If you have one of these 50 professions you could move to Canada this year




If you have one of these 50 professions you could move to Canada this year
Living in Canada A real opportunity for thousands Professionals
Many dream of moving abroad and the profession they have can be a great help in achieving it.

Latin Americans are increasingly able to find a new direction in another country such as Canada, which maintains its policy of ‘recruitment’ of migrants to strengthen their nation.



The Collective Culture portal explained that the Canadian Government launched a program called Express Entry  with which it seeks to help legal and official immigration, specifically for certain professions.

Procedures and requirements
The idea is to process a residency application from home in Latin America, creating a profile that specifies why you can be a good candidate to live in the North American country.

In the profile you must expose from the educational level as the professional experience you have. Then, he enters a selection process and in six months he would be notified if he is endorsed or not to go to live and work in Canada.

It should be remembered that Canada has received more than 1.6 million new permanent residents since 2006.

Most requested professions in Canada
These are some of the professions that are most accepted in Canada:

Administration and Business
Financial managers, communications and other business services.
Commercial, broadcasting and other services managers, not classified under other headings.
Human resources directors.
Purchasing Managers
Insurance, real estate and financial intermediation managers.
Health services managers.
Production and Construction
Construction managers.
House building and renovation managers.
Production managers in natural resources and fisheries.
Manufacturing Managers
Construction estimators

Marketing and Finance
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations.
Supervisors, finance and insurance workers.
Property Administrators
Auditors and financial accountants.
Financial and investment analysts.
Securities agents, investment securities agencies.
Other financial agents.
Engineers and Analysts
Civil Engineers.
Mechanical engineers.
Electrical engineers and electricians.
Petroleum Engineers
Analysts and consultants in Information Systems.
Database analysts and data administrators.
Software engineers and designers.
Computer programmers and interactive media developers.
Technologists and technicians in mechanical engineering.
Technologists and technicians of electrical and electronic engineering.
Technicians and mechanics of industrial instruments.
Computer network technicians.
Healthcare professionals
Inspectors of public health and environment and occupational health and safety.
Nursing coordinators and supervisors.
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.
Specialist doctors.
General practitioners and family doctors.
Dietitians and nutritionists.
Speech-language audiologists and pathologists.
Occupational Therapists
Respiratory therapists and cardiopulmonary technicians.
Medical radiation technologists.
Medical sonographers
Nursing assistants.
Paramedical occupations.
University professors and professors.

Education and others
Educators and early childhood assistants.
Translators, terminologists and interpreters.
Geoscientists and oceanographers.