Increase your income 7 ways to increase your monthly income improve




Increase your income 7 ways to increase your monthly income improve




Increase your income 7 ways to increase your monthly income improve your financial position
In light of the high costs of living and the increasing requirements of life constantly, and after the salaries of the vast majority became almost insufficient to meet the inevitable monthly obligations, increasing the monthly income became an urgent necessity increase your income without working more


If you aim to improve your financial position, know that change will not happen unless you stick to the change plan. At the end of this article, you will be able to draw up a plan to increase your income and immediately start implementing it. Although the matter may seem simple and easy to apply, it requires a real commitment and unrelenting discipline in order to give results in your financial reality.


7 golden ways to increase your monthly income

There are many methods that help increase personal income, but require hard work and perseverance for a period, so that you can see the fruits of your business. Here are 7 ways to choose the one that suits your needs:


Study available options

In order to increase your income, you have several options. You can increase your current income in your current job by working more hours and earning extra pay, or you can change the job with another job that brings you greater financial return. You can also do additional work to increase part-time income in addition to your original work.


The Internet   the most powerful income-generating tool

As of 2005, 50% of American families are working from their homes on the Internet. Working via the Internet does not come with restrictions on working hours or on available capital, as well as the ability to do it conveniently in addition to your current work.


There are many opportunities to get income from the internet today, and it has become one of the main sources of income for a wide range of people! And if you are not one of them yet, you are not using one of the most powerful money-making tools that exist in this era. So if you are determined to increase your income, you will only need more than a computer and a network connection, a clear goal in addition to being able to stay focused and persistent whatever happens.


Invest your talents

Maybe you think you have no talent! We tell you that you will not take a step forward unless you give up these negative thoughts about yourself. Each of us has his hobbies and loves to work, and in many cases it is possible to convert the hobby into a project that generates additional income.


Remember that all abilities, skills and talents have financial returns associated with them if you try to invest them, and therefore it is a great opportunity to increase your income. If you like fishing, open a shop for its tools. If you are an avid reader and love to write a book, turn your love of sweets into love for candy making … hire your art to serve your work, the giant works are where art, science and hobby intertwine.


Take care to develop yourself

There are many institutes that offer courses in computers, English, and the different skills that the job market needs, which gives you preference when applying for distinguished jobs, and this eventually leads to an increase in monthly income. If you are a high school diploma (baccalaureate) only, you must state well that obtaining higher qualifications means higher salaries and more benefits.


Remember that success is not what you possess of knowledge at all. Rather, success is achieved by the amount of knowledge that is applied on the ground.


Live less than your resources

One of the easiest ways to get involved in successive and recurring financial problems is to lead extravagant lives. The first step towards increasing your monthly income is not to waste your resources in a manner that lacks wisdom. For example, do not rush to buy something expensive, you do not really need it (life does not go straight without it) and get involved in paying installments for long periods of time so that the remaining after paying the installments is barely enough to meet your basic needs. In this way, you will not be able to increase your money.


Experiments and studies have confirmed that any person who earns a middle income and is not burdened with any debts is considered to be in a much better condition than a person whose income is high but he is under the burden of debts and large installments. And always remember that spending too much on some luxuries won’t make you have a surplus of money that you can grow later.


Earn more, save and invest the difference

First, earn as much money as you can, and thirdly, control your spending of money in everyday life. Grow your financial culture to succeed in managing and managing your financial affairs. Income can make you a respectable fortune if well managed, otherwise for some it is attractive for debt to sink into debt


Second, strive as hard as you can to save money and resist the instinctive desire to spend money, which often ends up with a deficit each month. Remember that your financial success index is not how much money you get, but rather how much money you can keep without spending.


Third, multiply your savings and invest them with care. It has never been possible for a person to earn more money, save more, and invest more more quickly than it is today.


Put a barrier between increasing income and spending more

Expenses rise to equal any increase in income. This is called “Parkinson’s” law. If you really want to improve your financial position and secure your future, do not fall into the “Parkinson” trap. No matter how much money people make, they are instinctively inclined to spend it all and more. We are all earning more today than we have been earning since we started working, but we may have been better off then, because we have not burdened us with all these debts, purchases, expenses, and expenses.


If you really want to increase your income, you must resist the urge to spend the next increase / bonus / bonus. Make sure to save half of any unexpected increase in income. And try to make your expenses increase at a rate lower than the rate of increase in your income. The difference then should be in investment and savings. You must place a large barrier between increasing your income and increasing your expenses.



Hold on to your goal of increasing income, and follow up and evaluate the progress that has been made, and the goal of follow-up is that in the event of any significant progress you must continue efforts in the same line, but in the event that this is not done, the matter needs a pause to correct things and pursue other methods and strategies that are more effective to achieve the desired goal


And as far as the possibilities of increasing the income are limitless, know that it does not always work out all things from the first time .. Therefore, plan, work, test and always prepare to make simple adjustments along your way.


You don’t have to be great to start. Rather, you have to start to be great. ”Zig Ziglar.


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