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Study media and communication journalism in USA America Information about studying mass communication and media in the USA

Studying media and communication media is one of the favorite studies among young people all over the world which has gained increasing popularity in recent times due to the spread of social media that helped many young people to highlight their talents and creativity in the fields of media and journalism



and was the catalyst for academic study in this field and is considered Studying the media and communication media in America is one of the best programs in the world which you can rely on for what you offer. One of the most important advantages is qualifying students to work in the best media and press workplaces.

Requirements for studying media in the United States
If you want to study the media and the means of communication in America you must be familiar with some of the requirements that are imposed as a condition for admission and it should be noted that there is some difference when applying to private universities from public universities each type of them has different admission requirements and the more specific the field the more admission criteria that increase They can be summarized as follows:

First: The student must have a secondary certificate recognized and approved by the outside.

Second: Your CGPA must be a minimum of 3 points or an average of “B”.

Third: The English language is a prerequisite for admission so you must be at a distinct level in order for your papers to be accepted so you will need to get at least 6 points in the IELTS test or 565 points in the TOEFL test which means the need to prepare well and practice the language More to become your first language.

The cost of studying media and means of communication in America
Studying in the United States is an expensive matter so it must be well planned but you need to know that education there has no specific cost or expenses but the costs are determined on the basis of the chosen programs university housing and city whose costs vary from one person to another and we can To say that the average cost of studying in America is about 45000 US dollars.

Business requirements in the media field
To work in the field of media and communication the student must exhibit some important characteristics such as:
Flexibility in thinking.
Creativity and independence in presenting ideas.
– Have distinct attractive and different writing skills.
– To have the ability to collect information news and to investigate it and its accuracy.
Proficiency in foreign languages at least other than the mother tongue.
Proficiency in the use of computers and graphics programs.
– Be aware of the skills of publishing and photography.
– To have the ability to establish relationships with many news carriers.

The fields of media study and means of communication in America
When thinking about traveling and studying in the United States it is always best to choose a field of study such as:
Master in Media Studies.
Master in Media Business Administration.
PhD in Mass Communication and Media.

As all of these specializations offer a lot of qualified and developed programs for the student in the field of media management and media production and they also work on developing creativity and critical thinking.

Master’s subjects in the United States
Masters studies in America include a number of subjects in a range of areas such as:

Media theory and research design.
Professional and ethical laws of the media.
Theories of mass communication.
Cultural and political issues in the media.
History of the mass media and communication.
Global Media Systems.
Digital video design and production.
Media management systems.
Theory and practice of public relations.

All of this in addition to the research carried out by the student in his field of study which is evaluated at the end of the program and on the basis of which he is awarded a master’s thesis in media.

Career options for the media and media
This field offers many famous and varied career options such as:
– Media producer or manager.
– Website designer or editor.
– Director of Public Relations.
– Multimedia product.
– Director.
Producer of digital movies.
Specialized in media teaching.

And you have to make sure to choose the appropriate and appropriate specialization for you which you think achieves your ambition whether it is one of the theoretical or applied fields on the ground success depends on the love of the field in which you work.

The best universities that offer programs for media study and communication in America
The United States contains the most famous universities that teach the media and communication media including:
– University of California.
Carnegie Mellon University.
University of Iowa.
– University of Southern California.
Florida State University.
Western Michigan University




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