Important steps to create a successful online marketing campaign on the Internet




Important steps to create a successful online marketing campaign on the Internet
successful online marketing  Day after day the number of Internet users increases and the number of social sites and platforms on which users are located increases, and at the same time business owners seek to exploit the Internet in order to reach their users and sell their products and services




It is known that the concepts of electronic marketing change day after day and increase with the change of tools and methods of marketing To cope with the present time, unfortunately, sometimes the officials in the marketing department do some wrong things that ultimately lead to the failure of the marketing campaign that they do.
These errors may be simple or unrecognizable, but they lead to failure in the end, so we will learn in this topic about the most important factors for a successful marketing campaign and how it can be properly planned


 Know your audience

The first step that builds upon the rest of the steps necessary to launch a successful marketing campaign is to correctly identify the audience the marketer must know precisely which potential customers he should target and this targeting may include: nationality age marital status gender workplace Degree and other information that is very important in order to identify an appropriate segment of customers and direct the campaign to them. The mistake in correctly identifying this step is a fatal mistake because it will cancel any effect of the next steps as this step is the most important step for successful online marketing


 How to reach the public?

After defining the audience you should go to the next step, which is to know the platforms on which this audience is located extensively and this step is also important. You may be able to define the audience accurately but you fail to know where to target this audience for example it is known that the audience of Gulf countries is on Twitter And Snapchat more than some other platforms such as Facebook and women in the United States of America use Pinterest more than other social networking sites and so on.


In order to determine this step successfully the analysis tools can be used on the company’s website, which is tasked with collecting information about visitors.
Also it is possible to rely on launching experimental campaigns at the beginning to measure the success rate of the advertisement and to calculate the information previously submitted.


 The purpose of the marketing campaign

In order to measure the success of any experiment we must first define the measures of this success.
This leads us to the third step of launching a successful marketing campaign, which is defining the goal of the campaign. Is it brand awareness?


Or increase the company’s sales? Or not.


Defining an accurate goal for the campaign contributes significantly to correctly taking the following steps which will ultimately ensure the success of the campaign in the entirety in addition to the presence of a clear purpose that helps later to measure the success of this campaign and achieve the desired and sometimes there may be more than one goal for a single marketing campaign And although this may be a little difficult to task it is highly effective if the goals are consistent and having more than one goal for the advertising campaign requires a strong focus on the next steps for this step.


The advertisement is appropriate for the purpose of the campaign

After determining the purpose or purposes that are required to be achieved through the advertising campaign the role comes after that on the advertising content which is able to achieve the difficult equation in terms of achieving several purposes of the marketing campaign not only this; but the appropriate advertising content may help to cover any errors It happened in the previous or next steps and only the marketing content is able to be an attraction or alienation target for the target customers and the content may be multiple and different such as textual content images video or others.
But it should be appropriate for the target segment for example the youth segment is more inclined to content content such as videos about readable content such as books and the like, and thus the content of the advertisement is considered one of the most important steps in achieving a successful marketing campaign.


 Analyzing the results of the advertising campaign

After determining the audience segment and the platforms that they are frequently present on the main purpose of the campaign and the type of content appropriate to it the marketing campaign is launched, and here it is not necessary to wait until that campaign ends in order to know its impact and determine its results but the campaign results must be measured while they are in the event of effectiveness Where the positive elements that contributed to the excellent performance of the advertisement or the negative factors that led to the campaign not achieving the required results are identified and during this analysis the ad campaign can be improved for example by narrowing the target audience by changing ages or geographical areas a Focusing on one segment neglecting another and so on.
These adjustments result in a better campaign performance without having to wait for it to finish.

Repeating the campaign and retargeting

Once the ad campaign is finished and fully analyzed the most important positive factors that were shown by the ad results as well as the most important negative points that have been identified must be identified and a new campaign is launched that avoids the negatives and builds on the positive factors previously known from the previous campaign or campaigns and with all A new campaign based on analysis of previous campaigns is expected to succeed more and better in achieving the desired goal of creating the ad campaign.





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