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Study of Electrical Engineering in Australia  cost of studying admission requirements




The country of Australia is distinguished by being one of the countries that many international students intend to study different disciplines and fields as it is famous for the quality of higher education in its educational institutions in addition to its wide popularity in the world and one of the most important disciplines in Australia is electrical engineering where Australia includes a group of the best universities Classified globally that includes this important branch of engineering these universities also offer training courses that help international and local students obtain the highest degrees.


Electrical Engineering in Australia:

The Electrical Engineering Branch is classified as one of the important fields that many seek to study and benefit from as is the case in mechanical engineering computer science where it specializes in designing and developing new electrical systems and methods for the smart grid in order to transfer energy and distribute it appropriately in addition to serious planning For the energy system renewable energy generation operation and control electrical machinery electrical transport infrastructure energy storage methods within electrical power systems and vehicles as well as electromagnetic transport in energy networks.


The study of electrical engineering in Australian universities takes a period of 4 years in which the student studies the field of electrical energy and everything related to electronic circuits design electronics and computing units where electrical engineering is concerned with the design development and maintenance of electrical systems and the design of electrical equipment that is used in various sectors Including the transportation sector the construction sector the maintenance sector and others and this is done through distinctive study programs in addition to training courses that develop the student’s scientific and practical skills until he is ready to exit to the job market.


The student through his studies in electrical engineering selects a major from the following list of specializations:

1- Theoretical electrical engineering
2- Energy Engineering
3- Communication Engineering
4- Electronics Engineering
5- Signal engineering
6- Automatic control and industrial automation engineering
7- Computer Engineering
8- Engine engineering


What is the cost of studying electrical engineering in Australia?

It is recognized that choosing to study in a foreign country requires special costs that must be provided in order for the student to study well and when talking about Australia we find that there are study costs that differ from other countries which confirms the need to determine these costs in order to determine the special financial situation Before taking the decision to travel abroad for study the costs of studying electrical engineering in Australia are as follows:


Annual cost

36 480 Australian dollars


What are the requirements for studying electrical engineering in Australia?

There is no doubt that each of the different fields of study requires a set of special requirements for the student in order for the student to pass all the stages of success successfully and excellently with a good background on work and exit to the labor market at full strength with a distinguished certificate proving his competence in This specialization and electrical engineering requires that the student have the following:


1 – Continuous learning that reflects the student’s always-knowing nature as he continues to seek to identify the things that he does not know to form new knowledge experiences that help him progress towards the best.
2- Creative thinking that helps the student to find solutions to the problems that hinder him through the use of creative and innovative methods
3- The student’s extensive knowledge of mathematics which is indispensable in this discipline as mathematics helps the student to understand the study programs to achieve the best degrees.
4- Logical and analytical thinking that affects the student in a positive way and makes him gain the ability to solve problems as quickly as possible with a distinct level of high quality


What are the admission requirements for studying electrical engineering in Australia?

1- Obtaining an accredited high school diploma from a public or private school.
2- Obtaining high levels in basic subjects such as mathematics physics and chemistry.
3- The student passes the international language test (IELTS or TOEFL) as proof of his English language skills.
4- Having a certificate proving the student’s financial ability to cover the costs of studying electrical engineering in Australia.

What are the best universities to study electrical engineering in Australia?

1- Macquarie University
2- University of Sydney
3- University of Melbourne
4- Monash University
5- Curtin University





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