Study in Turkey for international students




Study in Turkey for international students How Popular was Turkey as an International Student Turkey a convenient choice for many international students the rapid improvement in higher education quality
Why have international students wishing to study abroad turned their attention to studying in Turkey ?
If you want to study in Turkey you have three ways to join Turkish universities:

First: private universities in Turkey
Private universities are distinguished universities that do not require any admission tests to enroll in them they accept only high school diplomas and Turkish private universities occupy a high ranking among universities in the world and also have all the majors that the student is searching for. The study is available in English or Turkish and most universities are said to be the first language to study in it is 100% English.



Very well as an agent of the best private universities in Turkey it guarantees you free admission and special discounts for the value of tuition fees of up to 75% in the best private universities in Turkey in both Istanbul and Ankara as well as for those wishing to study in distinguished universities in Turkish Cyprus where the percentage of Tuition fees relatively in the Turkish universities of Cyprus.

Second: public universities in Turkey
Public universities in Turkey are among the best universities in the world and many of them occupy advanced centers in terms of global and local rankings such as: Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University and Istanbul Technik University.

Public universities depend in their selection process among international students applying for preferences by choosing the best among applicants according to the required conditions, where many universities rely heavily on the ability test (EOS) or the American SAT test of all kinds, whether the first or second system, or the comparison between advanced students And choosing the best among them according to their average in the high school (the baccalaureate), knowing that each public university has its own separate conditions for admission and trade-offs among students.

Third: Free Turkish scholarships
Turkish Scholarship is a scholarship provided by the Turkish government to foreign students from all over the world. The Turkish Scholarship is considered one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world due to its coverage in almost all disciplines and all academic levels.

The Turkish government also provides no less than 4000 scholarships annually, which leads to a high rate of admission for applicants. Turkish universities are considered one of the best universities at the present time because many of them have a high ranking, and Turkey has many universities ranked among the 100 best universities in the world.


Advantages of studying in Turkey
Turkey is one of the most suitable countries to study, as it is distinguished by a unique strategic location between East and West, and it has a wide climate and geographical diversity as part of the continents of Asia and Europe alike. You find that university fees and the cost of living in Turkey are cheaper and less than most European countries and the United States American. The study environment in Turkey also provides you with an opportunity to experience both modern and traditional experiences under one roof in a safer and more stable country.




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