Off-Page SEO back links How to do an external search engine optimization




Off-Page SEO back links How to do an external search engine optimization




Back links meaning Off-Page SEO How to do an external search engine optimization Back links
Off-Page SEO: means external SEO or external SEO (off-page). It is a set of smart marketing activities, which are carried out outside the site, which aims to: earn authoritative and popular reputation (authoritative and popular), work to publicize it, and facilitate and raise the rate of crawling by search engine spiders.


External SEO is more about getting back links (links from another website pointing to yours).


How do I get good Backlinks for my site ?


Google views external links pointing to your site as an indication of its quality and the confidence of others. That is why Google Backlinks is one of the most important factors in ranking results.


Your job here is to try to attract and gain the largest number of Backlinks to your site legally, and that these links are from reliable sites and are as popular as possible.


Here are the most important and effective ways to gain links to your site:


Create high quality content

Your best, fastest, and healthiest way to get Backlink for your site is to create unique, high-quality content. Good content will naturally attract links. You have to tackle the topics more professionally and comprehensively.


First, consider providing value and benefit to your site’s visitors. And always remember that no one will link to a webpage that contains poor content, and does not provide value to visitors.



Off-Page SEO back links How to do an external search engine optimization
Off-Page SEO back links How to do an external search engine optimization


Be generous and gesture to the competitors’ websites

Competitors are one of the most important sources for obtaining a Paklink. They are already specialists in the same field of your specialty, so links through them are of particular importance, whether for search engines, or for obtaining targeted visitors.


To get backlinks from competitors, you have to be generous in race with them to get the same treatment. There is nothing wrong in one of your topics referring to topics on their sites, related to your topic.


You should do this carefully and by selecting competitors ’links, and do not mention topics for competitors targeting the same keyword as your topic.


Be constantly in your site’s community

Building a good relationship with the community your site belongs to is a great opportunity to get links through a member of this community.


Attend activities on your site that are on the ground, join the right groups on social media, try to build personal relationships with website owners near your site’s domain.


Talk about your site, show it to others, and talk about the features in it. Perhaps someone finds your site unique in something and makes reference to it on their site.


Write to other sites in your domain.

This term (Post Guest) is one of the most famous terms in the blogging world, which is that a blogger writes a topic to a site once or twice as a guest and not as a basic blogger for the site.


Many website owners make this kind of post, and in return they get links from the sites they write on.


The link can be directly to the main page of the site, for example, and it may be for one of the writer’s pages on social networking sites, which contain information about him, including the link to his site.


Use the broken link strategy to build links to your site

The web world is constantly changing so besides creating new pages every second, there are also pages that are deleted or their links change, and there are whole websites that also disappear from the web.


This strategy relies on discovering broken or corrupt links on other sites related to your site, then contacting the site administration (which has the broken or corrupt link) and providing one of your site pages as an alternative to broken links.


This strategy is very effective, because in it you help the site owner to solve a problem with his site (broken links are a harmful problem for the sites). So the possibility for the site owner to place your site’s link is great.


There is a Google Chrome extension (Check my links). This extension enables you to discover broken links on any webpage.

You can use this strategy as well, to suggest one of your website pages as an alternate mind link.

Example: There is a site related to your site and it has a page that contains a link to one of the pages with weak content, and you have a strong content page that talks about the same topic. Then contact the site owner, and suggest your strong content page as an alternative to the weak content page.


What are the quality standards of Backlinks?

Having a good backlink for your site is very important, but the topic is more complicated than just having a link to your site on one of the other sites.


There are criteria that you must consider in order for these links to bear fruit, and help improve your site in search engines.

Among the most important of these standards:


The relationship or fit between your site and the site from which you get the Backlink.
It makes no sense that there is a link on a site that talks about eating recipes, for a site that talks about marketing, for example. But it makes sense that there is a link on a site about eating recipes, a site that talks about the benefits of food.


Convenience and rationale are a very important element for expressing the quality of a Paklink.


The relationship or relevance between the content of your site page and the content of the linked web page .


Relevance and relevance should apply to two webpages, as well as their applicability to both sites.
For example in our previous example: A link to a page that talks about the benefits of broccoli, on a page on the other site about a recipe based on broccoli, more valuable than a page about the broccoli recipe in which a non-essential ingredient.


Text link or Anchor Text 

The text link means the word or sentence, which the other website owner used as a link to navigate to your site. The more expressive this word or phrase is about your site, the better the result.


The confidence and popularity of a site that contains a link to your site.

The more quality the site contains links to your site, the better the result.

The number of links entering your site

Of course, the more links entered to your site, the better your site gets. The number matters, but does not conflict with quality and relevance.


What are Google’s terms and policies for backlinks ?

Our slogan is always in winners, respecting policies and laws, and talking about legal ideas only.

So here I will list for you a set of the most important laws recommended by Google, which you must observe when getting links.

It is prohibited to buy or sell any links to or from one of the other sites.
Google believes that by purchasing links from other sites, you go beyond the idea of ​​neutrality, which is based on the quality that they hope for in their policy.
Excessive exchange of links between sites.
Google also rejects the idea of ​​continuing to exchange links with other sites intentionally and in agreement.
Use automated software to post links to your site on other sites that allow others to add content to it, such as forums.
You can also review all the terms of Google’s policy on the links entering your site to get a more comprehensive idea.

What are the types of Backlinks ?

To start with here we have to clarify an important idea, which is that the value of the PAC Link stems from its being a sign of transferring trust or authority (from authority to site) or from page to page.

The idea is very similar to the idea of ​​nominations or recommendations in our real life.

When person (a) nominates person (b) for a specific position. The extent of confidence in a person’s competence for the job is greatly influenced by the extent of popularity, confidence and popularity of Person A.

But what if person A adds a note in the answer to the recommendation, a note that says: I am not responsible for how well Person B is, but I mentioned it as a neutral suggestion.

The idea of ​​Backlinks works almost the same as the previous example. To clarify, you are familiar with the two types of Paklink :
Do Follow Links
Do follow: This is a code for identifying the properties of the link. The function of this code is to tell the search engines that the recommendation for this link is complete and trustworthy, and this means transferring the trust of the site in which the link is made to the site referred to.

Do Follow Links Of course, it has more value for you as a website owner.

No Follow Links
No Follow: This is a code for identifying the properties of a link. The function of this code is to tell search engines that the recommendation for this link is incomplete. This means not to transfer confidence or trustworthiness from the site that contains the link to the site referred to.

The normal settings for all links are of the initial type, but why did No Follow Links appear? This type appeared as a way of large websites not to transfer their confidence to small and new sites.

What big sites mean here: Sites that allow the average user to add content, such as social media sites or large forums.

Although the second type ( No Follow Links ) does not transfer confidence or authority, it is not completely useless.

Through it you can get visitors to your site, and also although it will not transfer confidence, it is still able to transfer the search engine spiders from these sites to your site.

Other factors have a role in improving external seo

External SEO is not only just getting Do Follow links from other websites, but the idea goes beyond that to include, publicizing the site and increasing its popularity. Introducing the target audience to the content. Of course, this will be reflected in more links to your site.

In this section I will address 3 important factors specific to external Seo, which have proven to play an important role although they are of the type No Follow Links.

Social Media
Social media is one of the great sources of visitors, and many rely on it as a main source to attract visitors, and they achieve great successes.

As we are talking about social networking sites from the standpoint of external SEO, it is a very important indication for search engines of the popularity of a site. In fact, search engines are not quite clear on this point.

For example, Google announced before that how popular a site is on social media, is not a ranking factor. In fact, I believe that, because I trust that Google will never announce anything unreal.

But if we approach the issue from another angle, then the scales will turn completely. The popularity of your site on social networking sites may not be a direct factor for ranking results, but it is important in improving your site for search engines for the following :

The popularity of your site on social media will bring you more targeted visitors, and this will help your site appear better for search engines.
The popularity of your site on social media will increase its popularity, and then the number of direct visitors to it, and this is an important positive indicator for search engines.
The popularity of your site on social media will help it appear in front of the owners of nearby sites in the field, and then increases the possibility of him getting back links.
You have to create official pages for your site on all possible social media, try to continuously make advertising campaigns on the communication sites of your site. Increase the interaction and increase the size of your site’s subscribers.

Take care of responding to every message that comes to you, and every comment your topics get. Social media is a great way to communicate closely between you and your potential site visitors.

Use this method smartly to get targeted visitors on the one hand, and to draw attention to your brand (Awarness) on the other hand.

There are many who claim that the importance of the forums is completely dead. Perhaps they have some right to do so, but I learned that whoever dies does not exist. And as long as there are some models for successful forums, this means that they are still alive, and can be used as a marketing tool for your site.

In the old days, website owners used the forums directly to get links, but today this has not and will not work yet. If you have more time to utilize the power of the forums, you should do it intelligently and legally.

Subscribe to forums that have a direct relationship with your site, try to start first with bidding. Answer others’ questions and try to help them as best you can.

Show the image of the expert in his field, do not pretend to be, but be that expert. You can then guide others to your site through a direct link to your site, or use it as a signature, or even use one of your pages on social media as a passage to your site.

Paid Ads
Paid ads are one of the most important ways to tell the world about your site. Paid ads will not directly benefit your site, as the search engines tell us, including Google. But its strength lies in reaching your audience.

As long as your site has good content, things will work to improve it to search engines indirectly.

Choose the best marketing channel according to your location, and adjust the targeting settings intelligently. Familiarize your audience with the content of your site that is worth their time


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