The best and most important PPV companies




The best and most important PPV companies

When marketers try to find a cheap source for visitors their PPV companies often turn to their minds.
PPV is an acronym for (Pay Per View) and means advertising in the form of pay per view.



Many marketers tend to this type of advertising due to the ease of obtaining it on the one hand and on the other hand because of the low cost compared to other types of ads.

Here we are not going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of PPV visitors.
But in this article we will address a very important topic which is the best company through which you can get good and guaranteed PPV visitors and you can achieve profitable results through it.

Here is a list of the best PPV companies

Propelmedia company
It was previously known as Trafficvance.
When we talk about PPV visitors, we should start with King Traffic Vans.
No one who gets PPV visitors is the same, Traffic Vans is the best PPV company on the Internet overall.
This company was established in 2006.
They have more than 2000 advertisers daily.
And through this company you can get the highest level of targeted visitors as it is and with a certificate of all opinions the company is the best to get ppv visitors with the highest conversion rate.


The most important advantages of the company Propelmedia
1- The minimum amount to open an account with Traffic Vans is $ 1,000.
They must review and approve your application before you actually join the company, because this company really has strict laws in accepting advertisers, so do not accept any advertiser willing to pay like other companies.

2- You can buy visitors through it by paying for the advertisement page or for a click as well.
3- Traffic Vans is one of the best PPV companies, ideal for targeted visitors for gaming shows.
As many of the fans of this advertising company are game lovers.
Also, many advertisers have achieved exceptional results with them in many types of offers, such as entertainment, educational and dating offers.
4- She has a tremendous amount of visitors since once your account is approved and in the event that it is charged $ 1000.
It is possible that you make their first advertising campaign and receive tons of visitors.
5- It is the ideal company if you want to get visitors from the United States of America.
6- The largest percentage of visitors to this company are married women who have children and do continuous shopping through the Internet, and their ages range between 35:44 years.

I have personal experience with this company and I managed to achieve positive results earlier.
The thing that I like about this company is that it has a certain class of visitors called  RON
It is the abbreviation Run On Network and it refers to visitors who remain advertisers and who do not fall under any classification.
And it is characterized by this type of visitors with a very low price where you can buy a thousand visitors for only 4 dollars  I do not know to what extent this price is still valid or changed, but if it differs it will be within narrow limits

The most important advantages of Media traffic company
1- The minimum amount to open an account is only $ 200, so it is very suitable for everyone who has had a problem with money.
2- At any time, you can close your account and get all your money from the remaining funds in your account.
3- She has a good support team and has extensive experience.
4- After consuming the first $ 200, you can only recharge your account for $ 100 each time.
5- It is very suitable for beginners not only because of the low minimum to open an account but also because of the ease of use in addition to the multiple and easy advertising systems for every beginner.
6- I think their prices are very good compared to some other companies.

This company is somewhat modern compared to other companies  but there are many positive reviews on the Internet about it.
Moreover  I personally know some people who achieve very good results.

The most important advantages of the company 50onred
1- The minimum amount to open a $ 500 account is considered one of the easiest companies to accept new advertisers due to its novelty.
2- It has a good level of visitors in terms of quantity and quality.
3- You can achieve good results by marketing your game offers.
4- You are characterized by an exceptionally distinguished support team as you will get a response sooner than you expected or imagined.

There are many, many other PPV companies but here I wanted to list the best companies.
Which I know very well is its efficiency and excellent performance based on my own experience  or the experience of people I know personally  or based on the lack of different opinions on the Internet.
Thousands of marketers around the world use PPV visitors as the primary and only source for visitors to market products or offers of others under the affiliate system and they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every day through this type of visitors.




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