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How to increase YouTube views
In a very competitive world like YouTube getting more video views is more difficult than before. Although this is a fact perhaps uncomfortable to some  but it is a fair truth, and with some intelligence and effort with the help of this article, you can get great advantages through it.

In fact, increasing YouTube views is not a separate process as some think  but it is a process related to many other aspects, which begins from the stage of creating the YouTube channel for the first time.



Yes, this is true  as every element or component of your YouTube channel represents an opportunity to achieve increased YouTube views  this is of course if you can do it right and thoughtful.

In this article  I will put your hands on every element  idea, characteristic  and feature, which can help you to increase your YouTube views completely free of charge  and then achieve your marketing or profitability goals on YouTube.


As we mentioned before  increasing YouTube views is not a separate stage  so you will find me here talking about the essential and initial points of your YouTube channel and videos which start from the initial stages.
Do you really want to get more YouTube views?


Content is King
This sentence is considered one of the most famous sentences in the world of e-marketing  and it is a short but expressive sentence and behind it contains a lot of power that makes a big difference between adults and children.

The content is the king, and the king will remain, whether in the Kingdom of the written content or in the Kingdom of the visible content (i.e. videos  specifically the YouTube videos that we are talking about today).

But what does the phrase “content is the king” in the YouTube world? How do you, as a viewer, want to increase YouTube views by producing royal content with which you can win millions of views?
This is exactly what we will answer in the following points, keep reading and stay focused.


What does the content in the Kingdom of YouTube mean?
Content in the world of text articles like ours means all that is written in front of you in the article  which represents an idea that is covered or explained through written texts.

In the world of YouTube videos, the content means everything that is displayed in that rectangle (this includes image and sound). It is also supposed to deal with an idea, or explain a way to do something or show a set of information.

Content in the world of YouTube is a set of visual and audio elements that aim to achieve a purpose and because the world of video is a world more extensive  flexible and innovative than the world of text articles  so there are many options and ways that you can choose among them to produce YouTube content.

Here is a list of the most important ways to produce YouTube video content:
Note We will assume here that you are fond of raising pets have a channel or seek to create a YouTube channel about pets. (This is just an example, we will be happy to explain)


1- Live YouTube video
This method relies on using the camera to shoot live scenes  through which it can create innovative and rare content that attracts millions of views.
It takes some effort and patience to get the perfect scene, but with some preparation and experience it is possible to get great scenes with less effort.
In our previous example  as a YouTube channel owner on pets  you can photograph your pet  having fun  playing  and making funny acrobatic moves.

2- YouTube video program (such as TV programs)
This method is one of the most popular ways to produce professional videos for channels that discuss  explain  and present ideas and topics in various fields.

In this method, mostly one person appears in front of the camera to talk about an idea or explain an issue  according to a pre-prepared script.
According to our example  on your channel you will produce videos in which you talk about pets and how to breed pets, and in each video deals with a specific aspect of it.

3- A representative YouTube video
In this way  to create YouTube content that displays your ideas or topics through an analog video, i.e. a movie clip as a model or simulation of a scenario.
In our example  you can  for example  make a clip to show a sample of a problem between two pets because of the pet, and also show you how to solve the problem well.
Notice that in the first three ways you will mainly rely on the camera to make YouTube content.

4- YouTube video through one of the programs
In this way, you will create a video through a specialized program. There are dozens of programs with which you can make YouTube videos without using the camera.
Including screen recording software, image compilation software with text, advanced animation software, and graphic software of all kinds.
In our example, you can make an animated video, for example, to explain some information and behaviors on kennel.

Note: There is a difference between video creation software and video editing and editing software:
Editing and editing software are indispensable programs for creating YouTube content in any way.
Video making software is software that specializes in making a complete video without using the camera.
(Some programs of this type are integrated programs for making and editing videos).
These four methods are the most popular to produce YouTube content, but you must understand that there are many other sub-methods, and also there are many different ideas that you can use with these methods.
Of course, you can use two methods together to get a distinct introduction or end to your video.


Why is the content also the king in the kingdom of YouTube?

I will answer this question through a set of data, which will lead us to answer (the result) logically:
1- Let us agree that what stands behind YouTube is an ancient company which is Google, and let us also agree that the primary goal, whether for Google in general, or for its giant project YouTube is to make a profit.

2- On the other hand, let us agree that YouTube users … are people who seek to get a solution to problems, answer questions, or obtain entertainment through YouTube.
Of course, they feel good when they find a great, high-quality video for the purpose they want.
3- For YouTube to continue to thrive, and to get the highest level of profits from its users, it should put the user’s satisfaction primarily on its priorities.
Based on these three data, we conclude that the content is the king in the Kingdom of YouTube, and it is the vital first element on which the increase in YouTube views depends, and then it is the element that you should pay particular attention to.


How to produce royal content to achieve increased YouTube views?
Royal content is not superhuman content as some think, but it is subject to a set of criteria by which you can produce royal content and generate millions of views on YouTube.
1- Royal Content is legal and is not in violation of YouTube laws.
No one wants to waste his effort in vain, so clever Qtyopper should start browsing YouTube’s laws in detail and with interest, and avoid breaking those laws.


2- Royal content is content that puts the viewer first and seeks to please him in any way.
In our previous example of a pet channel, assuming you are a pet lover, I searched YouTube for a video that talks about basic vaccinations for a newborn cat. In this case, what are you waiting for from a video that talks about this topic?
That the video presenter is familiar with all the points about this topic professionally.
The video content is accurate.
The video contains reliable information as a result of research from reliable medical sources.
It covers the entire video content.
The video deals with the most important side points related to this topic.
I can put in a lot of other specifications, but the bottom line here is a video that provides content of a high level of quality and efficiency, and thus satisfies the viewer.
Note: good content does not only mean academic and scholastic content, but good content is an attribute that must be applied to any video, whatever its purpose.
For example, YouTube comic channels can also produce interesting comic content, which achieves the purpose of enjoying the viewer, adding a comical atmosphere to his time, and extracting the laughs lurking inside him ?????


3- Royal content is professionally extracted.
You are an expert in animal husbandry and you have a lot of information, but you do not have the capabilities and skills with which you can professionally produce a video. What’s the point here?
Here are the most important points that will enable you to professionally output royal content:


High quality image
Clear voice
Good presence from the speaker.
Professional script.
Professional montage.
Setting the channel as it should help will increase YouTube views
Your YouTube channel is the primary interface for your presence on YouTube. You have to take great care of every video posted and this is going to be covered in detail in a little while, but there are a lot of things to do in the channel itself, which contribute greatly to increasing YouTube views.
Here is a list of the most important points that you should pay attention to on your YouTube channel:

1- Create channel icon
It is the small image that appears in the channel in the top left. The image must be convincing and accurate to your trademark, and can be identified easily, and it is preferable to place an image at a size of 98 x 98 pixels.
You can use one of our logo designers to create a logo that expresses your channel and content, or you can do this by using one of the most popular logo design programs.

2- Channel Image
It is the big picture that appears in the background of the channel, like the image of disbelief on Facebook. You must choose an attractive image that reflects the activity of the channel and what has been presented.
The ideal image size is 2560 * 1440.
You can change this image from time to time to express popular events and recent activities on the channel. For example, during the month of Ramadan, you can create a picture of its own that expresses the month of Ramadan.
Also, if you decide to publish a video every week on a specific day, you can add the phrase “every Tuesday” to the design, for example, to draw the user’s attention to when to publish the new videos weekly.

3- Channel Description
A compelling description of your channel must be put on YouTube, allowing viewers to know why they are interested in the videos you post, and what content you provide through that channel.
Write a professional description about your channel, in which he spoke about your passion and goal in creating this channel, and how you put the user’s satisfaction on top, and it is okay to put some marketing phrases that urge to subscribe to the channel and contribute to its spread.

4- Adding links to social media pages
Putting links to social media pages helps give the channel a professional look, and also enables you to build a community on these social media sites, and then market your channel to attract more views.

5- Create a special promotional video for new visitors, and a special video for the returning subscribers
YouTube allows you to divide your channel’s visitors between new unsubscribed visitors, and returning returning subscribers, and enables you to choose a video for each of the two categories.
You can choose a suitable video to address your new channel visitors and invite them to subscribe to your channel and you can choose one of the featured videos to share with the subscribers when they visit the main channel page.

Add videos to social media pages
Although most of the social networking sites provide the ability to upload the video directly the sharing of YouTube video links on social media sites still has an impact and it is possible to achieve good results especially in the case that they were applied intelligently.




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