How to Succeed in a Job personal interview How to Prepare




How to Succeed in a Job personal interview How to Prepare for an Interview tips will teach you how to answer interview questions and convince

personal interview



One of the most important things that a person wishing to work in a place should be concerned about is the personal interview through which he will be identified and the main characteristics of his personality determined as he will answer some inquiries that he did not clarify in his CV or in the application for job application and he must The person must prepare and prepare for it in all respects It is she who will reveal whether or not he is the right person for this job How do you succeed in the personal interview?


How to Succeed in a Job personal interview How to Prepare
How to Succeed in a Job personal interview How to Prepare for an Interview tips will teach you how to answer interview questions and convince


How to succeed in a personal interview Success of a personal interview depends on two things:

The first is preparation and preparation and the second during the interview the details are as follows: Preparing and preparing for the personal interview before the interview There are several things that must be taken into account by the person who wants to work and they are as follows Information about the workplace Among the usual questions in the personal interview is a question What do you know about the company ?

Therefore the person should try to obtain information about the place He desires to work in it as he is going to a personal interview to work in this place and it is preferable to know about him some information about the date of the company’s establishment the number of employees and whether this company has branches the company’s aspirations policy and goals in general and all the information you can get .


It is provided by the person before the interview or he will present it during the interview it contains a summary of his scientific and practical career and therefore everything in it must be correct even if he was asked and inquire about him about what is inside he can answer with all comfort from among the persons He who does not prepare the CV on his own

and may not cost himself to read it so he has to pay attention to this point read the CV he prepared on himself and verify the validity of the information in it so that he is not embarrassed in the personal interview and his confidence is shaken which will affect Negatively on him throughout the interview.

It is also preferred to carry an additional copy of the CV and not content with it Prepare a specific word about himself A person must prepare a certain word to speak about himself because usually during the personal interview this question does not arise

talk about yourself then the person will not be surprised by this question and he will speak about himself comfortably but he must in this word that he attends that He talks about the things that might help him in the work such as his age, his average at university his professional affairs etc. Prepare an advance answer to the question Why do we choose you?This question is often asked to the person so he must define his positive advantages that will motivate them to choose to work for them.

The right outfit

The person must take good care of the issue of the dress, then he must wear an appropriate and elegant dress as a result he will belong to that sector in which he wishes to work then his appearance must be appropriate and appropriate to his workplace and the person who will meet him will be judged

completely from During the essence and appearance it is advisable to wear a suit and tie which gives the character of seriousness and formalism while paying attention to the consistency of colors, and cleaning the shoe but if he wore a shirt with a tie without the jacket then be careful not to lift the sleeves of the shirt to the top it is annoying in personal interview.

Not delaying the appointment

The person must go to the personal interview on the date without delaying as it is among the points that will be calculated for him or him because the interview is a test and the points start recording from the hour the person arrives so he must not delay The appointment and he leaves from his home a suitable period before the appointment taking into account what may be encountered by a road crisis, and others.

 Turning off the mobile

The person must be warned not to leave his phone open during the personal interview then this means that he does not care about the interview but if he forgets that and the phone rings during the interview he must turn it off immediately and express his apology During the interview


immediately and express his apology During the interview
immediately and express his apology During the interview

During the interview, the person must abide by several things, which are as follows:

Entering the place

The person must upon entering the place if he is alone and the room is a meeting room he must not sit until the person who will meet him comes and determine the place that will sit in it Shaking hands If the handshake took place between one person and the one who will meet him his hand must not be soft nor the person should be drawn to him but his peace must be natural and serious, and the strength of the palm of his hand is equal to the power of the palm of the hand of the person shaking hands.

How to sit

If sitting at a conference table he has to sit with his back straight and slightly pushed forward so that the person feels alert and interested in the matter and for his hands he is in front of him on the table but if he sits at the desk of the person who runs the dialogue he must sit back straight His hands are down.

Body position

A person should be careful not to shake his body such as moving his hands or legs as these movements indicate tension.

Movement of hands

During a conversation a person must be cautioned against approaching the office of the person he meets with his hands that is he must warn against placing his hands on the desk.

 The eye’s look

The person must keep his view towards the person who is conducting the interview with him and does not attract anything else such as entering a person into the room, etc so he must maintain the issue of visual communication with the person, even if there are several people who meet him He should be looked at by all of them, and not only look at one of them Seriousness

He must draw the character of seriousness on his face and give the feeling to the person who meets him that the interview is an important matter for him and it is not a place for recklessness but it does not prevent a slight smile if necessary.


The person should give importance to the person he meets, and treat him with respect and do not release jokes here and there but rather treat with respect.

Voice clarity

The person must answer the questions in a clear manner that is, his voice must be clear and understandable so that the person can hear and understand his answers and the voice is not loud or low.

Frequent talk

Do not speak as much but shorten it as much as possible, and answer the question by its amount and do not exceed yours and do not initiate to give information that was not asked about it.

Not lying

A person must not lie by answering questions especially personal questions from them. If there are personal matters he does not wish to express he can state this openly that it is a matter of his own and he does not want anyone to know it.


The person must control his temper because it is possible that the person conducting the interview provokes his provocation and anger to see the extent of his calmness and the extent of his tolerance to work under pressure.

Asking unnecessary questions

The person should not ask negative and unnecessary questions such as questions about vacations work during official holidays departure hours and other questions that are not necessary to know at this stage.

 In the end I say that the personal interview as we mentioned is an exam and therefore there are points that will be recorded in favor of or against the person and therefore agreeing to him at work or refusing him so the person’s passing the written exam is not enough but he must take care of the oral exam the personal interview completely Also interested in the written examination.




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