How to get frequent visits to your site from the same users




How to get frequent visits to your site from the same users





Continuously getting targeted visits is the goal of every website owner.
Here I did not say only targeted visitors  but the most important thing is to get these targeted visitors continuously and repeatedly.


In fact every successful website owner relies on a lot of resources to get visitors.
But often even important website owners overlook something very important.
This is how they get their site visitors back to their sites.


In light of the intense competition in the internet world every website owner must exert more effort and time in order to get good visitors to his website.


A single visitor means a potential profit so why do you only limit one visit to each visitor?
With some marketing strategies and methods you can make it stay longer on your site.


And to send it to more pages or even to call it at any other time and get many visits and more potential profit.

The most important way to



get frequent visits by the same users

Get the email for each visitor to your site One of the first things to focus on when you have a good source for visitors.

It is that you set a system to capture the emails of your site’s visitors.
This method will enable you to obtain frequent visits from these visitors, by sending messages to them and inviting them to enter your site again.

I personally set up an email list system for my site, so that I can communicate with visitors and invite them to enter the site again.

The first thing that you can do is to set a pop-up window on your site with a name and email field in order to get the email of every visitor entering your site.

It uses internal banners to make your visitors visit specific pages on your site or another website you own.

This method is one of the richest sources for reused visitors.
It summarizes that you place banners on your site related to a section on your site or other sites that you own as well.

Or, you can place banners for your CPA offers.
This allows the movement of hundreds of visitors between your sites.

Create a forum for your site
Forums are a very good way to attract visitors so that they can come back to your site again.
People prefer to talk to each other on the same topic of mutual interest.

For example  if you have a website for slimming, you can create a forum for slimming, through which people exchange information and experiences and communicate with each other.
They will return to your site again if you give them the opportunity.

You can do a survey related to a site topic
People usually like to express their opinions and vote on certain topics.
This is the reason some programs pay people to get their opinions.
By creating a poll or poll on your site  you can attract visitors to come back to your site in order to know the poll result.

Use the related themes feature on your site
If you have a site that deals with a topic  then let it be a political site that deals with opinions and news.
At the end of each topic on your site, you can place a small list of other topics within your site that are related to the displayed topic.

This will double the time visitors spend on your site and they will feel more confident in your site because it deals with topics from more than one side.

It is also comprehensive  covering many topics.
For example you can link a group of topics that deal with a specific political event together. Every visitor who visits someone sees suggestions for reading more.

Use social media
Of course, we will not address such a topic and ignore the active role of social media.
Social media is a way through which you can get repeated visits to your site’s visitors in the past.
Therefore  every owner of your site must put jokes for the pages of the site on social media in a clear place on the site and invite visitors to join these pages.

By this, we have covered the most important ways to obtain frequent visits to your site from the same number of visitors.




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