

But you need to understand that these sites contain tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products, which are divided into specific categories, and that you can target any of them, or even one type of product.

On the one hand, there are affiliate programs in almost everything you can think of.
That’s why we invite dear readers here to think outside the box, and to work more focused and interested in building trust with the target audience, because this is the only way to get them to trust you and make purchases through you.


Here are some ideas that will help you find suitable stores or websites for you and own affiliate:
Ask the audience
Ask your audience where to buy their products, then reach out to these stores and ask if they offer a commission marketing program.


Do a search on Google.
You are a girl and have a YouTube channel on beauty and cosmetics – go to Google and write this sentence in the search (Best Makeup Affiliate Programs). You will get articles with listings for the major cosmetics stores and have a commission marketing program.

Learn from competitors
With some research  you can access competing YouTube channels that rely on affiliate to make profits  and then reach the stores or companies that they deal with and deal with you as well.
To sum up: think outside the box  do a little research and you’ll get an affiliate program that fits your channel’s content.

Requirements for earning $ 50 a day from YouTube and Affiliate

1- Video camera with good specifications.
Image and sound quality is a key to success on YouTube, and if you really want to influence your audience and attract them to your channel  you should pay close attention to the quality of your videos.
The quality here starts with the camera used to record video  of course you do not have to buy a camera with superb capabilities and an unbearable price. But there are a lot of good and affordable options for everyone, and you can reach them with some online research.

Also, you can initially borrow a camera from one of your friends, relatives  or even rent it from one of the photo studios. And that of course will be temporary – that soon you will have the income from which you can buy your camera.
2- A good program for designing and editing videos
You got the right camera and you have the video in its raw image, now you have to get a good program to edit this video and put it in the best template possible.


3- Some photography skills and video montage.
You’ve got the right tools, now it’s the turn of the skills. You have to have some photography skills, and of course, you should learn to work with video creation and editing software.
You can be satisfied with a little bit of photography skills, you do not have to be a professional to do this kind of task, and you can use a friend or partner on this point as well.


4- You must be a good follower of the products market that you will talk about on your channel.
This is a very important point. Do you want to talk about something your audience cares about? So you should take care of this thing and follow its latest news and developments, your followers deserve it of course.
You should be aware of as much information as possible about the products that you will evaluate for users, and who, based on your evaluation, will decide whether or not to purchase them.
You should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each product you market, and some possibilities and uses that many people do not know or use.

It is of course preferred that you have already seen the product that you will market, use it and try it yourself.
But if you are not able to do that, there is nothing wrong with that. Estimate the information you will obtain through your search on the Internet.

Remember this golden rule “the more professional you are and the more familiar you are with product information, the more views you get, and the more profit you will get.
Finally, we have reached the part that I personally love, because it is the part that will place the points on the letters, and it will serve as an illustration of all the points that are still not clear.
Important information and points about the strategy of winning $ 50 a day
Balancing audience gain and profit
If you think that the strategy of earning $ 50 a day is simply placing an affiliate link for your fans on YouTube, and buying through you while you win, allow me this will lead to your failure.
This strategy, as I explained above, mainly depends on building bridges of trust between you and your audience, so you should follow these tips:
Every video you post does not have to have affiliate link.
Each of your videos doesn’t have to talk about a product, as perhaps videos that have tips and ideas will lure you more loyal followers (don’t just look under your feet).
Don’t pay your audience to buy a product. Neutrality here is required, because the user will feel a little doubt and mistrust if you research it heavily to buy through you.
Be honest in evaluating the products. Do not let your desire for profit make you talk about a product that is dishonest or unbiased.
Solve your followers’ problems with affiliate. Your followers have problems deciding which products to buy, and want to help you with that. Treat them as someone trying to help them, not as a person seeking profit through them.

Where to place the affiliate link?
In this section I will discuss the most important ways and strategies through which you can transfer your viewers on YouTube to affiliate site through which you earn profits.

1- In the video description
The traditional place to place an affiliate link is in the video’s description, preferably before or after it is an affiliate link, to avoid any suspicion from YouTube that you are fooling users. You must use a link shortening service, because the affiliate link is often long, and this makes its shape uncomfortable for the user.
It is worth noting here that YouTube deals with links that direct the user to other sites in a sensitive manner, and this is because he does not want to make his users move to other sites outside of YouTube, and instead wants them to stay with him.
On the other hand, affiliate links in particular are dealt with more sensitively, because their annoying use is categorized as a deception to users, and may therefore result in the deletion of the video.

2- Through the cards feature
Another place where you can place an affiliate link is by adding a video tag and choosing a link  but you must understand that YouTube only allows links to be placed on the cards that are activated.
So the best and most professional strategy in this case is to create a website  provide it with some good content  activate this site and link it to your YouTube channel.
Then you can make a landing page for each product you want to market. On this page you can put some good content around the product  and of course put the Call to Action button for your affiliate link.
Perhaps this strategy requires time, effort and money but it is the most efficient strategy to place the affiliate link, and it is also the surest strategy to keep your channel from any problems with YouTube.

3- Re-transfer strategy
In this strategy, you will transfer your videos viewers to your affiliate link by writing them on the screen  and then they will write them in their internet browser.
In fact, the affiliate link is a long link and contains a lot of letters and it is very difficult for the user to type  and the solution here is to purchase a domain name that is easy to save, and put a programmatic hosting code to convert everyone who visits this domain into an affiliate link.
Maybe you will need a specialist to help you do this  but it’s a way to try and it puts you in a very safe place with YouTube.
Note: When you choose a domain name, choose the lowest possible number of numbers and letters, and it does not matter here whether it has meaning or not, the important thing is its ease and shortness.

What are the most suitable types of videos with commission marketing?

1- Reviews and evaluation videos
This is the traditional template for videos that you can use to profit from commission marketing. It simply depends on talking about a product and mentioning its defects and advantages, and the best places to sell it at the best prices ??.
2- Videos of the best listings …… Best of
This type of video works perfectly with commission marketing, in which you can for example take up lists of the best types of cameras, camera lenses, perfumes, kitchen machines, cars, or anything else your channel idea revolves around, and have a commission marketing program.
3- Videos how to do things … .How to
This type of video needs some intelligence to find an entrance to enter the affiliate with it, but with some simple thinking you can find many ways and solutions to make the affiliate a stage of doing things.
For example, you have a YouTube channel about cooking. By talking about a recipe, you can recommend a certain type of utensil, dough making machine

How much profit can you expect from each video?
This is an important question  but I will not be able to answer it for you  because the answer to this question depends on many different factors that I do not know.
But here I will put you with a set of keys and factors upon which you can expect your profits.
The percentage of commission that the store you subscribe to offers you. The higher the commission rate  the better.
Number of video views  of course  the more your video gets more views  the better chance of profit.
The price of the product  this is a factor that can work in your favor or against you  but its real effect appears from experience and its interaction with other factors.
But it is worth noting here that the higher the price of the product, the greater the commission will be  but the conversion rate will be less  because the decision to purchase will be more difficult. And the opposite here is true.
Conversion percentage  which means the percentage of the person who bought it compared to the number of people who watched the video.
How confident your followers are of you  of course, the more confident your followers are in your opinions, the more easily they decide to buy.
This  in my view is the most important factor that could affect the level of your profits!




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