Study nursing in Australia best universities to study  the cost of studying




Study nursing in Australia best universities to study  the cost of studying




Studying nursing in Australia is one of the most important studies based on a scientific basis due to the importance of nursing in providing distinguished medical services in various medical institutions and hospitals around the world and for this there are many different universities that provide students with many and many courses and specialized study programs in this study which They are offered at the highest level and these universities not only give students a bachelor’s degree but also master’s and doctoral degrees.


– Nursing specialization in Australia

Nursing is one of the most important specializations taught by students in Australia as it is one of the most competitive fields in which a graduate can obtain a distinguished job upon graduation as medical institutions and centers continuously strive to include the distinguished and those with competence in that field and the nursing graduate works in the exercise of tasks His work in various fields and medical specialties the most important of which are dialysis cardiovascular catheters cancer intensive care pediatric nursing surgery internal medicine mental health nursing women’s nursing and other various nursing specialties.


What is the cost of studying nursing in Australia?


Studying nursing within Australia needs specific costs to complete it and these costs differ in different universities specialized in the study of nursing in addition to the costs necessary for living also within this country and also varies according to the student’s residence within Australia so housing within the places designated for students by the university differs in price Accommodation in one of the hotels homes or apartments designated for that. The cost of living in these places ranges from 85 Australian dollars to 440 Australian dollars. As for the costs of studying nursing within Australian universities it ranges from 18000 Australian dollars to 24000 Australian dollars. The following countries will provide you with average university costs in US dollars and Saudi riyals:


Study nursing in Australia
Cost in dollars
$ 22000

Study nursing in Australia
What are the requirements for studying nursing in Australia?
There are many requirements that must be fulfilled when undergoing nursing study in Australia and the most important of these requirements are:


Certificate requirements:


Submit certificates and evidence proving obtaining secondary qualifications until admission to the university concerned. It is worth noting that Australian universities do not recognize the high school diploma unless after ensuring that the student has completed high school in one of the accredited schools.


Language requirements:
The applicant to study nursing inside Australia must submit proof that he is able to speak the English language fluently by passing many important tests including:


The IELTS test:

The Atlas test is one of the most important tests which works as a balance to measure the proficiency and mastery of the English language. This test was designed to measure the ability of people who seek to work or learn abroad to speak the English language. This test consists of 4 basic levels universities are required Australia obtain at least 7 or 7 and a half degrees in each level.


TOEFL test:

The TOEFL test is one of the most important tests through which the safety of the English language is confirmed by the person who performed the test and through this test the person proves his proficiency and ability to write and read English and this test is divided into two parts: paper and another electronic over the Internet.


What are the admission requirements for studying nursing in Australia?

The study of nursing within Australia subject its students to many conditions that must be met by them. The most important of these conditions are:

The age of the applicant to study nursing in Australian universities is not less than 18 years.
That the applicant has completed high school with a certain percentage determined by the university each year and varies from year to year.

The applicant is fluent in a number of different skills including flexibility during handling so that the student is able to deal with patients smoothly accept the other and be able to work in a team and help others.


What are the best universities to study nursing in Australia?

1- Curtin University
2- Deakin University
3- Flinders University
4- University of Tasmania
5- University of Wollongong






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