Study in Australia Complete Guide How to study in Australia




Study in Australia Complete Guide How to study in Australia
While Australia may not be the first place associated with education and study  it actually attracts the third largest number of international students from any country in the world  behind the United States and the United Kingdom

While some of these will choose Australia because of its sun-drenched beaches, warm weather and outdoor lifestyle, most of them choose to study in the country because of the quality of education offered.



The best universities to study in Australia

There are 43 universities in Australia  15 of which are ranked among the 250 best in the world according to the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings.


Seven of these, in turn, are in the top 100 in the world.


In descending order  these are:



Founded in 1946, ANU (Australian National University) is considered one of the best research universities in the world, and has two Nobel laureates and 49 Rhodes academics among its alumni and current faculty members.

Australian National Universit

University of Melbourne
Founded in 1853, it is the second oldest university in Australia. Four Australian prime ministers and five general governors have graduated from the University of Melbourne. Nine Nobel prizes have been students or faculty members, most of the Australian universities.

University of Sydney
The oldest university in Australia, founded in 1850. It has been affiliated with 5 Nobel prizes among its graduates and professors and 110 Rhodes academics, and has seen seven future prime ministers, two general governors of Australia and nine state governors .

University of New South Wales
Among its former alumni are Australian prime ministers, state and federal ministers, international cricketers and two kings.

University of Queensland
Founded in 1909, alumni and notable UQ staff include two Nobel laureates, actor and winner of the Triple Crown performance, Geoffrey Rush, and former Australian chief judges.

Monash University
Among its list of research achievements, it lists the world’s first IVF pregnancy, the development of the anti-influenza drug and the first legislation on safety belts.
Australian Education vs. other countries

The education system in Australia is similar to that in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and students can study to get their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

In terms of the United States, there are greater similarities than differences.

However, an area where Australian schools outperform their American counterpart is when it comes to student results, which are highest in all categories.

Another difference is the academic year that, in the northern hemisphere, begins in September, but in Australia and New Zealand, begins in February.

Language requirements
All undergraduate and graduate courses in Australia are taught in English.

In some cases, those whose first language is not English may need to demonstrate their language proficiency, before being accepted into a course, by taking a recognized language test.

Student visas
Any international student who wants to study in Australia must first obtain a student visa . These can be obtained online and last up to five years. They currently cost AUS $ 575 (US $ 405).

To obtain a visa  applicants must prove:

Evidence of acceptance in a course by a recognized Australian university.
Confirmation of your financial value.
Proof that they have the skills required in the English language.
Health insurance coverage.
A visa will not be issued to anyone with substantive criminal records.

Part-time work in Australia
To help cover the cost of the study, students may consider taking a part-time job while in Australia.

Most student visas generally allow them to work for hours without restrictions during vacation periods and up to 40 hours every fifteen days during the school period.

The rules on student work have recently been tightened, so those interested should verify their visa type before applying for a job.

Scholarships to study in Australia
There are a number of programs available for international students that can take the form of scholarships or grants. Among the most prominent are:

The Australia Awards
Aimed at students from developing countries, this is a collection of more than 3,000 scholarships offered by various governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.

Endeavor Leadership Program
Announced by the Australian government as part of its budget for 2018-2019, this program combines several government awards.

Research Training Program (RTP)
This scheme administers scholarships for national and international studies studying for Master and Doctorate research.

In addition, individual universities have their own programs and endowments, and can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.





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