Online project ideas you can get rich with businesses online with little capital




Online project ideas you can get rich with businesses online with little capital
If you have arrived here, you are definitely one of:
Entrepreneurs wanting to start their businesses online with little capital.
People who want to start online projects besides their jobs without the need for full-time.
Girls and women looking for project ideas that can be implemented easily without having to work outside the home a lot.

Students are looking for ways to enter the business field and create their own businesses at an early age.
Online entrepreneurs looking for new and innovative ideas.



Certainly I will not forget every person who wants to go through a new and exciting experience for his professional life helping him out of the comfort zone and routine life to start a completely new life  a life during which he determines the amount of money he earns and how he makes it.
To all of these and more, the Winners and Business section of the Winners website offers an online project ideas article. This article comes to you in a series of articles entitled “project ideas” in many fields and specialties.

If you are looking for a distinct project idea be sure to follow up with the winners continuously in the coming period to know all the updates of this series.

Online project ideas
First, let me quickly explain to you the business plan we prepared for an Online Project Ideas article. The article is divided into two parts:
Part 1: 5 Online Project Ideas for Tangible Products.
In every idea of ​​online project ideas for concrete products I will put you:
The basic idea of ​​the project.
One or more ways to obtain products for your project.
A list of other product groups related to the same project.
Each idea from this list can become an online project idea in its own right, so that you can get many ideas on the one hand, and you can integrate other products for your project related to the basic idea of ​​it on the other hand.
Part Two: 5 Online Project Ideas for Intangible Products.
In every idea I will put you:
Business is the main model of the project idea (in its simplest form).
The most important features that distinguish this project.
One or more models for online projects similar to the same project idea, so that I provide you with the opportunity to study successful business models that did not exceed in the past being simple ideas until their owners worked to convert them into successful and profitable online projects.
Are you loud? So let’s start showing ideas!

1- A website for selling coloring books for adults
In the past we used to treat books and drawings coloring activities as activities intended for children only, but with the increase in mental health awareness in the world, many studies began to indicate the positive impact of these activities on the mental and mental health of adults.

These activities reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress that we all suffer from, and they also greatly help to increase concentration, as well as get rid of the burdens and stresses of daily life that we all experience every day.

Not only that, but coloring therapy is one of the therapeutic techniques that psychiatrists use in treating patients since ancient times. Coloring gives the psychological patient an opportunity to vent his pain, and helps him see the positive features of the world by looking at the colors and merging them together.
The main idea of ​​the project: is to create a site through which you sell a variety of coloring books for adults, these books should contain a variety of delightful drawings.

How do you get the products?
Ali Baba site is one of the best global wholesale markets, through which you can communicate with many merchants and get different price quotes, and it connects you to the door of the house.
Other product group related to the same project:
All kinds of color boxes (wood / watercolor / pastel / acrylic).
Distinctive frames to put colored graphics inside.
Drawing courses for adults.
Adult drawing tools.
Books about the arts and literature of other peoples.
Offline coloring workshops.
This was the first idea of ​​online project ideas

2- A store project for selling baby care products
The needs of children for every family are basic needs that cannot be ignored, postponed or dispensed in any way, and because they are children, they need many of their care products.
These products are: liquid shower soap – perfumes – wet wipes – diapers – dental cleaning tools – and many other tools and products.

 How do you get the products?
There are many ways to obtain baby care products and tools. I will mention here a slightly different way, which is to go to pharmacies in your area, and ask them to know the best companies that supply children care products and tools for them, and ways to communicate with them.
Pharmacies are always keen to deal with trusted major companies, then contact directly with these companies to find out the details of the products and the quotations they provide.
Other product group related to the project:
Children’s clothes
Kids Games
Children’s shoes
Safety tools for children
Newborn clothes
Baby food
Children’s sports equipment

3- Food sale project
Because buying takeaway in general is one of the most powerful types of business online at the moment, it serves a large segment of consumers who want to save time and effort to prepare food themselves, I chose this idea to join the menu today.

How do you get the products?
In this idea, I will present to you two different ways in which you can get Syrian food and products, so that you choose the appropriate way to start your project.
The first way:
To bring a menu for a restaurant located in your residential area, and then to select some suitable items that your project can start with.
You go to the restaurant and explain your business idea to him, and ask him to get the food your customers want at commercial rates.

The second way:
To bring the menu and identify some easy food classes in the ways to prepare them, learn how to prepare them through YouTube, so that you have your own products.
I advise you on this project to join the groups in your residential area, to start marketing your products inside them at least initially, because the process of shipping and delivering foods requires a special handling method that differs from most of the products sold online.
Another group of products related to the same project:
Cooking arts courses


4- Men’s accessories store project
From my commercial experience, men are very special clients, and if you are looking for easy and profitable online project ideas as well, do not lose sight of this special segment that can be sold easily.
We all know that the way men think is very simple, as well as how much they are interested in searching for the details of things very little compared to us girls.
From a commercial point of view, these behaviors are largely reflected in their buying and selling decisions, and this means saving a lot of time and effort for the founders of projects in which men are the target group.

There are a variety of men’s accessories that can be sold, such as: youth headwear – sunglasses – silver accessories – watches – medals – suit pins – clothing belts
The main idea of ​​the project: buy a quantity of various men’s accessories, and then create a store and sell it through it.

How do you get the products?
Men’s accessories are very available products in the local market, and you will not need to search for them or import them at the beginning of the project.
You only need to: search within the wholesale markets available in the commercial capital of your country.
Other product group related to the same project:
Youth clothes
Men’s shoes
Men’s perfume
Men’s shavers
Men’s allowance


5- A project to import alternatives to natural slimming drugs and sell them online.
The fifth idea relates to three completely safe natural products. These products are used as alternatives to chemical slimming drugs
You may notice that here I am trying to get you to explore some online project ideas that you may not have thought of before.

There is a golden opportunity for strong business in this industry.
The basic idea of ​​the project: import the three products, then create your own site for sale through it.
How do you get the products?
IHerb is one of the best global sites that many consumers around the world purchase these products through, whether for personal or commercial consumption. What is unique about this site is that it provides international shipping service to most countries of the world.
Other product group related to the same project:
Green coffee beans
Quinoa beans
Chia seeds
Ginger cookies
Senna herbal tea
Stevia sugar
To this end, we have reached the end of the first part of the online project ideas article, during this part we presented the first 5 ideas in the “tangible” products market.
Now we will move on to the second part of service ideas and intangible products:
I hope you won’t be satisfied with reading the first part, there are still more creative ideas worth your time!

6- A mediator site project between wholesalers and retailers within your geographical scope.
The expansion and growth of markets opened the doors to the power of online project ideas, to give them a unique opportunity to develop the old business models that societies have become familiar with.
Since ancient times, no matter how different the goods and products are, both the retailer and the wholesaler search for each other in the surrounding markets. Today, any retailer anywhere in the world can request the goods he needs from wholesalers to reach him to the door of his house or his company as quickly as possible.

I remember that there are many retailers within my geographical area who are communicating with me in the desire to get wholesale purchase quotes, this happens a lot despite not targeting or working in this market.

Surely these traders can go to the major markets to buy from, there they will get the best prices.
But every trader also wants to save time and effort spent on searches, transport and shipping, as well as to open various trade relations and diversify the sources of obtaining goods.

Business Model of the project: This idea depends on establishing a commercial site, this site represents a link between both wholesalers and retailers within the geographical area in which you live.
Through the site, each trader can offer his products for sale or buy the products he is looking for.
Site profits can depend on commission as a result of every purchase made through your site, or a symbolic monthly subscription.

What is unique about this project: It is your ability to market it with Offline within the scope of your geographical area, within each region there are many merchants who are looking for new ways to market their products, and through your project you will provide them with a great service to get the goods they are looking for within the same region.

7- Yoga Academy Online Education Project.
When I was looking for online lessons to practice minutes of yoga in the morning and found simple free lessons that anyone could practice from home, I also discovered that there are some specialized online courses for practicing and teaching yoga arts of all kinds.

Among the list of ideas of online projects in the field of health is the project of the Academy of Yoga Arts Education, Valoga or as it is called the sport of spirit and body, one of the distinctive ancient Indian sports that started to spread recently.

Business Model of the project:

Partnership with a yoga specialist in order to prepare specialized online courses for those wishing to practice yoga and then market it. You can also partner with a yoga academy.




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