The main axes of business development skills that every business owner can learn




The main axes of business development skills that every business owner can learn develop your marketing and sales skills
When things come as a result of practical experiences and experiences on the ground … no matter how small or modest they in any case become more logical for the mind to be able to absorb and accept it and it begins to translate easily into clear files with data and guides applicable and adjustable.

For me while I was still at the beginning of crossing the world of business and entrepreneurship and until I could reach the word “beginning” it drained a lot of time energy and effort in working on countless experiences that were not allied to success in its time but its result was to build a wonderful experience and a clear vision Milestones for future steps.



In today’s article I will share with you three basic themes that are essential for your business success faster and better with little dispersion and a lot of continuous work based on my own experience and experience.

Although I do not describe my experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship until now with a successful experience but I call it the experience that made me put my foot on the first path to success it was the axes of success that I will share with you as well as a lot in changing many negative aspects of my career after having I came up with it and understood it well.

And that was after a lot of falling then getting up then searching then falling then getting up until I finally touched a thin thread indicating the correct direction that I had to take.

The second axis: focus on business model
In the past specializations as well as work options were very limited. Today an endless number of choices surround us for everything in light of the revival of the technological revolution which is felt by each of us even in the most basic matters of daily life.
Strangely the ability to focus and succeed in the past was much better than the present … Do you know why?
Because the lack and limitations of these options narrowed the ditch a lot and made it tight for anyone who wants to start building a business or even study a specific specialization making it in front of some books and a few knowledge sources that he has to study or refer to.

In the end this provided him with a lot of time consuming in dispersion so that he could choose what suits him and also saves a lot of energy wasted in moving between different knowledge sources.
Today if you only want to study the English language for example

in a few seconds you will get more than 5000 main results and each of them contains many sources and sub-study methods within them.
In the end you will find yourself lost in this huge number of resources books courses profitable methods project ideas ways to start a business and … and everything you search for.

Concentration is one of the most difficult skills we all need to ensure the success of our business and it is also one of the most effective in achieving excellent results with positive returns on our personal and business lives if we can do it.

You are someone who chose to have their own business is building a website but you don’t know exactly what website idea is right for you and you’re still looking for a good website idea.

You found a lot of people talking about a specialty such as health and beauty and it is a profitable and excellent specialty so you decided to start it but after a short time you found that the competition inside it is very difficult and the opportunity to achieve profits requires a long time and great capital.

Then you found others talking about the field of commission marketing so you decided to start working on it but after a while you found that getting profits needs to build a carefully targeted audience.

Also you need to provide a lot of free trials to the target audience in order to gain confidence and increase the chances of buying products after that so I left it and then started a new specialty then I left it too to discover in the end that the outcome of developing your business is zero.

This is what happens to most of us when it starts taking a certain business style and it does not focus on it and give it all the time needed to develop it and build it but we rely on fragile shallow experiences that do not add any real value to our business.

Even when we choose one business model and work on it we do not think about studying everything about the method of work that we have chosen correctly and systematically.

Here comes the role of the focus in everything that surrounds your business and focus here includes:
Focus on choosing the right business style for you “the first axis.”
Study this method correctly and from specific sources.
Focus on maintaining positive results and getting more of them.
Focus on studying the secrets and mysteries of your business major.
Focus on studying the shortcomings that have gone through you and ways to address them.
Focus in communicating with experts and specialists within the market in which you work.
So think about me now what do you expect to get when you focus on all these previous factors within only one major and over a long period of time?
Can you now imagine the amount of experience and success that could be achieved in this situation?
I think the answer seems to you as it seems to me to be very logical and it does not require much research or thinking from us but unfortunately we do not reach it until after a lot of dispersion and arduous experiences here and there.
We are still panting behind the stars that fascinate us when they shine in the sky every evening but they soon disappear with the first ray of sun the next day.

The third axis: building and developing the skills of a business owner
The third primary axis of your business success is your business owner and this axis has the effect of magic in developing business and the high price of its owner in his specialty.

After that we have chosen the appropriate business model for you and after you have focused on developing all its aspects without being distracted in the implementation of other business models your role comes in the stadium of business owners there where you are who determines its location value and destination in the near and distant future.

Developing personal and business skills for anyone is the most profitable business that has no way to lose.
So what about you as a business owner or as a way to establish a business for each do you realize the importance of building and developing the skills your business model needs?

Perhaps or certainly that explains why most self-made businessmen can regain their wealth again after losing it and even get more of them in a little time because they have lost their money but they have not lost their minds or in other words they have not lost the skills that were the reason for obtaining these Money.
For me as an “entrepreneur” entrepreneur I started a lot of project ideas in the most difficult circumstances and what helped me succeed in some of these ideas was to exploit the simple basic principles of the skills that I gained as a result of starting work at a young age.

The same is true for most entrepreneurs who start small businesses or projects with little capital or projects without capital completely.

I must tell you that building skills is a complex and complex process that will require time and patience accompanied by a serious desire to learn and followed by clear practical and systematic steps in order to move from the zero level in the skill that you want to master to the intermediate and then the professional level.

This also explains why you can get a one-on-one training session with one of the coaches for $ 100 or get it with another trainer for $ 1000 so the difference here is in the level of professionalism each of them has within their specialty which is the result of building specialist skills.

There is of course no schedule for the skills that every business owner can learn in order to be able to develop his own business. Each major contains many skills that you must search for and explore and then develop a plan to learn and professionalize it.
But in general there are so-called “basic skills” that no business owner or business can dispense with or ignore in parallel with the skills of each commercial market.

Even if he hires people for these skills he needs to acquire them in anticipation of any emergency conditions as a result of commercial market variables and also so that he is aware of the supportive pillars on which he will rely on in order to develop his business at any time and whatever his work style differs.
It is undoubtedly the skills of marketing and sales those skills that raise the voice of all successful business owners in the world how important they are and which unfortunately are very much escaped by young people in the Arab world.
Because we know how important these skills are and their impact on business prosperity and growth we have dedicated a whole section within the winners with a very simple and interesting explanation approach do not miss yourself the opportunity to follow it continuously in order to develop your marketing and sales skills.

Today’s article was an attempt by me to share with you some special keys to developing your business without depleting your energy and effort in the dark doors ways and we discussed three main axes that cannot be dispensed with to grow any of the business’s methods which are: –
Choose the right business model.
Focus on the business model.
Build and develop the skills of a business owner




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