Self development and personality building




Self development and personality building
Self development skills Self-development and character building need several skills, namely:
Setting goals and seeking to achieve them: This needs to develop an appropriate plan and start implementing it to reach the drawn end.




As the goals differ in their importance, there is the important thing, and there is the most important. Therefore, the individual must live in the circle of important matters and implement them, leaving unimportant activities, and this would achieve his goals in less time and with higher efficiency.
Learning to work and not just to learn:

Learning itself is very important, but it becomes useless and a heavy burden if a person does not work with it. Therefore, the individual must use what he learns to serve himself and his community. Upgrading thinking: sound thinking is what distinguishes a person from others, and it is a skill that needs training and a necessity for the individual’s advancement and development, in which one can overcome his problems and improve his conditions. Sowing optimism in the soul: positivity is important for development, and positive energy keeps the soul away from a feeling of frustration and defeat, which increases the effectiveness and achievement of the individual and enhances the entrepreneurial spirit within it.

Development and success start from within the individual and therefore he has to trust his abilities and enhance his self-confidence and capabilities, and this is what makes him master his work and succeed in his life.

Listening to others and reducing speech as possible because good listening increases the opportunity to learn and gain experience from others.

Improving relationships with others, respecting them, observing them and dialogue with them, while reducing positive expectations from them, which increases the chances of benefiting from them.
Balance in the various aspects of life, as the complexities of life and the enlargement of its requirements may cause tension and frustration at times, and therefore an individual must balance his relationships with his work and all aspects of his life to suit his personality.

Focusing efforts on an aspect of the personality in which the individual finds himself in such a way that he does not give his time to everything and then goes out with nothing and continues to develop this aspect, which increases the chances of development and achieving the goal.

Self-confidence and its relationship to self-development. Self-development requires personal strength and self-confidence, and this is what workers and those interested in this field focus on.
Self-confidence is an advantage of strong personalities, and it is an important factor for success, excellence, and self-development.

It enables the individual to solve his own problems and take advantage of his capabilities and time. He is also able to act successfully in different life situations and he can distinguish between good and evil, so he can make the right choice and self-confidence is defined as that.

The feeling that an individual feels about himself, which enables him to act and speak without hesitation or fear so that he does not care about the reactions of others, he behaves and makes his own decisions and it stems from the person’s respect for himself

Types of self-confidence There are two types of self-confidence:
Absolute self-confidence: The person who has this kind of confidence has the ability to face all the stresses and problems he is exposed to in life and does not give up easily as he accepts failure or error, as it is based on strong justifications.

Self-defined confidence: What distinguishes this confidence is that it does not appear in all situations, according to the person’s appreciation of the situation he is exposed to, he appreciates and knows his capabilities. Enhancing self-confidence Self-confidence is an acquired behavior that can be developed and promoted

A person appreciates himself, looks in a positive way, and believes that he deserves the best.
And that every person possesses talents and skills that may not be possessed by others, and at the same time, he must realize the weaknesses in his personality so that he can improve them, and he who realizes all this can develop himself and succeed in life as he stops comparing himself to others.
Feeding the character by experimenting with all that is new and this would build the personality and increase self-confidence

Participation in group work  such as: voluntary work, and group activities that give an opportunity for an individual to express his opinion, and communicate with others.
Avoid making mistakes that make a person blame more than himself, and this would undermine his self-confidence.

Optimism for a better tomorrow and accompanying people who spread the positive energy to those around them.

Self-coaching to make decisions.
In order for a person to build a strong personality that would enhance his self-confidence and thus his endeavor to develop himself continuously, he must listen well to others, read and be constantly informed of what is new, exchange views with others and accept their opinions, thereby increasing his communication skills, becoming a good speaker and expanding his horizons in life He has an opinion and thus creates his own personality and does not imitate others. Helping, supporting, and respecting others improves his personality and brings him respect and gratitude to others, which reflects on building his personality positively.





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