Island in southern England looking for employees work this European summer in England




Island in southern England looking for employees work this European summer in England
They select personnel who want to work and spend the summer season on an island of white sand beaches. Read the requirements

Do you want to work this European summer in England?



How about working on an island of white sand beaches? An online job opportunity appears in the south of England.

Work in Tresco

Tresco, an island located 45 kilometers off the coast of Cornwall that belongs to the archipelago of the Scilly Islands, England, is looking for staff to work in its different establishments in the summer season.

This island, located in southern England and the United Kingdom, enjoys a mild climate throughout the year.

Tresco Island operates as a luxury private resort that has a port, spa, coffee shops, hotels, shops, gardens, and other places where you can apply for a job.

Work season
The work season on this island usually covers from the months of February / March to October / November of each year, and may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Among the different jobs they offer, there are opportunities for chefs, waiters, store staff, restaurant managers, cleaning staff, room staff, transportation personnel, maintenance (one of the most demanded), gardeners and receptionists among others.

How to apply for a job at Tresco

To qualify for one of these positions you have to meet some requirements. Among them, fluency with the English language is required as well as compression of it.
Another of the fundamental requirements will be to have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom.
Accommodation will be provided for all candidates. In addition, the cost of travel from a point to the islands is covered. For example, London.

If you are interested and want to know more about the opportunities to work on this island of England, you just have to access their website where you will find all the information you need