How to find cheap airline tickets Price and cheap flight offers




How to find cheap airline tickets Price and cheap flight offers How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere Find cheap flights and save money on airline tickets to every destination in the world Cheapest Flight Price

1- Search on flight price comparison sites, not flight booking sites
Finding the best flight booking site is not easy, as the price of airline tickets changes permanently, there are several flight reservation sites that you know, and other sites that you did not know exist that offer discount airline tickets and cheap flight offers at different and changing times.




The issue of focusing on specific flight reservation sites or a specific airline site is greatly lost from the opportunity to find the cheapest flight reservation site. Therefore, sites specializing in comparing flight prices through a single search engine that searches all those flight booking sites at the same time must be searched, and that is what we strive to provide via Our site, Tour Flag site, to provide an opportunity to find the cheapest airline tickets for every search in the best flight booking site, among dozens of websites exhibited on our site.


2- Search for flights to and from other airports in the same city
Do not limit yourself to searching for flights from a specific airport in a particular city and to another specific airport in another city, there are many cities that include several airports in the same city, for example in Paris there is, without limitation, without the main Paris airport, Charles Airport De Gaulle:

Book flights from other airports in the same city

Paris Orly Airport
Beauvais-Teh Airport
Paris Le Bourget Airport
For Dubai, for example, there are (Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport), and in Rome there is an airport (Rome Ciampino Airport, Leonardo da Vinci Airport)


Book flights from other cities
How to book a flight and find cheap flight prices in other cities in the same country
The good news is that there are some airports that are close to the main airport itself or from the same destination or even closer to the location of the hotel that the traveler had previously booked, which gives the option of cheap and optimal flight booking for the traveler.


Also, there will be cheap flight offers provided by other airports, which creates an ideal opportunity in the event that the airport is also closer to the hotel or is in line with the tourist program specified by the traveler, then the price of airline tickets will be better even if they are similar to the prices provided for a major airport, but it is farther for the traveler than His specific destination.

Of course, booking a flight to a different airport does not guarantee 100% finding the cheapest flight, but that always creates an additional opportunity to find the cheapest flight rates if one exists.


The traveler must be careful before starting to book airline tickets to a different airport, as if the airport was farther and the airline tickets offers were cheaper, the cost of the flight may remain higher after calculating transportation costs, so the ban must be envisaged before booking tickets and making sure The fact that the distance to and from the airport will not prejudice what was previously provided during the flight reservation.


3- Search for flights to and from other cities in the same country
Sufficiency in comparing tickets to and from the same city to book flights to may be insufficient. Therefore, it is best to search for the best flight offers in the neighboring cities, whether from the city you are in or to the city to which you are heading.

In the event that you find cheap airline tickets in a city next to the city, please book a flight from it or please book a flight to or from it and to it at the same time, then the following should be taken into account before booking a flight that was not planned from the beginning:


The price difference for transportation to and from the airports in the cities adjacent to the cities to which you want to book a flight ticket or to it, must be calculated and compared if it will make your flight cheaper to be worth additional effort, or the final outcome of the flight price difference is not significant and does not deserve the extra effort involved.

If you have the opportunity to book cheap airline tickets to a city that was already going to be within your plan for the cities you want to visit or close to one of the cities you want to travel to, but that city was not placed as a priority within your itinerary, you can re-prioritize your itinerary and make your visit a priority and arrange the rest The tourist program accordingly.

Also, if you find low flight reservation offers for a city that you did not plan to visit in the first place, but you have sufficient flexibility and find that that city deserves the experience of visiting and benefiting from at the same time from a reduced flight reservation to it, then you can include that city to the path of your tourism program and start your journey with it.

If you were able to find the cheapest travel tickets available with a non-material difference, to a city that was planned to visit in the past, but you did not intend to start your travel journey with it, then you can travel to it and benefit from what was provided, and spend it even by searching and booking the cheapest domestic flight available from the city that booked To them in the past to save more time and take full advantage of the time being used during your travel trip.


Overall, this not only provides the best flight booking, but it also creates the opportunity to reserve discounted hotels at the cheapest prices in the cities surrounding the capital, which are certainly not cheap compared to other cities.

4- Be flexible about booking flights at different times
Book flights at different times

Certainly many are forced to book a flight on specific dates, according to the concerns or vacations that often prevent the best flight offers from being found, but if there is an opportunity to do so and you do not have to book a flight on a specific date, you definitely do not miss the opportunity to search for tickets Reduced flight at other times to suit you.


Therefore, it is advised to search for the cheapest airfare in close proximity or in the days close to the date to travel. The more flexible there is to search for airline tickets in a wider period that may reach the search in different months, the more definitely there is an opportunity to find the cheapest flight offers.


5- Avoid booking flights on any occasions or holidays
Flight reservation on occasions The most important thing that raises the price of flight booking is the turnout more than usual, as the price of travel tickets applies to them what applies to the economic model of supply and demand and is applicable to most types of products and services.


The best way to find the lowest airfare is, of course, to get away from seasons, occasions, and school holidays, of course if the travel is not primarily related to being a trip that you want to perform in a particular season or on one of the holidays like small or big holidays, in the New Year, or on public leave like holidays Mid-year and summer vacation.

If the goal is primarily to book the cheapest flights, then it is best to stay away from those busy periods.

Traveling on holidays not only affects the price of the airline ticket, but also affects hotel reservation rates, which raises the price of the travel in general, so if traveling on a specific occasion, holiday or season is not the goal in itself, then it is preferable to book a flight at other times


6- Try to book the flight well before traveling

It may be well known that booking a flight well before the flight provides an opportunity to find the cheapest airline ticket in greater proportion. However, it does not simply apply, the greater the difference between booking a flight and the time of your flight, the better chance of getting the cheapest flight.

Reservation of discount airline tickets has more complex criteria, but according to studies conducted from more than one airline ticketing site, the ideal period for internal flight reservation is from two weeks to a month. This often guarantees finding the cheapest domestic flight according to what has been mentioned on more than one flight booking site.


But if you are going to book an international flight then the optimal time for booking the cheapest airline tickets will be from one and a half to 5 and a half months at the maximum, also according to cumulative statistics that have been conducted over the years in more than one flight site, but that also does not prevent the possibility Finding the cheapest international airlines in periods that are closer or farther to your flight than those we mentioned, where exceptions always occur when it comes to booking flights.


If there is a desire to book flights on a holiday or occasion such as New Year or famous holidays in general, always try to book airline tickets at least two months before your travel in general.


7- The appropriate month guarantees finding the best flight prices
The most imperative thing is to ensure that flights are booked at the lowest prices is to research the months when demand is low, often due to seasons, climate, and holidays, among other factors.

But when it comes to getting the best airfares, it differs according to the destination.

For example, when your destination is to Asia, it will usually be the lowest airfare in August and October, followed by April and September. If you are traveling to Africa, you will likely find the cheapest airline tickets for the month of May.

As for finding discount flights in Europe, August, October and November are the best according to statistics.

For South America, the cheapest month for airline tickets was October. As for Australia and New Zealand, the months of November, January and July were the most popular months with the lowest airfare.


8- Ignore the fact that there is a specific day of the week to find a discount plane ticket
Many times when a traveler asks, “How do I get discount airline tickets?” He is called to compare flight fares on days such as Sunday and Tuesday, and that booking on those days is more than booking flights during holidays.


The call to ignore that is not out of the fact that this is not likely at all, but there are no accurate statistics stating that or that there are specific days that permanently provide the opportunity to find the cheapest flight, and the fact that some cumulative statistics have shown that there is a particular day is the best To find the cheapest airline tickets bookings does not guarantee that you will get that opportunity because that matter has no fixed base and occurs exceptionally often.


This means that the pursuit of booking flights at the cheapest prices is not always associated with a specific day, and the pursuit of waiting for a specific day while awaiting the cheapest flight ticket may miss you the opportunity to find cheap flights previously displayed.


9- Be flexible about the country you want to book flights to
In the event that you have sufficient flexibility and you are not restricted to traveling to a specific country, or you want to travel in general but you have not yet determined your destination, you can search for cheap flight reservations in different countries.


Essentially, if you want to travel for recreation and leisure in a smooth and economical trip and want to get cheap tickets, the golden rule for finding cheap airline tickets here is smooth and usually is to search for countries near you.


However, due to the profit margin expectations for the seat that is subject to the revenue management law and which in turn is responsible for anticipating consumer behavior, the price of airline tickets may be even, even if the distance varies, due to the lack of encouragement of those who deliberately ignore long-distance flights and search for the cheapest airfare in the nearby countries only.

But the opportunity to find cheap travel tickets will remain better the shorter the distance, as the biggest factor in determining airline tickets prices depends largely on the distance and fuel consumption, which increases naturally the longer the distance.

All you have to do is take this into consideration when searching for a flight, and compare international flight offers in countries near you that will inevitably have a greater chance of finding the cheapest airline tickets than others.

10- Baggage may increase the prices of aviation
Luggage raises the prices of many people, many arrive at the baggage weighing office without knowing the weight of their luggage and without weighing them in advance, and whether you book with the cheapest airlines or even the best airlines, that point in particular does not survive anyone without relying on it either on good luck or prior knowledge, Or, finally, the pure chance that you would be spared from bearing an increase in the price of airline tickets in particular.


It should be noted that protests at this time often unfortunately do not work and that the best solution to not bear any increases in the prices of original tickets is to adhere to the weights specified for the bags.

Some airlines may tolerate and tolerate slight increases, but generally supervisors of this process are not obligated to do so.

Therefore, travelers must check what is included in the flight price before booking and read the instructions printed on the airline ticket related to the baggage allowance and the permitted weight.

Additional advice to obtain a discounted plane ticket when traveling to the Shannon countries

11- Look for a discount plane ticket to the Schengen countries near other Schengen countries if you are going there

In the event that your trip to one of the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement, you can hit two birds with one stone and book discount airline tickets to another nearby country and follow to the Schengen countries from which you want to go, and then reserve other discount tickets for a train from that country, which gives you an opportunity to visit Two countries in addition to the opportunity to find very low airline tickets and take advantage of that difference. Look for cheap flights in the Schengen countries


We hope that we have provided information that may be useful to you regarding finding and how to know the prices of discount airline tickets and also how to find the best flight reservation sites. We hope you understand that if some of the information you mentioned is known to you, it may be absent from another person.

And if you have any other advice on how to book an airline ticket at cheap and discounted prices, we hope you will join us and share your readers with it by writing to us or by writing in the comments.




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