Study humanities and social sciences in Australia




Study humanities and social sciences in Australia




The study of humanities and social sciences allows students to study deeper and more than just basic education where they are trained to think and write in depth in culture and history in addition to developing their mental abilities in terms of critical thinking and it is expected that students will excel in these types of specializations in areas of Public culture politics education anthropology and journalism.


The diversity of the curriculum gives students an opportunity to discover more topics and fields. The diversity of the courses they receive during the study allows them to be a clear and good view of the world around them and extend It is related to them in Australia.

Universities in Australia allow international students to obtain a bachelor’s and graduate degree in addition to a wide range of degrees in this field of study and a master’s degree in Australia is one of the top centers in the world with seven of the top 100 higher education institutions in Australia which is This makes students completely assured that the master’s degree they will obtain is recognized worldwide due to the quality of higher education in Australia and Australia ranks third in terms of international student reception and intensity.


What are the admission requirements for studying humanities and social sciences in Australia?

In order for the international student to study humanities and social sciences in Australia he must meet all the basic requirements for admission which may vary from one university to another but there are conditions that are common to all of them including:

Submit a test result that meets English proficiency.

Upon joining the undergraduate program an Australian high school diploma or equivalent must be presented in your country.

If you want to obtain a graduate degree you must provide a full university degree.


As for your visa requirements they often include confirmation of university admission health coverage abroad and proof of financial sufficiency for both tuition fees and the cost of living abroad.


How much does it cost to study humanities and social sciences in Australia?

In order for the international student in Australia to receive a distinguished education in one of the humanities and social sciences courses the cost of the school year will be $ 42093 which means $ 24081 for the tuition fee and $ 18012 for the cost of living. The remaining costs of obtaining the visa and travel fees must also be taken into account.


Why is Australia alone to study abroad?

Australia has a number of advantages that give it preference but not others to study abroad including:

The cost of studying and living in Australia is moderate and acceptable to many compared to the rest of the countries that are world famous educational destinations.


The quality of higher education is very distinguished and the study is rich in scientific research on a large scale.

The possibility of obtaining a job opportunity for students helps them to study abroad as well as gaining them a lot of experience and other skills when obtaining a student work visa which allows him to work for 40 hours every two weeks.





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