Marketing world trends specialists in digital and electronic marketing




Marketing world trends specialists in digital and electronic marketing


All specialists in digital and electronic marketing write articles blogs and pamphlets related to this broad science and those interested in this field must be eager to read everything related to it but have you ever read articles explaining where digital marketing is heading in 2020? Here’s what will happen but not much will talk about



Trends this year

1- Google Analytics .. to where?
2- Will Voice Research Invade Marketing?
3- New communication channels will the current conversion rate change?
4- Marketing Automation .. What’s New?
5- Will your brand remain popular at the same rate?
6- How will marketing personalization protect your brand?


The first trend: Companies that rely on Google Analytics will be defeated by their competitors.
We all love Google Analytics but the marketing process is getting more sophisticated over time. There are new channels on the scene like Voice Search


Given such developments companies may need in 2020 to adopt new tools and artificial intelligence solutions such as Google Data Studio to track the marketing process.

If you haven’t started working in Data Studio, you should start right now because it has become easier to transfer all your business and marketing data to one place. For example,

You can transfer more accurate data from your Facebook advertising campaigns to Data Studio while this will be a little difficult with Google Analytics


The second trend: companies will improve voice search but not for revenue:

Next year 50% of searches will be dependent on Voice Search. This move is a winning deal. For years everyone has been talking about this step as improving voice search is a great way to further spread your brand but how will this turn into sales? website. An e-commerce specialist by voice search can help you.


What makes this site unique is that it enables you to track the customer and the purchases he or she completes via voice search. For example if you keep ordering the same toothpaste from a particular store using voice search tracks this so you can easily follow up on ordering the same product over and over again so it’s easier than logging into your computer or pulling out your phone to make a purchase.


The third direction: you will find it difficult to convert your visitors so you should look for alternative communication channels for example e-mail:

But there is an interesting thing when it comes to marketing emails as even if it costs less click rates remain low.

In 2019 click rates decreased by 9.4%. So in 2020 companies must take advantage of more communication channels


Fourth direction: Marketing will become a fairer playing field and employing automation is an imperative choice:


When you start your business into digital marketing you will begin to search for SEO in order not to have to pay an expensive advertising budget. However after engaging in the marketing process, the use of automation and applications of artificial intelligence will become inevitable.

There are many companies involved in SEO automation (or at least a large portion of it). They see this as a 60% increase in pageviews plus 21% more keywords on the first page.

In other words, the marketing field is spreading which makes it imperative that you take advantage of artificial intelligence to ensure the continued spread of your brand.


Fifth direction: You will not be able to market your brand through one marketing channel:
Many companies were built from a single marketing channel as Dropbox grew through referral marketing. At its beginning it depended on inviting more friends and obtaining more free space.
But in 2020 you will no longer be able to start a business through one marketing channel even if you succeed in this matter your business will not last for long.


The sixth direction: personalization is the new marketing:


The marketing problem as it exists today is that 95% of your website visitors will never become customers.

Because there is a possibility that you are looking for 97% of people who don’t open the site link. The main reason is that you are pursuing a marketing strategy that does not target the people involved in going to your site or But by customizing marketing you can convert more of your site visitors into customers.

For example when you browse the Amazon website the site’s algorithm tracks your interests or what you usually buy and then shows you what you want to see in order to increase their conversions.
These are the marketing trends for the coming year that you should consider and adapt to ensure the continuity of your business.that your message is not appropriate for your site visitors.






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