The best marketing tools for all disciplines




The best marketing tools for all disciplines
Tools in general best marketing are very important in our daily life  as we rely on them to perform most daily tasks. The tools make performing tasks easier and saving a lot of time and effort.

In the world of e-marketing  tools occupy a very special importance and position. Perhaps a person can stand up for some time without using tools. As for those who depend on their work on the Internet like you and me  the tools here represent the essence of their work and almost nothing can be done without them.
As a professional online marketer, you have to choose your e marketing tools very carefully. Who among us wants to waste time, money or effort with tools that do not achieve the desired purpose?



I wrote this article to make it a source of the most important e-marketing tools in all its branches.
E-marketing tools: They are specialized services provided by some sites to e-marketers, some of which are paid and some are free. These services are very important in performing tasks accurately, quickly, and save time and effort to help success and achieve goals.

E-marketing tools vary very widely to suit every specialty and every need.

It should be noted here that the e-marketing tools are arranged in this article according to the marketing specializations. In all listings you will also find free and paid tools together.

First the most important online marketing tools for commission marketers

This tool enables you to create a wonderful landing page, with a lot of features such as compatibility with all mobile devices and computers, the ease of modification without using a code, the ability to test more than one version of the landing page, and many other features.

Voluum is the best and most popular campaign tracking tool in the affiliate marketing world, especially for marketers with huge visitor numbers.
An accurate and easy-to-use tool that will help you track your advertising campaigns in order to optimize them for the best results.

Tool to create a mailing list for those who use email marketing. There is a free plan that gives you the formation of a mailing list of 2000 emails, and the ability to send 120,000 emails.

This tool enables you to manage all social media accounts easily from one place, it has a lot of capabilities that make marketing through social media sites easier and faster.
It gives you the ability to manage 3 accounts completely free of charge.

A great tool that gives you the ability to learn about any topics that are popular on social media at a specific time. Let you know the most popular topics for any site you choose. The great thing is that it offers a lot of features completely free.

A great tool for those working in the field of commission marketing, especially in the marketing of CPA offers. Through this site you can view all the offers in affiliate companies. Also  you know the marketing commission for each bid in each company.

This tool will help you choose the best affiliate company for you.

Secondly  the most important e-marketing tools for website owners
Google Analytics

A wonderful tool provided by Google to website owners, through which you can identify accurate data for your site visitors. Then making decisions to better improve your site’s performance.
The tool is completely free, but it equals a lot for every website owner. It provides you with everything you need to know about your site.

It is worth noting that this is one service, one of many services provided by Google to website owners completely free of charge.

Completely free tool that enables you to build your site without requiring any skills in the code. Anyone with little effort can work with WordPress and make their own website easily and in record time.
This is in addition to a lot of great WordPress plugins, which are available in the WordPress store, which give your site a lot of important features and features.

This free tool also enables you to shorten your site links, for short links and better looking. You can share it on social media, so it looks better in front of your followers.
This great tool also allows tracking and analysis of your site visitors (it will give you accurate data on who clicked on the short links)

Great SEO tool, enables you to do an analysis of your site and the keywords you want to target. It has many advantages, including obtaining a list of links that have been shared to your site or competitors’ sites, knowing your site’s pages that have been archived in Google, and many other features.
The great thing about this tool is that although it is a paid tool, there are many advantages that it provides for free.

One of the most important and well-known SEO tools, it has a lot of different features like the one before it, but it is especially great in Paklink analysis.
Through it you can learn the reasons for the success of the competitors and follow their example.

Of course every website owner needs good hosting to host his website, in fact there are a lot of good hosting companies.
The siteground is a special hosting especially for those who use the WordPress platform.

This tool enables you to measure the speed of your site, and provides you with factors that you can improve to increase the speed of your site. Given the great importance that Google attaches to the faster downloading sites, which strongly affect the visitor’s experience in dealing with sites, this tool is extremely important.

Of course there are plenty of other important tools for everyone who works on or owns a website.
To get more of these great tools, check out my previous post about the free Google tools for every website owner.

Third  the most important e-marketing tools for YouTube publishers
In short, this tool is the most important and best for every YouTube publisher, with regard to making and editing videos. A great and professional tool with a lot of features that will make you create videos that compete with the largest publishers.

This is an analysis tool for all the videos posted on social media, especially YouTube, of course. Through it you can, for example, access to the best successful videos, and then make similar videos or talk about the same topics.

A great tool that enables you to record from the screen, while commenting with your voice. To make a great video explaining something to your channel followers or commenting on a specific event, for example. This tool also gives you some capabilities and features to make a video editing after recording.

TubeBuddy for YouTube
This tool is an addition on Google Chrome that enables you, as a YouTube channel owner, to perform many tasks easily and quickly.
This tool enables you to manage your channel and add a lot of improvements to your videos free of charge.

Fourth  various other electronic marketing tools
Facebook audience insights
A visitor analysis tool for Facebook, which you can use from your Facebook advertising account or business account. This tool provides a lot of data and information about your site visitors or your landing pages.

This tool enables you to follow up on your trademark, through which you can identify any publication on the social media, the name of your trademark was mentioned. You can study competitors as well, and get to know the people who influence your site or your advertising campaigns.

Who works in e-marketing and does not know hubspot? This great website provides a comprehensive marketing tool that helps you to create competitive content for your site and get visitors to it, and many other features that cover all aspects of marketing.

This tool enables you to manage all the social media accounts of your website from one place. They have a free plan that gives you many advantages with the ability to manage only three accounts.


Points you should pay attention to regarding e-marketing tools
1- Tools are a great and very effective way to help you succeed, but your success as an online marketer will not necessarily be achieved by owning the required tools, but it is achieved as a result of your effort and your ability to use these tools to achieve your goals.

2- You have to ask yourself before buying or using any marketing tool, “Are the possible results from using it worth the price paid or the time spent dealing with it?”

3- There are many great e-marketing tools, but you just have to choose the tools you really need, depending on the nature, size and number of marketing projects that you work on, and also depends on the goals and marketing vision that differ between one marketer and another and between a period of time and another even for the same project .

4- Although there are electronic marketing tools geared to specific disciplines, there are many tools that suit more than one discipline.

For example, there are tools that are suitable for those working in the field of commission marketing, and also suitable for website owners.

5- The market for e-marketing tools is very large, as it is difficult to combine all tools in one topic. For example, you will find dozens of tools that perform the same task.




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