Tabata Training and How It Works Tabata program for loss weight




Tabata Training and How It Works Tabata program for loss weight
how you can get a butt-blasting workout done

What are the Tabata exercises in detail ?
Have you ever heard of the name Tabata while in the gym, while watching TV or on YouTube?
In this article, we will give you adequate and adequate explanation for Tabata exercises



Tabata exercises are a type of exercises related to cardiovascular exercises and aerobic exercises and these exercises are considered somewhat new, as they were not used or spread until after 1990, in this year the Tabata exercises were discovered by doctor Izumi Tabata and these exercises were named after him.

Tabata Training and How It Works Tabata program for loss weight
Tabata Training and How It Works Tabata program for loss weight

Doctor Izumi Tabata was searching for a new method and method of exercise that strengthens and enhances the energy of the Japanese Olympic skiing team.

He focused his research on finding exercises aimed at making the body exert maximum effort, and reaches its muscles to the maximum extent possible to provide performance, and that Depending on the effort and internal energy of the body without external effort and heavy weights

in order to return after the end of the exercise with a large and long energy charge for hours, of course performing any intense and high effort will get you to this stage but it may cause danger to your health and your muscles growth and cause many muscle tears

so resort Doctor Izumi Tabata to the Tamari group Aerobic anyone can do with determining the appropriate length of time that the body can carry out this exercise effort.


The most common Tabata exercises
The most common Tabata exercises


The most common Tabata exercises
Squats  push-up pressure  jumping rope and running in the same place and stomach with fixed appearance on the ground

Method of exercise
Tabata exercises depend on doing dense, fast, and repetitive exercises in a short time and taking quick intervals to rest between these exercises Doing a Tabata exercise requires 4 minutes divided into 8 groups, training 20 seconds and taking a break for 10 seconds.

20 seconds exercise.
10 seconds break.
8 groups number of repetition exercise.
Total time 4 minutes

In the duration of the 20-second exercise, the person must perform the exercise movements with the utmost effort and the most possible number of movements, and here the performance varies according to each person’s practice of Tabata exercises, that is to say, there is no specific number of movements for each exercise in the twenty seconds, but you must try to provide greater Performance you can do.


Tabata exercises mainly depend on balance and stability, balance of the body and the stability of the feet, shoulders, head and back position are what the Tabata exercises depend on, and this will make the Tabata exercises require a great focus and make them difficult exercises, since these aerobic exercises are considered difficult to implement and drain the maximum limits of effort and energy.

The experts divided these exercises into two parts

Tabata exercises for beginners
Maintain the same duration and exercise groups, but in a different order

15 seconds of training
15 seconds break
Total exercise 8
Duration 4 minutes
The most recommended exercise for beginners is to run around

Tabata exercises for practitioners

A person who has practiced long-term Tabata exercises can obtain wider options that yield greater benefits and higher rates, for example; instead of doing 8 exercise groups at once, this group can be repeated twice and get 8 minutes of Tabata exercises with a break of one to two minutes and the exercise becomes As follows:

20 seconds exercise
Rest 10 seconds
Duration 4 minutes
1 to 2 minute break interval
Repeat the exercise
Total exercises 16

In addition, it is possible to do a new exercise method that requires more effort, which is combining two types of movements with one exercise, for example, instead of doing the movement of squats for four minutes, the movement of squats can be combined with the movement of pressure with one exercise within four minutes

Benefits of Tabata exercises
With time and research several benefits have been derived from Tabata exercises

The topic did not stand as just exercises that give more energy and strength to the body, here is a list of the most benefits that these exercises offer you when doing it continuously

1. Burn fat
Tabata exercises have become nowadays the most appropriate option for all people looking to lose weight. Tabata exercises contribute greatly to burning fat and losing weight, by increasing the metabolism rate, as you raise the metabolic rate about 15 times from the basic rate in the body, when doing this Regular training, the more energy the body burns during rest, and therefore the higher the rate of energy burning, the greater the rate of body fat burning.

2. Increased muscle tissue
Tabata exercises make you put in a stressful style that leads to the stress of those muscle tissue, and this will make the body fully prepared to increase the rate of muscle tissue during the exercise of exercises to increase muscle mass

3. Increased stamina
Strong Tabata exercises give you the ability to consume the largest amount of oxygen when exercising and are known as aerobic capacity, and these exercises also cause the maximum energy produced by the body in the absence of oxygen by burning carbohydrates and known as anaerobic capacity, these two types of aerobic and anaerobic capabilities provide an increase Great in stamina.

In addition to these benefits  Tabata exercises improve the cardiovascular system and increase flexibility, flexibility and body fitness.

Important notes
Tabata exercises are very stressful and difficult at the same time, and therefore, as they are, like any strenuous exercise, it is not recommended to repeat them daily  and it is preferred to practice tabata once or twice a week.

It is advised to consult a doctor and take permission from him to practice Tibetan exercises if you suffer from heart diseases




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