The Best way to manage Time Know time management




The best way to manage time know that time management

You should know that time management is a habit that you acquire with time and practice Time is the most expensive currency you have so every second you spend from this time you must go in the right place, and this is how the time management methods you will know will help you in the next few minutes.
There are a lot of people looking for the best way to manage time, whatever its work, it doesn’t matter if it is:



Student and want to study efficiently (less time – more achievement  more play ️
An employee and you want to accomplish your tasks at work and do not have to complete them at home.
An entrepreneur or manager looking to help the team in organizing time and increasing productivity.

A mother or father wants to accomplish the tasks required of him to spend more time with the family.
Or any other person who wants to use his time in a correct way, if you are serious about this and want to change your life for the better, here you will find the 5 best ways to manage time developed by experts and specialists.

In this guide you will not find general and known advice such as:
wake up early.
Take advantage of transportation times.
Set your goals.
And other general information that everyone knows, but you will find the 5 most famous scientific methods developed by experts interested in time management and increasing productivity namely:
Pomodoro method.
Kanban method.
Eat The Frog.
Time Blocking method.
To Don’t List method.

In each way you will learn:
A simple explanation about it.
How to use it step by step.
Its founder.
Its advantages and disadvantages.
Tips to adapt the method to suit your business.
All this in a simple and practical manner, with many examples given so that the image becomes clear to you, as this is our custom in the winners site.

Note that all methods mentioned in this guide will help you to:

Prioritize your order.
Removal of distraction and distraction.
Eliminate stress and tension while working or studying.
Good planning for each task you perform, and how to divide large tasks into smaller tasks.
Help your mind accept the big tasks.
Get rid of the feeling of boredom or forgetfulness.
Let’s not waste any more time in the foreground … and start by mentioning the 5 best ways to manage time, which are suitable for anyone, whatever their nature of work or interests.

1- Pomodoro method
This method is based on dividing the time you allocate to your business into several sessions, each session lasting 25 minutes, and between each session you take 5 minutes rest, and after every four sessions you take 20 minutes rest.
Each session is called pomodoro and it means in Italian it is a tomato, which is similar to what people in the market do when selecting the best tomatoes for use in cooking.

Founder of the method:
The Italian researcher and entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo is the owner of this method of time management, which has become so popular that he established a company that specializes in training and helping companies increase results and raise performance efficiency.

How to use this method to organize your time:
Bring a sheet and pen, and draw on the paper the largest number of tomatoes (or circles – squares) that are empty.
Set your timer to 25 minutes (you can use the Windows timer or any timer online).
Get started for only 25 minutes.
After you’re done mark one of the tomatoes in the paper.
Take 5 minutes rest.
Repeat steps (3: 5) until you spend two hours (so that you spend 4 full sessions).
Take 20 minutes rest.
Repeat steps (2: 7) as needed.

Characteristics of Pomodoro’s time management method:
Help you estimate the time required to carry out a specific task, whether in study or work.
It helps you deceive your mind because it will focus only on the 25 minutes it has to spend.
Too much rest will help you recharge your energy and reward your mind for its tolerance.
This method enables you to track your time with great accuracy.
This method may hold you back in creative work that requires long periods of continuous work.

my advice to you:
What I advise you to do is rely on this method if you have something big to do (exam – study project – work report) in order to force yourself to finish it as soon as possible.
I also recommend that you volunteer this method to suit the nature of your work. You may work for 45 minutes and not 25 or even work for 15 minutes only especially in the beginning or if you are a lazy person and try to change this habit.

2- Kanban method
This method relies on monitoring the progress you make in each task you do, and focus on one task at a time in order to use your time in the best possible way.
The word Kanban is a Japanese word and it means white board. This method depends on using a white board or the like in organizing tasks as I will show you later.
By the way, this way of organizing time depends on a lot of time management apps like Trello, which you can use for free to implement this method.

Founder of the method:
This method was developed in 1940 by engineer Taiichi Ohno, who was then working for the famous Japanese automaker Toyota.
The goal of developing this method was to help the various teams in the company to organize time and monitor the tasks that must be done, which helped increase the company’s production, and this is why this method is so popular.
How to use this method to organize your time:
Bring a large white sheet – or a whiteboard if you have one at home or work – or use a tool like Trello.
Bring some Sticky Notes if you depend on the board.
Divide the blackboard or paper into several columns, like the image you see below.
Write the tasks or thoughts that come to mind in notes, which are preferably colored.
Put all the tasks in the first column.
Any task you are working on, move it to the next column (Doing) and after you have finished it move it to the next column (Done).
Repeat steps (4: 7) for each new task or idea.

Characteristics of the Kanban time management method:
It helps you monitor all the tasks that you have to do in a specific period.
You can edit and review assignments at any time.
It helps you split large projects or tasks into small pieces that are easy to implement in a simple time.
It may take some time to organize the tasks required of you, especially if you are an employee.
This method alone does not let you know the time it takes to spend each small task.

3- Eat The Frog method
This method of time management depends on the idea of ​​arranging tasks, setting priorities, and using your best productivity times to get rid of the most difficult tasks that you have to do every day.
Imagine, for example, that you have to eat a frog. Do you eat it at the beginning of eating and then eat anything after it until its taste is lost in your mouth, or you eat it at the end and its taste remains in your mouth until the end of the day.
This is the reason why this method is called Eat The Frog, because you choose the most difficult and heaviest task for yourself to carry out at the beginning of the day until you get rid of it and rest the rest of the day.

Founder of the method:
This method was introduced by the famous Canadian writer and author Brian Tracy, a self-development specialist, who has published more than 70 books in this field.
The most famous of these books is: Eat That Frog !: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating, in which he deals with this method of organizing time in detail.
How to use this method to organize your time:
All you have to do is divide all the tasks required of you from the difficulty and implement the most difficult ones at the beginning of your daily work (morning during work – the first time of studying).
The characteristics of the Eat The Frog method for time management
This method makes you feel comfortable and accomplished for the rest of the day.
Help you efficiently prioritize.
It can make you feel frustrated sometimes if you are asked to do a difficult or heavy task during the day.
The disadvantage of this method is that it needs determination, because you may be lazy about doing this difficult task at the beginning of the day and delaying what you have to do.
This is why you yourself decided if this method suits you. Some may need a boost at the beginning of the day, that is why they start with something they love, while others know that they are lazy about complex tasks at the end of the day, and therefore they must get rid of them as soon as possible.

4- Time Blocking method
This method relies on setting aside specific times per day to focus on carrying out specific tasks, and not paying attention to anything else during the time period allotted to each task.
You are blocking a specific time in your day to focus on a specific task, which is why this way of organizing time is called by this name.
You can consider this method as a timetable that you prepare periodically to implement what you need to do, and it is a very effective way, especially for carrying out the tasks that require long periods of time to carry out.
Founder of the method:
This method does not have a specific founder, but it became famous and gained this name because of the entrepreneur and one of the richest 20 people in the world Elon Musk, and the reason that Elon Musk is famous for his high productivity and good time management.

How to use this method to organize your time:
You can consider this method as a timetable that you set up periodically to implement what you need to do, and it is a very effective method especially for carrying out tasks that require long periods.

Use one of the following ideas:
You can divide the hours of the day at the expense of the tasks that you have to do (from 8:10 pm studying physics – from 10:11 am – from 1: 3 pm studying the French language).
You can distribute the tasks you want to do throughout the week, month or even year if you are planning something long-term.

Time Blocking method features:
It enables you to see the tasks required of you in a specific period.
Help you to determine the leisure time in advance.
Help you resist forgetting any task you have to do.
Careful planning, accurate in your time, may make you feel uncomfortable or frustrated at times.

my advice to you:
This method is ideal for people who learn or perform some tasks that are repeated periodically – for example, if you learn the design skill while studying or working, you can allocate an hour each day to this task in advance.
It is also necessary for any professional (performs a lot of meetings – has a lot of tasks to be delivered in a specific time such as performance reports)
This method depends on the person himself so if you are very busy because of your work or study I advise you to rely on a tool like google calendar to organize your days and use this method to manage time.
If you have some freedom, it might be best for you to organize and complete the same tasks, no matter how long it takes you – preferably then Pomodoro.

5- To Don’t List method
This unconventional way of organizing time is aimed at getting rid of bad habits or stopping anything that follows you from doing what you need to do.
The idea is to make a list of things that you should not do at a certain time and to put them in front of you, and with time your mind will get used to it and do what is in it.
Founder of the method:
This method does not have a specific person behind it or was a reason for its popularity. It depends on the idea of ​​programming the mind by repeating and recalling specific things, which helps to break bad habits.
How to use this method to organize your time:
Make a list of the things you do not want to do as follows:
Do not browse Facebook.
Don’t play PubG.
Do not open YouTube.
Do not respond to e-mails.
Don’t reply to Khaled when he calls you (Khaled is a bad friend who distracts you from studying or working ).
Then put this list in the place you work (study room – your office) so that it is visible to you and you can see it constantly.

Properties of the To Don’t List method of time organization
This method is only intended to remove any distraction from work.
This method helps the brain get rid of the need to do some bad habits that get used to it.
This method makes you watch yourself.
my advice to you:
This method is a time management aid, and I would advise anyone of any nature of their work to rely on them to resist their bad habits and improve their working life.

But remember to depend on the previous path, you still need a way to organize what you need to do
There are many other time management methods and methods that I did not mention, because most of them are inspired by one or more of the previous methods, so I did not want to mention them in order not to make you confused.

All I want from you now is to think well about these methods, then look at the nature of your work and collecting information, do you like to pressure in order to accomplish your tasks, or do you prefer to take the time you want to carry out the tasks without pressure.

Then, choose the methods that suit you, and over time improve one of the areas where you feel shortcomings, such as planning tasks or removing different sources of distraction.

You should know that time management is a habit that you acquire with time and practice.
I wish you luck, and if you like the time management methods you like, share it with your friends or co-workers so you may help someone and improve their daily life.




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