Terms of profit from YouTube YouTube monetization policies




Terms of profit from YouTube YouTube monetization policies
What you will learn from this article
You will learn the terms of profit or making money from YouTube in a simple and detailed manner with examples for clarification.

You will learn about the idea behind YouTube setting these conditions.
You will understand that these terms work for you  not against you.
You will understand that achieving the conditions cannot become a goal in itself.
You will be introduced to a set of tips and ideas to achieve profit conditions from YouTube in a short time.



What are the conditions for profit from YouTube?

First condition: Your channel complies with YouTube monetization policies
In the past, YouTube called these policies  YouTube Partner Program Policies  but in September 2019 YouTube changed the name of these policies to be called YouTube monetization policies
It is a set of standards and laws that every participant in the YouTube Partner Program must abide by and not break  and they are standards and laws related to integrity, honor, non-deception or putting others at risk.

It is worth noting that these standards and policies exist and are activated from the beginning … Yes, many do not care about them, but they are a basic condition of the conditions of profit from YouTube and the continuation of this profit, and because of it  many Arab channels are banned and their due profits are lost!

These policies are divided into four parts:

1- Forum Guidelines (Policies and Safety)
It is a set of general guidelines for the nature of content accepted on the YouTube platform  and a list of unacceptable content types. These guidelines are enforceable for every YouTube content creator … even if he is not a participant in the YouTube Partner Program

2- Terms of Service
It is a set of items specific to the use of the YouTube platform in general, and it is by the way specific to every user of the YouTube platform, whether it is a viewer or a creator of content.

3- AdSense Program Policies
In order to start earning profits from your channel, you must participate in the Google AdSense program for Google, and this program has its own policies that you must also adhere to to accept your account in the program, and you can learn about these policies in detail through the official Google page


4- Tips for advertiser-friendly content
We said above that YouTube’s monetization policies are divided into four parts, and the first part was general guidelines for publishing content on YouTube, and it is specific to any video that is published on YouTube even if it is not shared and does not show ads.

These instructions are also specific to the nature of acceptable and unacceptable content, but they are special and more specific guidelines for channel owners whose advertisements appear on their channels, that is, participants in the program.

The second condition: that you reside in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available
This is one of the important conditions for profit from YouTube, which is a source of frustration for many young people around the world, and it simply stems from the fact that YouTube provides the YouTube Partner Program to a group of countries in the world, not all countries of the world.
The good thing is that the YouTube Partner Program is available in most countries of the world, and a few countries are only deprived of participation, and it is worth noting that it is also available in most Arab countries.

To find out if your country has the program available or not, you should visit the official Google page
The third condition: your channel has 4000 hours of public viewing during the past 12 months
In fact, this is a condition of profit from YouTube that confuses many, so I will explain it here in detail so that there will be no confusion about his understanding again.

First, let’s agree that the condition talks about 4000 watch hours, not 4000 watch
The condition here is related to the achievement of a certain number of hours of viewing, and is not directly related to the number of views.

Let’s take an example: Suppose your channel contains one video and this video lasts one hour, and your video gets 4000 views, but the average viewer’s time to watch the video was only 15 minutes.
So with a simple calculation, we can know that your channel got 60 thousand minutes watched. (4000 * 15 = 60000), and this means that your channel got you a thousand watch hours only (60000/60 = 1000), so the 4000 hours requirement is still not fulfilled.

Another example is you have 20 videos on your channel, each video is 40 minutes long, the average viewer’s time to watch the video is 30 minutes, and each video on your channel gets only 500 views.
If with a simple calculation, we can know that your channel got 300 thousand watch minutes (20 * 500 * 30 = 300000), and this means that your channel got 5,000 watch hours (300000/60 = 5000), and by this your channel has met the second condition.

Second: Let’s agree that YouTube has set a specific time period to achieve views, which is a year
Here YouTube will look at the date of your channel in the last 12 months and calculate the total hours of views to ensure that the condition applies or not, but the famous question that many ask is do I have to wait a whole year for the condition to apply?

The answer clearly is that you do not have to wait a year for the condition to materialize  but YouTube has set a year as valid for viewing and to understand that clearly I will set an example as well.
You have a channel since January 2018, and during the year 2018, the channel achieved 20 thousand watch hours, but for some reason your channel stopped getting more views (perhaps because you relied on the trend strategy to reap the views and the trend ended and no one is interested in the videos), and for some reason also you did not By posting more videos in 2019, then your channel only gets 3000 watch hours.

And now we are at the beginning of the year 2020, and you are participating in the YouTube Partner Program, here the total views of your channel is 28 thousand hours, but you are still not fulfilling the condition, because your channel did not achieve 4000 in the last 12 months.
Another example: You have a channel since July 2019  and during the past 6 months the channel has achieved a total of 4,500 watch views  in this case and assuming that you want to participate in January 2020  the condition applies to your channel.

Note: According to YouTube itself, the views that are counted are public views  so your achievement of the views yourself will not count!
Fourth condition: Your channel has at least one thousand subscribers
YouTube will only accept your channel to participate in the YouTube Partner Program if it receives at least 1,000 subscribers.

It is worth noting here that obtaining a thousand subscribers only may not be sufficient  because there is a possibility that some participants cancel their subscription between the time of submitting the application and responding to it.

So I strongly advise not to start submitting the application, except in the case of exceeding one thousand subscribers by an appropriate number, and in any case you will understand shortly that obtaining a thousand subscribers is not suitable as a goal in any case.
It is worth noting that this condition and the previous condition of profit conditions from YouTube are two new conditions and they have been applied only since the beginning of 2018.
Fifth condition: You have a Google Adsense account

Google Adsense is a subsidiary of Google and specializes in providing publishers with the opportunity to make profits, and it is not limited to making profits through YouTube channels  but profit from Google Adsense is also available for website owners to make profits from their sites.
Once you fulfill the conditions of the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours … you can access your Google Adsense registration link from your channel.

Why YouTube sets these conditions for everyone who wants to make a profit
The answer is simply because YouTube wants to succeed like any other large website  and success cannot be achieved without a system and laws.

We can divide the terms of profit from YouTube into two sections  one related to respecting laws and policies, and a section related to seriousness and requires the harvesting of a certain number of views and subscribers, and accordingly we can divide the reasons for YouTube setting these conditions into two sections as well:

1- Reasons for setting the conditions for use and content publishing policies
Most of YouTube’s policies are related to not publishing content that violates or exploits children, or has sexual hints, or the promotion of prohibited products such as drugs or weapons … etc. In fact, these policies are almost found in most social media sites  but also are policies that exist for many From audience-based sites to create content.
On closer examination  you will find that these policies are a very important thing to make YouTube a safe place for its users  and this of course will attract more users  and therefore is in the interest of the creator like you.

2- The reasons for placing the conditions of the 1000 subscribers and the 4000 watch hours
In the past  the YouTube Partner Program was crowded with millions of inactive participants, who were counted on the program only numerically, but in practice they had no activity.
So YouTube at the beginning of 2018 put these two conditions in order to separate the serious and the non-serious  if you are a person who is serious about profiting from YouTube then it is normal for you to follow and you will easily get 1000 subscribers to your channel  and you will continue to publish new videos and publish your channel to YouTube.
This  of course  will ultimately result in you getting more views and you will be able to achieve the 4000 hours watched naturally without focusing on exceeding the condition, and your focus will be mainly on success.

At the end of this section  we can conclude that the terms of profit from YouTube are supposed to work in your favor and not against you  so do not deal with them as obstacles but rather treat them as laws that you must adhere to as if you are an employee of a company.
It is worth noting here that the 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers cannot be considered targets in their own right.

My advice to you in this regard is to focus on constantly creating new content  working to build a fan base  and trying to present the best videos you can offer  in order to become a truly successful YouTube user  you basically need to work to constantly develop yourself.
You also need to understand that there are many other ways to profit from YouTube without Adsense  which you can use to make a profit from your channel during the period of work to fulfill the conditions.

Tips to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

1- Make a channel about something you love
This is the main element that will help you to continue  caring about the thing that you offer on your YouTube channel will give you the motivation you need to continue, and it will help you achieve results in a faster time, because you are working on something you love.

2- Keep publishing constantly renewed content
If you remember the two examples that I presented to you in the 4000-hour watch requirement … through the two examples, it became clear that the more videos your channel has got, and even a few views  the more your chance to gain 4000 views.
My advice to you here is not to stop posting new videos regardless of how old your videos are

3- Put quality as your primary and primary logo
Quality is the main and most important factor affecting the decision to finalize a video to the end  or lock it and search for another  more quality video. My advice here for you is to do the utmost you can do to make the highest quality videos.

4- Marketing is an important component of your success
Many video creators believe that success on YouTube is in making and publishing videos and they believe that their role ends once the video is published but the truth is that marketing is a very important element and should always be taken into account

In the end my friend I hope with all my heart that this article is useful to you and answered the question  What are the conditions for profit from YouTube?  In a detailed and clear way, so that you don’t need to search again for an answer.




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