The best search engines of 2020




The best search engines of 2020
The web search engines world is literally crammed with a huge amount of websites  these sites actually cover everything that you can think of  and you can benefit from it in all aspects of your life. If there was one fact that I learned  through my use of the Internet over the past years  it is: The Internet always contains more than I think  and I always discover that there are prospects beyond what I expect.

The window that makes this rich world (the world of the Internet) at your fingertips is: a good search engine, because through the search engines you can reach all this richness that characterizes the Internet.
On this topic I will give you a list of the top 20 search engines, which will open up new horizons for you, and give you a richer and more diverse view of the Internet world. Indeed, this topic will change your thinking a lot about the idea of ​​searching on the Internet in general. Perhaps everyone knows some of the search engines that I will talk about today, but I trust that my list includes wonderful search engines of a special nature  and not everyone knows them.




What are search engines and how do they work?
In short  search engines are advanced programs owned by leading companies, these programs operate with advanced technology  so that the Internet user can access the content he wants through the search process that he conducts. Search engines perform the search process for the user mainly through the words that the user enters into the search rectangle, but recently  due to the huge technological development  it became possible to search by speaking the words (Voice Search).

1- Crawling
It is the process in which search engines send their bots to websites to collect information about the content posted on each webpage. Literally search engines visit every webpage on the Internet to collect information about them and the nature of the content posted on them.

2- Indexing
It is basically a process related to the one before it, and sometimes it is treated by some as one. In this process all data collected from crawl is stored in the search engine database.

3- Providing Results
It is the process in which the search engine program receives the word or sentence used by the researcher  and searches it in the database to access web pages that talk about this word or sentence, and then present these pages to the user in the form of search results.
This is a simple and brief description of how search engines work, but if you want to get more information about how search engines work, you should refer to a specialized topic on this point in the winners, through the link below.
How search engines work


List of the top 20 search engines

1- Google
This is the most powerful and best search engine in the web world, and it is the most used search engine also, especially in our Arab region.


2- Bing
A great search engine from Microsoft, which is one of Google’s strongest competitors. The search engine Ping has many important features including: Image or news specialized search. The Ping search engine is also fast in performing searches. In short it is a great product for Microsoft which makes it a search engine worth trying.


3- Yahoo
Yahoo is an ancient name in the web world, Yahoo has a powerful search engine, and has a large share of Internet searches. Recently, Yahoo search engine has been under the management of Microsoft, some believe that this means: that Yahoo and Ping use the same algorithms, and then show the same results.
But the truth is that this is not true and this is clear from the results of the research, and I also believe that Microsoft management is smarter than it did.
It is worth noting that Yahoo is ranked eighth globally in terms of visitors


4- Ask
Created since 1996 under the name Ask Jeeves, it is also one of the good search engines that many internet users around the world trust. This search engine relies on the expertise to show results, not the element of fame. Its goal is to give experts the opportunity to appear first.
It allows for customization of searches only in videos, and it has a lot of search options for filtering results, such as limiting the search results to videos less than 4 minutes.


5- Aol
Yahoo is similar in many features, including that this search engine has a free email service, and this search engine also has its own content in many areas, including news and business.
It has automatic word search feature like Google, and it can be customized for videos, pictures or maps. It has many properties for filtering results, such as timing or quality of photos and videos. It is also worth noting that since the beginning of 2016, Microsoft has been running the Aol search engine.


6- Yandex
This is the number one search engine in Russia, and it is widely used in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The Yandex search engine is one of the most important and best search engines ever, and it is characterized by being an integrated search engine like Google, and it has an email service, and the search can be customized through it in maps, pictures or videos.
It also has many other services such as interpretation and has a private browser as well, in addition to 70 other services in the technological field.


7- Duckduckgo
Most search engines collect and store user data for advertising purposes, as user data is used to display targeted advertisements personally according to the date of user activity.
As for this search engine, its slogan is: “We are a search engine that does not track users.” The secret of the excellence of this search engine is respecting the privacy of users, and not saving their data for advertising purposes. Given the importance of the privacy component of many Internet users, this search engine has met a significant growth and development during the few years Past.


8- Ecosia
An ordinary search engine like Yahoo and Ping, but the cool thing about it is that it allocates its profits to tree planting around the world. If you want to make our planet green greener use this search engine and take part in the fantastic charity it offers. Another advantage of it is that it does not track users for advertising purposes, as it is a search engine that respects the privacy of its users.


9- YouTube
YouTube is the first video search engine on the Internet, and it is the second search engine in a world after Google. YouTube is the largest free video library on the Internet. It allows any user to create a channel and start uploading videos.
The great thing about YouTube, which is distinguished from all other video sites, is that it has a very smart search system. On the one hand it is owned by the wonderful company Google, which has advanced technology that is applied in the search system for YouTube, and on the other hand it provides many factors that you can filter the results according to it, such as the date of video upload, video duration, and video quality.


10- Archive
A special search engine, as it is a search engine for the history of web pages. It is called the Internet Archive, because it really represents a library for archiving the Internet. This site contains an archive of more than 332 billion webpages.
This search engine enables you to view the history of any website. For example, you can view a copy of Google’s website on February 13, 2011.
This site also contains an archive of millions of photos, videos and books, it is a wonderful search engine for everyone interested in the history of the Internet, and wants to navigate the archive.


11- Wolfram  Alpha
A very special search engine, the results of this search engine are mainly based on the computer, as a source for producing information, performing operations and answering questions. This search engine works according to a huge and very accurate scientific, informational, mathematical and analytical database. Type “Earth” in the search box for example, it will show you a set of data about the planet, such as the distance between it and the sun, and the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, and data on pressure, mass and age

The cool thing is that a lot of this data is links, which lead to more details about each statement.
It is a real treasure trove for every researcher, student, teacher, academic, and any person looking for accurate and reliable information and data on almost anything.

12- Giphy
This is the largest and most popular search engine for GIF files, with which you can get a GIF image for almost anything. Categorized according to many sections also for easy access to what you want, it is a very huge library containing millions of files


13- Slideshare
A search engine that specializes in Slides (a set of hierarchical images, which contains mostly written texts. It aims to cover a specific topic, or illustrate steps to do something with illustrations, easy and simple).
This search engine is a great resource for everyone who wants to get to know an idea or topic, in a simple way and with interesting illustrations.


14- Vimeo
A great search engine for videos, this site works differently from YouTube, it allows people and companies to publish videos for a monthly financial fee, so it does not need to place ads on videos for viewers, and the videos on this search engine are characterized by high quality, and at the highest level of efficiency And professionalism.


15- Wikihow
A search engine that specializes in how things work. This search engine is a type of search engine that relies on self-content to show results. It contains millions of articles, which cover how things work in almost all areas. It is the users themselves who create the content, and there is of course a system to evaluate the topics of readers, which enables the reader to differentiate the topics in terms of quality and efficiency.


16- Flickr
For those who do not know Flickr: It is one of the companies owned by Yahoo, Flickr site is based on the sharing of high-quality images by photographers and companies, it represents a photo gallery for every professional photographer, this made him the best search engine ever for high-quality and professional images.


17- PDF Drive
As a person who believes that there is no value comparable to reading a new book, I will never fail to put this wonderful search engine for you. PDFdrive is a book search engine with over 200 million books completely free! Search any search word that comes to your mind and you will find books you talk about in this great search engine.
It is a treasure trove for reading and learning lovers. There are few Arabic books on it, but it is more specialized in English books.


18- Creative Commons
The idea of this search engine is very impressive, with which you can search for any content without copyright, where you can share or reuse it. This search engine gives you a direct path to the content that you can reuse on the Internet. Creativecommons works with many search engines like Google, YouTube, Flickr and others.


19- Indeed
The largest search engine for jobs around the world, through this wonderful search engine you can search for any job anywhere in the world, this search engine ranks number 162 on the Internet level according to the Alexa site, the great thing is that it covers every place in the world, for example, write Any job title and choose Cairo in the where field, and you will find many available jobs.


20- Quora
Koura ranks 100th in the world and 46th in the United States in terms of visitors, according to Alexa. Koura is a search engine site that has a special nature, as the search results here only come from the site itself. Koura is a question and answer site that contains millions of questions and answers in almost all fields. The questions and answers on the site are created by the site’s users themselves.
There is a system of voting for answers, which gives the user to obtain reliable answers from experts in all fields.
The bottom line is that Koura is a great search engine, for everyone who wants to get a reliable expert answer for almost any question.




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