Ideas for small businesses are very profitable and inexpensive




Ideas for small businesses are very profitable and inexpensive




Having a profitable small business has become a dream that captures the thinking of most young people who want to open a new livelihood and achieve financial independence. However, the challenge facing most of them after the capital is the difficulty of finding a successful idea. So in this article we try to highlight a few very profitable and inexpensive small business ideas.


You should be aware that starting a business is not with all the money you own. The project may not succeed, so the loss is greater, so you always have to complete a comprehensive feasibility study with the goal of having an integrated background about the project … so that it is in the list of success or failure with the least losses .


Small business ideas very profitable and inexpensive


Here are  profitable and inexpensive projects that are suitable to work alongside your primary business, and do not require much experience:


Cleaning of apartments and stairs of buildings


The project of collecting more than 10 cleaning workers, then making advertisements for cleaning apartments and escalators with a monthly encouraging subscription, although it is considered a small project but it is very very profitable. (A mini idea for cleaning companies, companies are directed to government departments and institutions, and our idea is for buildings and residences).


The project of selling used furniture


Under less than good economic conditions in most Arab countries, the popularity of used furniture has increased. And now is your chance to start buying used furniture from all its sources and reselling it in the same condition or after its maintenance and renewal. Think about living and dining rooms, kitchens, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and offices … Choose the right location, attractive presentation and arrangement


Buy used furniture from auctions, furnished apartments, hotels and classifieds. There are many advantages to starting this business. What makes it so profitable projects is that it does not require special skills or equipment, relatively low initial investment and low monthly operating costs, good profit potential.


Manufacture of perfumes and perfumes


You can learn how to make perfumes, buy raw materials, manufacture them and sell them, and they make good profits, and you can sell to relatives, friends and neighbors .. And you can distribute them to barber shops or women’s hairdressers due to the high demand.


Technical accessories trading

Luxuries and accessories that complement the work of the latest laptops, phones, and small portable electronic devices, all of these have a greater price when they are far from being manufactured in various countries, and these goods are manufactured for the purpose of wholesale selling, so their price is cheap and easy to buy large quantities of them, which facilitates the return Selling them at an average price that guarantees sufficient profit.


Manufacture of car accessories

If you are looking for profitable and inexpensive projects then this idea is very good. You can manufacture medals, drawings and other accessories in separate places in the car, and market them to spare parts stores and car accessories, they are very many and sold at good prices and manufacture is not expensive.


Translation services

In an economy that is moving rapidly towards globalization, the demand for translation services is increasing. These are services that individuals and companies need, for private or commercial purposes. As for companies, they always need to communicate with customers and companies from around the world. They also need translation in the field of marketing and the content that companies provide on their websites.


Professional blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more popular with a small industry. The tools available to bloggers have increased, so it requires effort and advanced technical knowledge, made possible with a few mouse clicks. And the perception changed to profit from blogging, after it was out of mind, until the concept became popular, acceptable, and applicable. The term “professional blogging” came to describe blogging aimed at making money.


Phone accessories industry

Mobile accessories are made using leather, fabrics, cardboard, sequins, etc., and you can get good models and try to produce similar models, but with your technical touch and try to market them to the mobile shop owners, there are many, and very good profits can be achieved through this project, it is one of a group Successful small projects that make good profits.


Electronic trade

Earning money from the Internet via electronic commerce, is a type of modern trade that depends on the role of the Internet in supporting it, by providing a set of useful tools and tools in many commercial fields, and it includes advertising for products and goods through the creation of websites, or Social Media.


These were 9 very profitable and inexpensive small business ideas where you could find an idea that works for you, and you can count on yourself to get your own idea. But your choice should not be just an imitation of others, as many do when imitating existing projects without taking into account the different circumstances, surroundings and business climate. And if you insist on imitation, you should start from where others have finished developing and improving, the market is ruthless, and the customer is smarter than everyone.


sources for profitable projects

In the event that you do not find a project idea that suits you, we suggest 6 main sources to get very profitable project ideas that are the basis for every successful project:


An activity branching from or similar to your current work.
Your hobbies or interests about the activities loved to yourself.
Search for the needs and desires of the community you are in, and find an answer to why there is no such project or idea.
Some factors of weakness and shortcomings in other products and services provided by others, or the completion of a project – a product that is on the market or an existing idea.
Creating new ways to address some of the existing things.
Technology progress or new changes.





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