Learn how to make money from writing skills in Internet




Learn how to make money from writing skills in Internet how to earn money from writing
Many people have really good writing skills and they seem to be born to write . But because this method of activities is still considered an art there are those who say that he does not live by writing because he really does not know how to earn money from writing !

Of course  putting ideas on a sheet in a clear and consistent manner is not something everyone can do. But did you know that this skill can be developed and earned money from it?
If you find yourself a great writer or want to start this profession, and you do not yet know where to start this article has been prepared exclusively for you.
Today we will show you how to make money writing, and in the end we will give you tips to work in this field.




1. Freelancer
Even if you are not yet working on the Internet you have definitely heard about freelancers or freelancers; they are people who work independently and provide their services to other people or to other companies in an independent way.

But how can money be earned by writing (as an independent worker)?
You can write texts to entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs in the digital sphere) so they have a blog, but they don’t have time to write on this channel.
Another option is to write sales texts for someone who sells a product online. Alternatively you can help a specialist write a specific digital book that talks about the subject matter.
There is always someone or a company sooner or later  who needs a very well written text. And if you don’t know where to start  I can tell you that there are many online platforms that link people who produce content with who needs this type of content  and such platforms are: freelancer and Workana.


2. Blog writer
Content marketing has become an area of ​​investment increasingly by entrepreneurs in various fields, whether online or offline – without an Internet connection.
This method of marketing and promotion makes customers reach products in a natural way. That is, the company does not need this way to ejaculate people with many advertisements  which are often considered intrusive and annoying.
There are several ways to prepare a good marketing strategy for the content, and preparing a blog that contains distinct texts for customers is one of the most common ways to start applying this type of marketing to any business. For this reason, the demand for writers increases even more.
Whether independently as we spoke in the previous paragraph or even contractually by a company, you can earn money by writing on a blog that belongs to other people.
In addition, if you have specific knowledge, and you want to share it with other people and teach it to them, you can also do this by writing in your own blog. Now comes the question: How can you make money from writing on a blog that is yours alone?
For example, you can allow ads to be displayed on your blog or even market products related to the topic you are discussing and thus get commission from sales resulting from the content you write.


3. Author of digital books ebooks
By thinking about the writer’s profession too, money can be earned from writing digital books – ebooks.
The big problem facing the majority of people who are thinking about writing digital books online is that they don’t always have ideas for the contents and materials they will write.
If you find yourself suffering from the same problem, you can resort to people who specialize in certain areas of life, but do not have the skill to write, and offer them a field drafting service that they are good at doing in the form of a digital book ebook. You can use freelancers freelance platforms to find this type of job

Now if you want to be the author of your own book, you can prepare an e-book that teaches writing techniques in a better way, for example. This is how you can view the e-book on a platform for digital products, earn money by writing and talking about your own knowledge.


4. Copywriter
The profession of copywriter is one of the future professions that attracts much attention of those who have the skill of writing, and wants to make money from it.
The copywriter is basically the person who writes sales-able texts, such as in advertisements, landing pages, product marketing videos and more.

But in addition to writing, this person also needs to know how to persuade with these texts. In sum, copy advertising is the kind of text that aims to persuade someone to buy.


5. The director of social media
Many people think that in order for a person to become a manager of communication networks, that person only needs to be aware of the existing communication channels. Of course, this is essential and fundamental. How do you manage a social network that you do not know?
But besides knowledge in the field of networking, a good manager should also be good at writing and creating! This is because besides spreading content across these networks, the manager is the person who needs to use words through which they capture the attention of the people who interact across those channels.

The goal of having a manager is to maintain the means of communication that relate to a business in a permanent update, and as you notice, most communication networks use words and pictures to communicate with their audience.
So if you are good at using your words to persuade and surprise people, take advantage of this ability and provide this type of service to companies and entrepreneurs who have multiple social networks, and know that they need this kind of help.


6. Books author
All the professions that we talked about for those who want to know the secrets of earning money from writing are related to the Internet, but we are talking in this post about books that do not necessarily include technical contents, for example novels, adventures, poems … and so on.
The preparation of a book is based on several stages that start with planning and end with publication and sale!

This may sound like a distant dream for most people, but if you are a good writer, why not take advantage of this opportunity?
If you don’t know how to get started yet, don’t worry! We have a post here that teaches you how to write a book and publish it. We think it is useful to read this post to see all the important details about this topic.


7. Scriptwriter
YouTube is a very popular channel for communication not only by entrepreneurs, but also by multiple content producers. And the demand for it increased a lot because of the ease of communicating with the public through it and publishing the topics through videos!
The result: Here’s an opportunity to help you make money writing: a scriptwriter’s job.
Usually when we talk about a scenario, we only think about movies, like those in Hollywood. But you should know that even just a short video  if you want to prepare it well, it needs a script.
You can definitely become a screenwriter for big movies or freelance movies of your own. Even if you don’t, and you want to start now, there is a great opportunity for you to start writing a video script for YouTube  for example.

Offer this type of service to people you know  who have ideas on certain topics but they do not record videos because they do not know how they should talk about that specific topic in front of the cameras.
This is how you can earn money by developing the ideas of these people in the form of a scenario. Who knows, you can be a partner or a co-producer on a YouTube channel belonging to these people.
There are a lot of companies that have a YouTube channel that needs screenwriters. This is why we find this a way to help you get money  and it is not a free business to make money  as you can nominate yourself for job opportunities dedicated to this in companies.

How can you work in these areas?
Now that you know the ways to make money writing  we will provide you with quick tips to help you gain employment in one of these seven areas that we mentioned.
You may now think that in order to be able to work in writing texts, it is necessary to be a specialist in one of the humanities fields  such as being a specialist in the fields of literature or advertising. But know that everyone who can read and write can write very good texts!
Of course  if you have a major in a specific area that includes language study  writing may be easier. But if not know that you can improve your writing skill!





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