How to start your way to self-employment




How to start your way to self-employment




How do I start self-employment
1- Ask yourself, “Is self-employment appropriate for me ?

In fact, self-employment is not suitable for everyone, and this is normal because we are human beings and we deal with pressures and opportunities in a completely different way, and we all have ambition in a certain direction in life.


In any case, to know whether self-employment is suitable for you personally or not, you should ask yourself these questions


Do you have the ability to learn constantly? (Freelance requires a person who is able to learn and be more flexible.)

Do you have the ability to deal with instability? (Self-employment is not for those who prefer a routine life and a stable, secure salary).
Why do you want to work freelance? (Is to escape from the job? Or to improve your income? Or because you want to work on something that you have a passion for? Running away is a weak reason, and improving income is an average reason, but passion is a strong cause. In any case, you have to understand your own cause.
Do you have the patience and courage to enter self-employment?
2- Be prepared for the basic requirements
Of course, any business needs some basic requirements according to its nature, and this also applies to self-employment, but fortunately, freelance is characterized by the fact that it needs the minimum requirements, unlike other types of work.


Here is a list of the most important basic requirements that you need to start in the field of self-employment


(Here we talk about basic requirements in general, but for every field of self-employment there are special requirements)


Unfortunately, being a freelancer, you cannot count on your work on your mobile phone, but you need a computer or laptop to carry out the tasks specific to your business, here your mobile phone also has a role in following up your work and communicating with your customers … etc.

Good internet service
You need good internet service, at a level that helps you and does not hinder you from carrying out and delivering your tasks

Of course, you need time dedicated to your business as an Lancer. In fact, you can take advantage of any extra time you have and invest it in freelance work, but freelance work means another level of opportunities and possibilities.

3- Determine precisely what field you would like to work in
As you are interested in the field of self-employment, you are one of two … As for you already have experience in one of the fields of self-employment, and you want to start your way directly to enter the labor market to offer what you really know, then you can go beyond this point. Or you want to work as an Lancer, but you have not decided your field or specialty yet.

In the second case, here are the points that will help you determine the field of self-employment that suits you:

Go back to the previous lesson and learn about the most important and famous areas of self-employment at the moment.
Do a brainstorming session trying to make a list of your most important skills, experience and knowledge in the field of work.
Ask your friends and family about the most important things that you distinguish and find you know them well.
Do a research on the most important areas and special requirements for each field, and then find what is most appropriate to your circumstances.
Continue reading this tutorial’s lessons for the end, to take a full picture and enter into the field of self-employment.
4- Know who your customers are
This point is very important for you as a beginner Lancer, and if you can handle it intelligently it will save you a lot in the path of your success in self-employment.

If you know who your potential customers are, this will enable you to search and collect information about them, thus making it easier for you to reach them.

Some may think that this point is self-evident and this is true, but because it is self-evident, there are many who work in the field of self-employment do not deal with it consciously and intelligently. The awareness and focus here is to understand the nature of the customer and the importance of work for him, and the way he thinks, and trying to reach the place where he is.

The conclusion here is that you are forming good ideas and information about the nature of your customers, and this is set in your mind, this will enable you first to reach them, and secondly you will be able to deal with them in a professional and more efficient manner.

5- Discover the most important skills you need and work to develop them
There is a set of general skills that every Free Lancer must possess, which you must try to learn and constantly develop.

There is an independent lesson in which we will address the most important self-employment skills.

On the other hand, you have to discover the most important special skills you need according to the field in which you want to specialize.

6- Discover the most important tools you need and own them
Tools are a very important element in self-employment, and they play a major role in the success of your business, such as Kafr Lancer. Tools are the same as skills, they are divided into general tools that every Free Lancer possesses, and other special tools according to the field or specialty.

Often self-employment tools are programs and applications that facilitate the work and save time.
There is a special lesson on the most important business tools in our free online guide.

7- Build your portfolio or gallery
The importance of building a Portfolio or Business Gallery stems from the fact that anyone who wants to work with you must see some of your previous business models first, in order to make sure that you are the right person for this task.

Portfolio represents your interface, through which your clients can get to know your business and evaluate you accordingly.

For you, a beginner unbeliever, you may not have previous works to display, in this case you also have to create samples of your work specifically for display in Portfolio.

There is a full Portfolio lesson in this guide, with which you will find everything you need to build a professional Portfolio.

8- Create a workflow system and stick to it always
One of the very important points at the start of your self-employment path is to create a workflow plan. Freelance has a special nature, because there is no manager to monitor you, so you must be the manager of yourself. This will never happen without a clear plan for your business system.

Here are some points that you should make in your plan:

Determine working days during the week and day or two days off, and specify daily working hours.
Determine the maximum and minimum deadlines for submitting assignments from the date of contracting.
Create a study and learning plan to raise the level of competence.
Set times to communicate and be in the communities of your specialty.
9 – Create a professional account on LinkedIn
Linkedin is a social media website that specializes in the practical and professional field. Therefore, for you, Kafr Lancer, it is one of the most important channels of communication and finding opportunities at all. Being on LinkedIn is a very important step.

Fortunately, recently in the winners we have covered a series of articles on Linkedin and here are their links:

How to create a LinkedIn account
Explain LinkedIn
All you need to know about LinkedIn groups
We recommend that you read the topics above carefully, as they are extremely important to you.

10- Create accounts on freelance platforms
Freelance platforms are specialized websites that act as an intermediary between service providers and their requesters, by being a free Lancer you can register as a service provider, and will allow you to build an account with many details about the above business.

There are a lot of self-employment platforms, including those specialized in specific fields, including the public. Fortunately, there are Arab platforms for self-employment.

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