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Do you want to study communications engineering? You love telecommunications and want to study abroad, but you do not yet know where you can study ideally and where are the best universities to study?

Australia at the present time owns a group of the best universities in the world, and it has departments for most of the majors; and this is what drives us to recommend you to Australia to study communications engineering, as one of the branches of engineering that universities are famous in Australia


Communication Engineering majoring in Australia:

Communication engineering is the next future science. With the openness we live in now, the means of communication of various forms and types have become so important that it has become absolutely indispensable.
In studying communications engineering, students study curricula and topics dealing with digital and even analog communication, methods of network design, and the link between electromagnetic and electrical signals.
Studying this branch at the university takes place in four years. In the first two years, the student studies general technical subjects such as programming, networking, mathematics, and physics.
In the last two years, the student specializes in one of the departments of Communications Engineering, and delves into studying the field.


What is the cost of studying telecommunications engineering in Australia?

If you are accepted into an Australian university to study the communications engineering branch, you should prepare yourself to pay the costs of studying, especially since international students in most Australian universities, if not all of them pay the learning expenses before the beginning of the study.
Undergraduate studies in Australia are less expensive than postgraduate studies from master’s and doctoral, and the following table contains the average expenditures during a single school year:


Duration of study

Academic year
The cost is in US dollars

10305: 22,671 USD

Study Communication Engineering g in Australia

What are the requirements for studying telecommunications engineering in Australia?
Realizing the importance and relationship of the environment and climate to the science of telecommunications engineering and its impact on the location of extending communication lines, establishing infrastructures, etc.
Enjoying a technical and aesthetic sense, so wires are not treated as tools that can be placed in places that are visible and visible to all.
Interest in mathematics, it is an indispensable science in any branch of engineering, especially the branch of communications engineering.
Broad experience in computer and dealing with it, as the science of communications engineering deals directly with all forms and patterns of modern technology.


What are the admission requirements for studying telecommunications engineering in Australia?

In order to be able to enroll in an Australian university to study communications engineering, it is extremely important that you fulfill all of the following conditions without violating any of them:
Completion of twelve years of education and completion of high school with appropriate grades, provided that the success rate in this stage is not less than 70%, and the greater the success rate, the greater the chances of joining the university.
If you are going to study telecommunications engineering in Australia at your own expense and not through a specific grant, you must provide papers and certificates proving that you have money to help you reside there and pay for at least one academic year.
Successfully passing the personal interview test and the ability to prove oneself in it.
Success in the IELTS test at least with a score of 6 and a half so that your average is not less than 6 points in each part of the exam, or pass the TOEFL test of 580 or the TOEFL IBT with a score of not less than 92 degrees and not less than 20 degrees in each part of the exam , Or TWE score of at least four and a half degrees.


What are the best universities to study communications engineering in Australia?
1- University of Sydney
2- University of Melbourne
3- University of New South Wales
4- University of Queensland
5- Monash University





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